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  1. Honestly these small changes mean nothing, damage scale will still be insane regardless. Even if there were any meaningful changes to weapons/melee, gameplay will still be the same and that's the actual problem Instead of pushing DE to bring actual fun content instead of the same old with a different theme, you people bicker so hard on this stupid stuff
  2. To be fair if you're at mr 29 you should know the game mechanics pretty well. If you rushed to that rank without investing time into experimenting with builds and create your own play style then yeah, that's the sarcastic response I'd expect. There's no "gaming skill" needed here, no need to be a god at aiming or a strategy genius, it's simply game knowledge.
  3. It is easy for people who know what they're doing, since all you need basically is armor strip some damage and not die. And decent parkour skill obviously since you need to be fast The only difficult part really is that you're on a timer
  4. This And this And this And this It's been said for a long time now, it doesn't matter how much "content" they put out, if it's always the same way we interact with it. Some people at DE are against adding more interaction to the game, dialogue choices, those little things and make a difference in the end. After completing The Second Dream I got a lot more interested in the game and honestly waiting to see what's next story wise (New War) is the only reason I'm still here playing the game
  5. I live in Italy and never have been prompted to verify my ID to check my age, never knew it was a thing. As far as I know it's the user's responsibility to declare if they're 18+ or not. Asking for my credit card or real ID is pretty f* ridiculous, that's just inviting scams and ID theft, especially for people with poor security in place. Even with decent security software there's tons of exploits people can use to get that info. You should always type as little personal information as possible on your computer, you never know who's watching, use your phone if you need to pay for something or send stuff like documents. It amazes me how idiotic the people at YT can get
  6. Replacing "last mission result" with something like "missions results" and a list would pop up, with the option to see results for individual missions List would reset every 24h to not clog up servers I'd like this feature mostly because I'm curios to know precisely how many times I spammed the same mission before rng decided to give me the drop I'm looking for
  7. Sure let's have the same nightwave again and again for next two years too that'll be fun They should just add older items to the credits shop and people can just get it there
  8. Well there's always tennogen skins if you got bored of the classic prime skin or deluxe one Although some older ones such as rhino and frost definitely are starting to feel out of date with the game's level of detail and design OP said in terms of style, if we're talking about rebalancing/reworking abilities then that's a whole different beast to deal with
  9. The idea of having something like 1-time use weapon utility attachments such as mag capacity, better accuracy or recoil etc. is not a bad one, but anything that increases dps could mess up the already inexistent/poor balance we have even more It all depends what changes they make in future updates As for endgame rewards, well, still waiting for and actual endgame to be introduced, all we have is rinse&repeat or hours long survival missions with little to no challenges or difficulty
  10. It is true that in p2p players share IPs with each other to establish connection, and I'm not sure if Warframe uses relays which is not always stable but doesn't give away your IP, instead of connecting players directly That being said however the most that can happen is someone trying to DoS you, since there's the router security in place and secondly your system's security. So unless you're a high value target no one's gona dedicate resources and time logging IPs from Warfarme and try to hack into a random guy's computer lol, there's tons of games using p2p out there
  11. Imagine complaining about playing a completely free game and not having enough free stuff in it. If the cosmetics that come with a 20€-50€-90€ pack were to be made farmable for free in the game no one would buy it as the sense of exclusivity would be gone DE with no money = DE with small dev team = slower updates, less bug fixes, less content I'm sure they meant well saying that but they also need to make money, bashing them for such small thing that a lot of other games even take advantage of, speaks volumes about how open minded a person is
  12. Lol people complaining about PM nuking rooms, as if everything else that has some aoe couldn't do that if properly modded. Peacemaker is quite weak compared to a lot of other things when it goes against high DR, and if it needs a nerf then more than half the weapons/exalted weapons/abilities in the game need one too As for the main post, I've never encountered that bug and it would be pretty ridiculous to have a cooldown on it
  13. If they don't release one in The New War story questline (assuming it's still coming, been waiting 3 years), a new Umbra that is story related like Excal, I doubt they ever will release one You'd be surprised how many people use umbra mods to min-max builds
