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  1. Will ember and the older frame get PBR treatment?
  2. thats why I aint touchin destiny
  3. So yer telling us to abandon all the stuff we grinded and built to start with nothing, in an uncertain "new" game with warframe in its name? No thanks
  4. Nova... Prime... antimatter orbs... color.... change... please...
  5. @[DE]Megan Please revert old cloth physics on Wisp. Its so stiff now ; ~ ;
  6. Can we get anime-ish operator faces? UwU
  7. Please let us recolor Nova prime's golden orbs with secondary energy color!!
  8. Chances of we getting wisp next week? Also how will it look when Wisp uses sparring weapons?
  9. I think the event can be triggered earlier if the players manually did the scans. The boost just activated since there is a set time limit.
  10. Can we switch up the shield animation of Shield pillage(SP) and Haven Since Haven has more up time compared to "SP", I think having the shoulder shield on Haven's activation look cool. And SP gets the Hip shields on activation. So while in Aegis storrn and Haven active Hildryn would look like having 4 wings. 😄
  11. Mesa prime textures are still pixelated... .- .
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