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  1. Nyx - Quality of life changes Mind control : fix ai Suggestion 1 - mind controlled enemy explode on death for the damage dealed to it (15m radius) damage type based of the highest damage type dealt to it Suggestion 2 - mind controlled enemy grands a 20/30/40/50% speed buff (movement speed/animation speed and attack speed) can scale with power strength Gives the ai less time to fool around Psychic Bolts : hold recast changed suggestion - Can now be charged by holding in (like embers/hydriod 1st ability) doubling the energy cost. Charged psychic bolts can be cast on a mind controlled enemy amplifying the weapon to shoot psychic bolt to debuff the enemies Or is consumened while going in absorb, nyx shoots psychic bolts at enemies that shoot at her while in absord. (the psychic bolts come out of the absord bubble for the visual like homing missiles) pyschic bolts applied by absord can only be applied again if the duration ends. avoding the effect that it shoots more then 1 bolt at an enemy disturbing visuals and performence Why:It gives nyx a more intresting way to spread debuffs and confusion on the battlefield instead of psychic bolts to be recastable and gives absorb more meaning.
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