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  1. Melee Heavy attacks are regularly disjointing the damage timing. You perform a heavy attack, move away and the hitbox only triggers when you perform another attack.
  2. The Tenet Grigori (Briefcase Scythe) disc attack does not exactly work as decribed. Slide heavy does indeed trigger the disc but it is infact the second heavy animation that triggers it. Standing Heavy1-Heavy2 will trigger. Slide heavy into another Slide heavy will not.
  3. Elite Crewmembers with the Endurance Perk that recovers health for allies upon killing an enemy is constantly in the transmission feed yelling about self-healing.
  4. Companion hounds are dying without entering bleedout. Mod Set https://imgur.com/a/6PhWY6o
  5. On Corpus ship spy room with the tall laser grid puzzle a Parvos sister spawned inside the grating that was blocked off.
  6. From the recent Hotfix "Fixed cases where the Tenet Envoy rockets could remain in the air indefinitely." Tenet Envoy Rockets still become stuck when used in guided mode and targetting objects such as companions or nullifier bubbles.
  7. Envoy guided rockets break if aimed at a friendly entity e.g. a companion.
  8. Sister candidates have the Cloned Flesh health type, unfitting of a Corpus unit.
  9. Glaives feel awful now; even with multiple speed mods charging a throw is horribly slow.
  10. Sisters are fully vulnerable to Nyx Psychic Bolts, stripping all of their armour and shields.
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