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  1. useless as in how? if its being perceived as useless, than that simply means ppl are not building for it correctly.
  2. the only reason a vocal minority of players say her hysteria needs a rework is because they dont know how to build for it, or they just want her invulnerability removed for the sake of removing it. removing it in exchange for damage reduction would render it moot as an eternal war build already basically gives her the same deal. thus a damge reduction based hysteria would be pointless. than there are those who say she should gain her invincibility back after her hp reaches a certain point, than her life steal can be used to recover that lost hp, but this kind of change would render removing the invulnerability at all completely pointless, cause than why bother removing it if she just gains it back again after a certain thresh hold?
  3. im gonna say this like ive said it many times in the past. they cant just swap out her invulnerability with damage reduction for hysteria. think about it for a second instead of goin "she is invincible! nerf that S#&$ for balance!" if we gave her damage reduction, than her hysteria would just become a discount eternal war build. she has no need for a complete rework, but she is in need of some slight tweaks. other than that, she is perfectly fine where she is if you build her right. second of all, this is a PvE centric game, you want balanced base nerfs? go to a pvp centric game. if DE wanted to get rid of her invulnerability, they would have done so the last time they tweaked her abilities. hell they would have the first time. they've altered how she works slightly about 2-3 times now, if she wasnt intended to be invincible, than she would have lost that at the first rework. so i really, really doubt they are ever gonna remove it just because a vocal minority says it should go "for balance" its an excuse, you all just want her changed for the sake of it, not for a legit reason, removing a key component to a warframe's kit for balance is just a very poor reason to do so, now if it were breaking the game, or causing actual game play issues, than yeah, it would need to go. but its not, far from it.
  4. this is what i get for reading your first post while drowsy... even said that it was announced at the game awards... thanks anyways friend ^_^
  5. funfact, the jade axa skin for rhino is probably the only jade skin so far that actually allows prime details to be on. it actually really sucks tbh
  6. lol "best" has a different meaning to both of us.
  7. while i do see chroma getting looked at at somepoint, i dont see it happening to valkyr. maybe your right, maybe im right. we wont truly know until melee 3.0
  8. sure, i'll give you a link, and tbh, (i honestly mean no offense when i say this) there is a valid reason why not many ppl really care about the opinion of valkyr needing a rework or not in all honesty, she is actually fine where she is. and a large majority of the playerbase agrees on that opinion. almost to the point that its considered fact. you are a part of a small minority of this game's player base that thinks she needs it.
  9. clearly you didnt pay read my last post about why a valkyr rework wont ever happen. i'd recommend you check it out. so i dont have to repeat myself
  10. hey all, looked over at the ps4 post for this being in cert... you wont believe how much less civilized about this they are being... not meaning to bash anyone so please dont take it that way forum mods if you see this. kind of glad that everyone here is being quite a bit more mature about the wait
  11. ikr? my brother and i as well as many others have stated that removing the invincibility from hysteria would only make it a knock off eternal war build. if it could be done without making the ability completely useless, than DE would have done so by now.
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