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  1. Mechsage

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    when are you guys going to fix Little Ducks amp Scaffolds placement have them stop clipping into the brace
  2. Mechsage

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    Ah Mesa Prime how I have waited for you, soon you shall be mine ^_^
  3. Mechsage

    Warframe is killing my internet connection

    the ISP "should" be able to tell you if they throttle p2p "yes" provided the Rep knows enough about the service and where to look to get the answer that is... Your better off checking the settings in the router itself either changing the wifi channels or seeing if there is any setting that may be causing the issue such as your Ports and what not your ISP tech support should know enough to guide you through the basics but you may need to google some more advanced trouble shooting steps.
  4. Mechsage

    Gammacor bug

    bug will also happen when switching to an Exalted Weapon while firing the gammacor
  5. Mechsage

    Warframe is killing my internet connection

    Its not Throttling if you get good speeds when hardwired into the modem, based on what you've said it sounds like its the modems wifi network that's at fault I would recommend you check your wifi network settings in the modem and make sure the right ports are opened or better yet buy a better modem instead of what your ISP gives you
  6. Mechsage

    Warframe is killing my internet connection

    one thing you can do is connect the computer to an Ethernet port and see if it still causes the speed drop otherwise doing a speed test from a different computer would be a good place to start as there are A Lot of things that can effect wifi connections beyond just the modem or router. Also did the ISP replace the router or just the modem as some ISP's don't supply you with both and not all modems are routers in other words do you have an external router or is it an all-in-one device?
  7. Mechsage


    Sounds like a few things could be going on either with your computer or with your internet here are a few things you can try to fix it. 1st is if you are having issues with textures/meshes you may want to check you graphics settings both in game and through the graphics card itself (either the settings you have are too high for the card to handle or are too low) also make sure you have a compatible graphics card, if you do then then either update the card or download and install any drivers needed for the game (drivers can be found on the manufacture's website), the 2nd thing to check is your internet speed At Bare Minimum the download speed needs to be at least 3mbps or better (you can go lower then this but you will have lag issues) also if the Download speed is below 1mbps then that may be the source of the issue and upload speed should be at least about 1~2 mbps or better (preferably better) also check to make sure you have a low ping too (preferably below 30ms) as a high ping can also cause lag and other problems (contact your ISP for more help with internet issues or upgrade your plan), 3rd thing you could try is to switch from a Static IP to a Dynamic IP (if possible) to see if that fixes the issue as it is very rare for anyone outside of businesses or webmasters to have a static one, 4th is to check to make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to run Warframe (I know this is pretty basic but cover your bases as I always say) if it does then restart your computer in "Safemode With Networking" and launch the game in there (you may need to run/activate the Graphics Card first) and see if you are still having the same issue if the game works and nothing happens when you try to ALT+TAB then it is likely something else on your computer that is not playing nice with the game (ie anti-virus or firewall) and not warframe directly being at fault, 4th on that note make sure you have excluded any folder that warframe uses from your antivirus and make sure the game has the proper permissions to access the internet and make changes to the computer also you may have more then one firewall as in most cases both your computer And your modem/router has a firewall (if you have an external router check ports in both modem and router) so make sure the proper ports are opened in all of them, 5th if you did the port forwarding manually if so did you disable UPnP first as that can cause the Strict_NAT ERROR if not try disabling UPnP and redo the port forwarding manually, lastly you can do a full uninstall/reinstall of the game and make sure you are installing it to the C/: drive as doing custom installs or installing programs on other drives can cause programs to be unstable. If issues continue after trying all of the above then I have a few questions to ask you, what OS are you running the game on Mac/Win/Linux/Other? Did you install through Steam or from the Warframe website? Does this only happen when you ALT+TAB when in a mission, loading into one, or just anytime after you ALT+TAB? Can you install Warfarme on a different computer and if so do you have the issue on that one also? Are you using port forwarding and if so did you forward the right ports ( for correct ports by platform)? did you do the port forwarding manually or did you let the router do it for you? Does this still happen even without the Port Forwarding? Lastly DE Glen posted guide for dealing with the Strict_NAT ERROR keep in mind that this guide is old but it should still be useful. Anyway I hope this helps or was at least useful to you.
  8. Like the topic says their seems to be a bug with the Catchmoon kitgun barrel being unable to use any punchthrough mods as the projectile will still dissipate on contact with any solid object that is not an enemy. Tested with both a Seeker mod and with Riven that had punchthrough as both a host and client.
  9. Mechsage

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    so no fixes for Gamepad controls bindings yet?
  10. Mechsage

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0

    so um restarted WF afew times still no new mask from Nakak she talks about the mask but its not there to buy
  11. Mechsage

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.1

    btw I have a Bugged Hystrix Glued to the left hand of my warframe regardless of what secondary I switched
  12. Mechsage

    A most Peculiar workshop.

    Personally I have two opinions about this mod, the first is personally I would rather it not be a mod at all and instead be something that added to a weapon like an auxiliary component like a arrow for a Bows or better yet a weapon attachment like with what can done on melee weapons as this way the peculiars could be visible to give the weapon some more unique character like a daisy sticking out at an odd angle near the sight of the gun (Peculiar Bloom)or a star plastered to the side of the gun (Peculiar impact mod shown in Devstream). If its gotta to be a mod then I would like equiped onto the weapon instead of the warframe as an optional slot for it like the exilus slot on warframes (wouldn't even mind paying an exilus adapter to unlock it either), as this way I don't have to worry about switching loadouts when I go form screwing around to endgame content or having to sacrifice another mod just to show off to other players
  13. Mechsage

    Mirage Prime Access Ends March 20th!

    Mesa Prime please, or at the very least give me an Attica Prime please DE I need a prime crossbow
  14. Mechsage

    Where is Update 22.14.0?!

    While I did not know Raids for long as my first raid was yesterday (done mostly out of curiosity and for fashion frame), I will say I had fun doing it and it was a nice change of pace vs how the rest of the game played because sorties are really boring comparatively, so I will miss them. I pray that they come back soon better and more interesting then ever or at least some other PvE 8 man mission as they were awesome, I really wish to do more like them. R.I.P. LoR and JV from a new Trail player you will be mourned
  15. so how will the flux rifle work with rivens that have a negative to Max ammo?