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  1. yeah, lets put it into perspective. its theorized that your conciousness would continue to function 10s to 100s of years of slowed time inside a blackhole. you'd still see your body as it slowly stretched into the center, you'd never see yourself reach the center. to get an idea of what it might be like, if you've watched the anime bleach. when mayuri killed sszayalaporro granz. mayuri quickly stabbed the guy in the heart. but to sszayal, it felt like thousands, if not 100s of thousands of years before the tip of the blade even started to pierce him
  2. i looked it up on wikipedia, and while i was off in some ways, i hit the nail in the head in others. its not THE most painful way in a physical sense, but it can be pretty darn scary regardless. when drowning, most ppl (as is human nature) will panic, which will of course lead into the obvious panic attack, which only makes it harder to get out of the situation. if you are stuck underwater and are holding your breath, no matter how long you are able to, eventually the "breathing reflex" will become too strong, which can be very painful on the lungs and overall chest area due. (if you've tried to see how long you can hold your breath, you know the burning sensation in the chest im talking about) overall, drowning is a very unpleasent yet silent way to die. no way to scream for help, the thrashing about caused by the panic attack increases blood flow, which reduces the amount of oxygen in the body faster. eventually you will black out, and at that point, depending on where you are, you are done. nobody will be able to save you as your lungs fill with water without any of the previously mentioned resistances. despite drowning being one of the easier forms of death to prevent, its still very scary. and very much scarier then what about 90% of the other warframes could be capable of. with one of said exceptions being nova, who can create a literal black hole. and if you've looked up what it'd most likely be like stuck inside of a black hole, than you know that your consciousness will be alive far longer then your actual body will be due to the time dilation that is present in black holes
  3. the thing is, hydroid would probably be the scariest realistically. why? because its been proven that drowning is THE single most painful way to die. burning alive? all your nerve endings will be fried actualy really fast. nekros would rip your soul from your body, which would most likely be a quick death. the stealth warframes would kill you before you even knew they were there. and so on and so forth. but drowning? you are going to feel every agonizing moment of it. as the oxygen leaves your lungs, the burning pain that it leaves behind. the slow drift into black as your brain slowly shuts down and your motor functions slowly stop working. You. Will. Feel. It. All.
  4. ah, i just now noticed the slight change to the condition to trigger berserker. it works just fine on critical hits rn. it shouldnt be changed to "on kill" i see the point of your original post now.
  5. out of curiosity, what kind of builds are you running where you cant trigger berserker? it triggers off of critical hits no? if you are running enough crit chance on the weapon, usually triggering berserker isnt an issue. and most weapons with a somewhat below average starting crit chance usually have decent to above average attack speed to begin with, thus allowing them to crit decently enough despite the somewhat below average crit chance. like, if you have a weapon with a 1.0 attack speed (galatine prime iirc) but its crit chance is 20-25% without mods, than just slapping on the sacrificial mods will usually bump that crit chance up enough to consistantly trigger berserker. i know this from experience. this would also make getting the ramp up from blood rush+body count (or any other mod that increases combo duration) rather easy as well.
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