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  1. it takes mere seconds with a condition overload build on the nikana prime to kill a level 125 corrupt bombard. slightly longer for a 125 corrupt heavy gunner. anything in any average mission you face isnt going to stand a chance against that. in that i mean lvl 1-60s range. lvl 100s will take slightly more time than the lvl 60s.
  2. hasnt done that for me, than again, my builds on all my weapons are designed for lvl 125 corrupt gunners and corrupt bombards. making them melt the hp of anything from the average star chart missions.
  3. hey OP a bit of a fun fact, due to inheriting weapon mods, high crit weapons with hunter munitions on them become monsters on the duality clone. also stradivar prime is amazing on the clone
  4. she'll be vaulted alright... in about 2 years from her initial release. since you are new, i'll let you know something. prime warframes release in the order of the original warframe's release. a prime warframe and all of their weapons are always vaulted 2 years after their release. this is to give players plenty of time to farm for the parts without worry.
  5. i... i do buy them for the boosters... i just like having access to the affinity boost so i can continue increasing my mastery rank...
  6. this is what i get for reading your first post while drowsy... even said that it was announced at the game awards... thanks anyways friend ^_^
  7. funfact, the jade axa skin for rhino is probably the only jade skin so far that actually allows prime details to be on. it actually really sucks tbh
  8. lol "best" has a different meaning to both of us.
  9. while i do see chroma getting looked at at somepoint, i dont see it happening to valkyr. maybe your right, maybe im right. we wont truly know until melee 3.0
  10. sure, i'll give you a link, and tbh, (i honestly mean no offense when i say this) there is a valid reason why not many ppl really care about the opinion of valkyr needing a rework or not in all honesty, she is actually fine where she is. and a large majority of the playerbase agrees on that opinion. almost to the point that its considered fact. you are a part of a small minority of this game's player base that thinks she needs it.
  11. clearly you didnt pay read my last post about why a valkyr rework wont ever happen. i'd recommend you check it out. so i dont have to repeat myself
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