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  1. im well aware of that. i specifically said that i WISH that nyx and valkyr would get one last prime vault pack so those of us who might not have the prime noggles could have one last chance to get them. there is also still the prime accessories too, so those might end up leading to the two prime warframes getting vault packs in the future anyways.
  2. personally? i would love this, i kinda wish they had done one last prime vault for nyx and valkyr due to them now being perma unvaulted with the current pc update. which means i will forever be 1 prime noggle short of a full collection unless DE decides to still do vault packs for nyx
  3. Ok, so i learned from discord a very likely origin to his name. Its a combination of two words The sanskrit word for servant provides the "Sava" in his name and the word goth. Gothics are, in many areas of the world, associated with the occulf and stuff related to death. His name could quite literally mean "servant of death" Which correlates very well with his abilities.
  4. Just because a warframe's name can find its origin with religion or a certan term, doesnt always mean its bad. Usually the names are chosen as they reflect what the warframe can do. Limbo: puts enemies into the rift, and can stop time in the rift. Aka, he puts enemies in a "limbo" like state. Im sure there is a reason they chose savagoth for his name. It must have some correlation to it Tbh, im actually curious about the exact origin of his name. I looked into sabbas the goth, and nothing about him correlates to the warframe's abilities. Meaning his name has
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