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  1. Meh I kinda like it, also it doesn't happened too often to be annoying anyway
  2. The arrows color dont match with warframe energy (using default energy color or even custom, still appears as yellow)
  3. Its just ghostly faint white on mine
  4. I think they were gonna add leg armor for the day form then they forgot about it and just shoved it n the thighs...
  5. mesh warping is acceptable, but there is also a grey dagger thing that pokes out when she jumps too
  6. Agreed. 4/5 of her skill doesnt look portal themed at all and the remaining 1/5 is a stretch..
  7. Some new skill suggestion for Ember. Passive: Heat gauge Using certain skills increases this gauge. She also absorb a % of heat damage inflicted on her. Power strength will determine the cap of this skill First Skill: Heat wave Basically fireblast but only a frontal cone. This skill also leaves a fire patch in its trail. Enemis standing on the patch will get heat proc. Ember standing on it will continually increase heat gauge. Second skill is same as the original... Third Skill: Fire Armor Basically world on fire with a fixed 5m radius. A toggle/drain skill Due to the intense heat Ember generates the air around her is distorted giving her damage reduction against ranged attack. Enemies getting too close to her will burn up. Constantly increases heat gauge. The increase energy consumption the longer you use it. Fourth Skill: Meltdown If ye saw wisp's 4th skill well thats that, but its actually on Ember. That skill looks really cool, but I personally dont think it fits on wisp. Fires a constant beam of flame. Consumes Heat gauge(act as ammunition) The skill does not consume any energy. Same mechanics applies to this skill, the longer it stays on an enemy the higher damage it does. Also a % of damage is added based on how much heat is stored before using this skill.
  8. People(and devs) keeps saying portals portals but there are no visual portals. Its basically same as vauban's balls/trap and Octavia's stuff, are those 2 frames also a portal frame? Passive Skill: Has no connection to portals, its more of bending the light... 1st skill The pods just appear in her hands, at least show a portal opening above and dropping it. And if they want to keep pushing the "portal theme"; once 2 symbols are active those 2 pods will act as an actual portals allowiing players to travel between them like nova's wormhole(which is an actual portal) The floating symbols tho fit in for a wisp theme 2nd skill Again not an actual portal... (fits well tho as a wisp theme) 3rd skill Still not portals (I dont mind this skill tho) 4th skill Muh sun beam?! Stretching the portal thing really thin, but again not visually a portal. they could atleast add a visual portal where the beam shoots out of it. also since its the sun there should be a gravity pull going on... Overall I really like her frame visually, but her skills does not show its a portal frame...
  9. Also if they really want to push the "portal" theme her 1st skill should open portal like wormhole connecting 2 similar symbols together...
  10. If Wisp is actually opening a portal to the sun, there should also be a huge gravity pull, which could act as CC?
  11. I like this idea. And make it the clones appear from the pods too!
  12. The thingies probably wont deal good damage, unless they are bunched up together...
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