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  1. This is apparently unfixed, because I just had it happen to me. Seems like when a Fusion/Corrupted Moa is Accused and then launches its drone, the drone can sometimes become friendly permanently while still being treated as an enemy, softlocking the mission. Might be possible to fix on the Void Defense tile using the death lasers, but it is a problem.
  2. So...his 2 is a channeled ability, during which the spines are grown, but they persist after ending the channel until damage is taken, at which point they degrade based on damage taken? And while in his 4, his 2 has no energy cost? Would the armor from his 2 be affected by Steel Fiber (and Armored Agility, I suppose)? Just looking for some clarification here. Also, his shield value bothers me. I'm assuming that you're listing his stats at rank 30, and all frames have values divisible by 3 for their health and shield stats, since their rank 30 health and shield is always 3 times thei
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