  14. There's a reason for that, players who are having fun are busy playing the game, players who aren't happy with the current state of things (mostly veterans) come here to talk about it Once you experience the amazing story quests, the satisfaction of getting that gear you've been grinding for some time, doing bosses for the first time etc. it's pretty amazing the first time but after that the excitement dies out and all you see is how stale the game can be at times
  15. In the past 2 years the most fun I've had in this game was Railjack (pre-rework). It was hard, you'd get pooped on if you went solo at highest levels, everyone in the team was needed for a specific role to survive and not have the ship disabled every 30 seconds. Then they reworked it, made everything x10 times easier, just as the rest of the game, boring. I don't think they can go back anymore, or even willing, to tone down the ridiculous multipliers in dmg/dr across the whole game as it would be controversial at this point They introduced Steel Path as a "hard mode" and even that is a joke to most veteran players As "end game" you think massive boss battles, raids, high risk-reward missions What we have is immunity phases, press E to win and the almost no actual co-op to speak of as people play on public just for the sake of it One can only hope something fun and satisfying will come, but at this point it's like waiting for that girl you like to text you back but she actually never does
  16. We haven't been given a specific explanation on how the crafting works but it becomes kinda obvious at some point if you pay attention to details Quoting Ordis: "Ordis cannot remember, but there does seem to be a... relationship... between your Warframes and the Infestation. I would be careful in here, Operator. Domesticated or not, Ordis does not trust this thing." Helminth is basically responsible for putting together/maintaining/pulling apart any warframe you have/had Although some new animations on the ship would be awesome, I guess they can't be bothered to replace the hologram with something else, though it's kind of a missed opportunity when they redesigned the orbiter interior around the time when railjack released
  17. me saying it wouldn't be good was a statement, based on my opinion, as you said, interpretation is up to you me saying a lot of people don't want it is based on general opinion, just go read previously posted AH topics here on the forums do you always get this toxic when someone disagrees with you bud?
  18. As much as this game needs some changes, this wouldn't be a good one. Also please be respectful and don't pretend you know me or anyone else you've already told they're "afraid"
  19. While it would make things a lot more simple and faster it will also make it less likely that new players looking for a free to play experience remain and keep playing, for reasons already mentioned in the replies before this one, regarding prices The system we have works fairly well along with warframe.market, maybe if DE would make something in-game similar or the same as the website sure I'm agree to it, but not an automated system like and auction house. A lot of people don't want it, myself included, and the game doesn't need it, and it would away even more of the already little interaction between players
  20. I feel like condition overload is not worth it outside very high lvl missions since up to that point you can 1 shot almost anything, for CO to work you'd be required to hit an enemy multiple times to apply status effects and if you're going to kill something in 2 hits might as well replace it with something else and kill with just 1 hit
  21. Never thought about using it as a general thing, outside of specific missions, will try Isn't going for multiple elements detrimental to dps? Since you'd have to replace something like multishot or critical chance/dmg
  22. I've always kinda just slapped viral on anything since damage types "rework" and never changed it regardless of mission or level (except when clearing SP and going arbitration) So for example what do you use for Lua disruption? since there's a mix of corpus and armored carriers Or kuva survival (Tavenui) where you deal with ferrite and alloy armor at the same time I don't wanna sound like that "efficiency is everything" guy but I've got nothing better to do atm lol
  23. Liches can be great at taking damage when boarded but that's about it. If in future they allow us to assign them to stuff like gunner or engineer then hell yeah but otherwise no point having them on the ship
  24. At present, PvE is just the grind, it's tedious and gives no satisfaction, hence why everyone gets bored and periodically quits the game because repeated PvE is 99% of the game When players say there's nothing to do in the game, it's true despite the massive amount of content, because the only thing to do in the game is the same thing just with a different background every time There is no endgame because DE didn't give us one, and I hope they come up with something within 2-3 years or this game will be one of those that you enjoy but in the end leaves a bitter taste in your mouth
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