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  1. Why? 😧 Shouldn't the nullifier bubbles only affect void energy? Wisp solgate unleashes the SUN!! The sun isnt void energy... I thought it was a cool detail that DE allowed the nullifier bubble to get damaged by Sol gate, since its the sun's power not wisp that was doing the damage...
  2. What if that reprogramming gave birth to the Lotus persona. An illusion is the truth to the person experiencing the illusion, the actual lotus her self is very robotic but she still cared for the tenno. In a way "that" Lotus really did care for the Tenno. I think its possible to use the somatic link remotely as long as she was wearing the helmet. The interference that Ballas did allowed Natah to remove he helmet.
  3. Not sure if someone already came up with this... [bad english coming] Okay I was re playing the second dream and the line "Dream of not what you are, but what you want to be". The lotus is a sentient but she was dreaming instead to be a mother figure for the tenno. What if the Lotus herself was originally in a somatic link, like our operator her Lua pod kinda looks the same. During the War Lotus/Margulis may have known that she was a fake, that Natah will come for the tenno. She then built a custom Somatic pod for her to suppress Natah. When Ballas came he said, " You were imprisoned just like she was" He was referring to Natah which was imprisoned by the Lotus. Then Ballas did that hand thingy which severed the their somatic link reawakening Natah.... I would like to think that a part of Lotus' consciousness is still in the helmet, as it lead us to Ballas to get the Sentient slayer sword. Edit: Also what if we get a Lotus Warframe, which will temporary hold the Lotus consciousness that was in the helmet, and o to battle against Natah!! OAO
  4. Im thinking of only replacing the legs animation. the original standing stance should stay the same. Just the sprint and walking animation
  5. is it possible to make wisp use her custom floating run sprint when using melee weapons?
  6. Color intensity affect the glow of the energy color. Similar to pure white makes it super bright. Black will make it barely visible... Adding bright colors with your black may result in a neat dark streaks.
  7. I noticed 1 of the colors of the motes does not follow the main frame color. Then I noticed the whole set up was a mismatch Base line in Default color Wisp Colors Primary: Purple Secondary: Dark grey Tertiary: Cream Accent: Purple Mote Colors Primary: Purple Secondary: Dark grey Tertiary: Cream Accent: Purple I changed the Primary Color on wisp here, but the mote's tertiary changed instead Wisp Colors Primary: White Secondary: Default Tertiary: Default Accent: Default Mote Colors Primary: Default Secondary: Default Tertiary: White Accent: Default I changed the Secondary here, but instead the Primary for the mote changed. The Secondary color on the mote never changes no matter which color is selected on Wisp. Wisp Colors Primary: Default Secondary: White Tertiary: Default Accent: Default Mote Colors Primary: White Secondary: Default Tertiary: Default Accent: Default
  8. @[DE]Megan Please revert old cloth physics on Wisp. Its so stiff now ; ~ ;
  9. The new physics looks so stiff and ugly!! The old one was smooth and flowing...
  10. Pretty sure DE told em that wisp walk/run animation is for her only... Thats like expecting the custom dash animation of hildryn will be avaialble to other frames if ye use her idle animation. Also it already in the name"idle"... Of course some other frames should be able to use the float/glide movement(Titania, Nyx, Mag, and Zephyr. For obvious reasons) but not all....
  11. Pretty sure Wisp is using the day star / our sun...
  12. I still feel the whole portal concept theme isnt that visible on Wisp. Sure the portal visual effects are pretty good, it still not different from other deployable frame skills. Allowing Wisp to open a portal to the sun makes her overall skill lackluster in the "portal concept". Like why can she only open a portal to the sun and the sun alone? Reservoir Portal [1st skill augment] When 2 of the same reservoir are active, players can interact with it allowing them to warp to the other reservoir. Dimensional Gate [4th skill augment] If Wisp can access the sun, she should be able to access everything. Depending on which reservoir is selected on toggle wheel, her Sol gate properties will change. Heal mote = Sun Same as her original skill Haste mote = Uranus/Earth Ocean Opens a portal deep under water, the tremendous water pressure slashes enemy. A Slash and Puncture based water beam Shock mote = Space Vacuum Opens a portal into deep space, the freezing void crushes the enemy. Drops a portal to the ground sucking enemies into it dealing cold and impact damage.. (yeah similar to Vauban's vortex) Also personal rant... Shouldn't the color of the solar beam always be sunlight colored, and should be independent on the player's energy color?
  13. Can we get anime-ish operator faces? UwU
  14. Meh I kinda like it, also it doesn't happened too often to be annoying anyway
  15. Agreed. 4/5 of her skill doesnt look portal themed at all and the remaining 1/5 is a stretch..
  16. People(and devs) keeps saying portals portals but there are no visual portals. Its basically same as vauban's balls/trap and Octavia's stuff, are those 2 frames also a portal frame? Passive Skill: Has no connection to portals, its more of bending the light... 1st skill The pods just appear in her hands, at least show a portal opening above and dropping it. And if they want to keep pushing the "portal theme"; once 2 symbols are active those 2 pods will act as an actual portals allowiing players to travel between them like nova's wormhole(which is an actual portal) The floating symbols tho fit in for a wisp theme 2nd skill Again not an actual portal... (fits well tho as a wisp theme) 3rd skill Still not portals (I dont mind this skill tho) 4th skill Muh sun beam?! Stretching the portal thing really thin, but again not visually a portal. they could atleast add a visual portal where the beam shoots out of it. also since its the sun there should be a gravity pull going on... Overall I really like her frame visually, but her skills does not show its a portal frame...
  17. Also if they really want to push the "portal" theme her 1st skill should open portal like wormhole connecting 2 similar symbols together...
  18. If Wisp is actually opening a portal to the sun, there should also be a huge gravity pull, which could act as CC?
  19. I like this idea. And make it the clones appear from the pods too!
  20. The thingies probably wont deal good damage, unless they are bunched up together...
  21. Okay Im pretty sure i wasnt the only one that was dumb founded when her 4th skill was revealed... I'll address my personal problem with the current skill. Simply it doesnt matched her visual and previous skill set at all. I have no comment on its functionality, since she isnt out yet. She was said to be a "portal" frame yet non of her skills shows it... Also if you change the energy color on it it wont be sunlight right? My suggestion for her 4th skill is Soul Cannon/ Beam Visually its the same, but consumes the souls of the dead. For every enemy killed with 50m of wisp their life force/soul is collected. It will need 5 (or 10) kills to create a wisp flame that will orbit around wisp. Wisp will be able to carry a max of 2(or3) wisp flames. Using her 4th skill will consume 1 of the flames and firing a beam with 50(100) ammo. Basically the wisp flames act as magazine for the skill. Also as a bonus the quality of soul wisp collect is based on the level of the enemy. Higher level the enemy killed, the stronger the cannon gets.
  22. Please let us recolor Nova prime's golden orbs with secondary energy color!!
  23. ikr ; w ; I used her 1 alot before as my ranged damage when I go full melee (before her re work) ; w ;
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