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  1. they clearly stated why self damage was removed, they recognized that warframe is a fast paced game, and getting yourself killed by your own attack was counter intuitive to that concept. so they removed it. that way we dont get slowed down by having to either way for a friend to res us, or waste one of our personal revives
  2. for me, probably protea when she hits console. if not her than im not quite sure yet. im still trying to figure that one out
  3. according to someone else in a different thread, the turrets are actually quite strong, they can apparently shred through lvl 160ish enemies, its just against heavily armored units that the turrets have issues. so about 90% of the enemies you will face in a general starchart mission will be cleaned up by 4 turrets
  4. hmm... i'll add that to my build, and im lucky we just hit a new nightwave, so i will have an umbral forma for her, otherwise i wont be able to fit all 3 umbral mods on her no matter how i build her
  5. i actually plan on using arcane pulse and energize with her. i have a build in mind that most likely wont use those mods, but its only a work in progress cause well... she's not on console yet lol. what i had in mind was the three umbral mods (mainly for the power strength boost, i kinda want those turrets to do a decent amount of damage) prime continuity, prime flow, maybe stretch and the drift mod that increases range as well in the exilus slot. not sure what to put in the last two slots though.
  6. knowing this about the turrets makes me very happy now, i was scared that the turrrets were not going to be a good power. then i learned that we can place more than one, and now i learn that against most enemy types, they shred them to pieces and than burn the remains to ashes. now im even more hyped for her to arrive on console
  7. thats the sad part... a popular top tier weapon gets nerfed even a little bit, and suddenly all the ppl obsessed with the meta scream out that the weapon is dead. maybe they could... oh i dont know... wait till the changes hit, and see what they think about it with first hand experience before they complain? but thats apparenlty too much to ask for these days
  8. thanks, i'll evaluate my build and see what i need to change to get a bit closer to this build.
  9. id like to see your build. @zartham good to know, i'll most likely alter my build to match lei's, with some alterations to fit my style. thanks for the help
  10. yeah, some just dont use primed flow for some reason lol.
  11. i appreciate the demonstration, something gears seems to have a hard time doing for me, you actually gave me something to work off of to prove that my build needs some work. if you wouldnt mind me asking, what is your iron staff build? id like to know, anything to make mine stronger. to note, i dont think iron staff if the best weapon, far from it, but your video does prove that its still a strong weapon to use. you wasted level 160 corrupt gunners and bombards faster than i could kill the same enemies at lvl 140. at that point, its just the energy drain (which my wukong build is designed to mitigate to the point of it being a non issue for me) and the weapon type
  12. i will not deny that my build isnt perfect, nor is it the best i can do. but it does what i need it to do, for the type of missions i run on a regular bases, i use level 140 corrupt bombards and corrupt gunners as a bases for how long it will take me to kill things of the standard mission range. the speed that i killed them in the vid i posted? obviously, i will agree that its not the best, but if i kill them at that speed at level 140, than anything half that wont last all of 2 seconds at worst. as i also showed in the video. as ive asked before gears, whats your build that has you struggling to kill anything above level 60? and why do you say i should have been able to kill them faster if you have issues at killing enemies half that level? you're giving me contradictory info friend. cause if you can kill those specific enemies at that level range far faster than i was, than how do you call what you should potentially be doing to things half that level a problem? im already killing them pretty quickly in my vid, if you are struggling with enemies at level 60, than you have me utterly confused about what you are having problems with
  13. maybe if you compare it to trying to kill lvl 200+ enemies than yeah, but compared to what you're complaining about, far from it
  14. yeah, i agree, considering i can kill lvl 140 enemies in as little as 3-7 seconds. literally no problem for me ... want proof? here... i even include my build, which ive asked you for at least twice now, yet you havnt bothered to show or tell me yours
  15. the majority of that post wasnt aimed at you gears. the only part that was, was my statement of wanting to know your build, because i can kill lvl 140 enemies with little effort, yet you are having issues killing lvl 60 enemies, and im trying to wrap my head around how
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