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  1. Ye guys dont mirror weight painting? o. o
  2. Also please check the weight painting her booty, thanks. XD
  3. Allow us to use tennogen claws on Hinsa skin. Since the Hinsa claws dont even have claws...
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Hinsa Talon Skin VISUAL A photoshop on what I think it should look like... Since there is no blade at all on that skin. REPRODUCTION: Use Hinsa talon skin (?) EXPECTED RESULT: Based on the design claws should appear when use in skill and in melee. OBSERVED RESULT: No Claws appears REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% Also weight painting on Protea's ass is asymmetrical/unbalanced...
  5. Based on the design of the skin, isnt there suppose to be energy blades that appear on the tips when attacking?
  6. Chill... Graphical bug fix arent the priority right now, due to the outbreak. At least bump it like once a week or something. lol (Im still waiting for Nova prime skill color fix for years lol)
  7. I think her whole skeleton is misaligned, or her whole mesh isnt working well with the game's standard skeleton...
  8. Holy poop I just noticed how the bones are so misaligned
  9. Marionette/Doll Frame Appearance Base appearance of a female ball jointed doll, with a twist of Alice in wonderland. Passive Abilities Passive: Spare body As long as there is a copy of her on the field when she dies, the player will switch to the copy when the original dies. Passive: Queen of Hearts Collects the core/hearts of the enemies she kills. Depending on the level and the number of kills the cores combines and becomes stronger. Active Abilities Dummy Creates a downgraded copy of her self. The dummy's stats based on the cores she collected, they act like feral zombies attacking its enemies. (max of 6 Dummies) Self destruct Orders her dummies to blow them selves up. Damage is based on their max HP. with a 15m max radius Jabberwock Sacrifice 4 dummies to create an eldritch amalgamation of dolls. (Imagine a large worm made out of doll parts.) Max HP and strengths is the combination of all 4 dummies, it also act as a tank drawing in agro. (Cant create anymore dummies while this is active. Can be selfdestructed) Varporal Blade An Exalted Rapier. Increases core quality collected from enemies by 2.
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