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  1. i thought the update last friday was "early xmas for konzu" nope... wednesday was "early xmas for konzu" im freakin stocked. tried out the first mission 3 times, succeeded 2 of those times (first time was just to test the waters) my brother and i came up with a good strat for when you are running a squad of 2. bring sanguin specters from new loka, as well as trinity specters equipped with the exsurgise. put one set in the lower level. and another set in the area right above them. any boarding parties that board the ship will be instantly bombarded by rapid exsurgis fire. and due to the combo of sanguine and trinity specters. the specters will have a very high survival rate. this allows the pilot (myself) to not have to worry about leaving the helm just to deal with enemies on my ship, while my brother in his amesha can go out and deal with the crew ships. now imagine that set up but with a full squad
  2. i was at work when it dropped. hell, it probably dropped right after i left home. i was actually quite happy. cause its like konzu always says "early lunch (or in this case, xmas) for konzu"
  3. DE... one question... what the actual ef?! you guys are insane! you not only surprised us with rising tide, but not even a week later, you drop part 2 on us console tenno! thank you DE for being so awesome!
  4. Do yourself a favor, read the 1st post on this thread, scroll down to the bottom spoiler. It clearly states that they are working on a way to bring the fae ephemera to console. And if you did your research, youd know that they have been doing as such since its release on pc. The founders pack legally binds them to being unable to release its contents again. Umbra was a technical exception due to china warframe having a conpletely different systrm for it goin on (not 100% sure of this) And when we got umbra, he didnt even have the prime warframe passive. He is as close as us non founders will get to excal prime
  5. yup, i agree completely about the mr exp. as well as the possible release days. im hoping it'll be tomorrow as the prime vault is opening, so it would be fitting to release it at the same time as an already planned update of sorts. but if it has to release later, than so be it. we xbox players have had to deal with this since we got the game. its nothing new for us
  6. they legally cant. due to how the founders program worked. we console players will never get those prime items.
  7. when my brother and i run sortie rescues, i bring wukong. i used to use limbo. but with how fast wukong is in cloud walker. and the rescue target's tendency to teleport to the player closest to extraction. just zoom on ahead with wukong using cloud walker over and over. and boom, target is out of harms way in a matter of seconds
  8. how about instead of thinking of it as "we are just afterthoughts to DE" and instead think of it like this. "if not for the PC players, we console players would constantly getting super buggy updates. PC players beta test the update, the bugs are ironed out. and than we get the update" yeah, we dont always get the absolute newest thing. but its far better than what we could be getting.
  9. i honestly dont understand why so many ppl are complaining about the catchmoon nerfs. and i keep seeing ppl say that no other secondary is end game viable? what does this even mean? i dont use catchmoon, dont even have one built. all my secondaries have served me very well. all my builds for them make them very much useful in pretty much any high level mission. including sorties. if someone could explain why my aklex prime, my akbolto primes, my staticor, my akstiletto primes, and pretty much any above average secondary cant be endgame viable, that would be swell... cause i dont see how its possible for only one weapon to be considered endgame viable in warframe
  10. very true, its what i get for not playing public, i either go solo or play with my brother, and he only uses a kitgun on one frame
  11. thats how i like to think, its so boring playing with the same exact weapons on every frame, its boring playing only the best of the best. the only thing that i use consistantly on all my melee weapons is condition overload, cause so many melees become viable with that mod. also, can someone explain to me how a .05 dispo nerf can change a riven?
  12. thanks? i think? none of my warframes even use the same loadout of weapons. i like changing my playstyle alongside the warframe. my ash uses the dread (thank you ash passive) aklex prime and nikana prime. none of my other warframes use these 3 weapons
  13. thats a pretty bold statement. i dont use kitguns at all, as my secondaries are all plenty powerful as is.
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