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  1. So, I'm hunting my liches, as you do, by playing the thrall hunt missions, and I decided to run some on Lua. Like on many planets that aren't fully under Grineer control, the rescue mission, Zeipel, and the spy mission, Pavlov, are replaced by exterminates for the thrall hunts. Except...they actually aren't. They're labeled as exterminates in the "which mission do you want to play on this node" menu, but the actual missions are what they would normally be. Zeipel is a rescue mission, and Pavlov is a spy mission. Zeipel works perfectly as a thrall hunt rescue. The mission level is correct, thralls spawn, the rescue tile is present and fully functional, at the end of the mission the player gets a specter blueprint, the whole shebang. Pavlov is...mostly functional. The mission itself spawns thralls, is the correct level, has spy vaults, etc. But, the vaults don't give rewards in the end of mission screen (and as far as I can tell, don't give rewards at all). I guess what I think needs to be fixed is that Zeipel and Pavlov should be properly labeled with their mission type in the mission select menu, and Pavlov should be giving its vault rewards.
  2. After only a couple missions with him, these are the problems I expect I will experience consistently with Grendel A clearer UI element for Nourish would be appreciated. Between the icons themselves being relatively arcane and uninformative on which buff they indicate, and the timer for the most recent buff covering half the icons, it is more effort than it should be to determine which buff is next up, and if switching is doing anything. Perhaps a Minelayer/Quiver style UI element that greys out buffs that aren't available and prevents switching to them? While I am capable of learning to work with the current UI, it isn't really doing its job effectively right now. There is no need for the energy drain on enemies in his belly to ramp up over time. If the frame's entire kit is built around keeping enemies in his belly, to the point where three of his abilities cannot be used without having an enemy being digested, a player shouldn't be punished for keeping enemies in his belly for a long time. There are gaps between fights in this game, and having to stock up during each fight and vomit out remainders at the end will get old quickly. The drain is already fairly significant for keeping a crowd in there, there's no need to make that drain increase over time as well. It's almost like it's encouraging me not to use his powers, which I have a feeling is not the intent. Since this escalating drain isn't even mentioned in any tooltip, part of me thinks it might be a bug, it feels so counter to the intent of the frame. Also, his farm is absurd. Locking him behind a few hours of arbitrations? Fine. Modless missions, counter to what many have said, were an interesting twist on the normal gameplay loop (though the defense mission is basically impossible solo, and the base mission level is maybe a tiny bit on the high end of what it should be for as long as we have to stay in the missions), and is mostly fine. But both? Both makes this frame the most inaccessible frame by far, for no real reason. Needing to complete the entire star chart, followed by hours of arbitrations, followed by a new type of mission that has no lore for why it's as hard as it is is just too much for one frame. Please put his part keys someplace else (the market, for credits, or better yet, perhaps somewhere in his Leverian?), and give us a good reason why his missions are modless. And for heaven's sake, don't refrain from changing this "because some players have already suffered through this, we don't want to undermine their suffering, so we'll keep making players suffer through this".
  3. I guess you forgot our old adage. "We are born of the blood, made clones by the blood, undone by the blood. Our tubes are yet to open...fear the Old Blood."
  4. I generally like these changes, but I have a few suggestions/concerns regarding a couple of these changes: While the removal of the insanity that is Maiming Strike and its various semi-intended synergies will help push the melee meta away from slide attacks, that isn't the only reason why slide attacks are favored. A large part of the reason is that they are fast, wide-hitting, and mobile attacks, and I'm not sure the additional options being provided will manage to win out against that combination. I hope they will. Part of the reason charge attacks (which will now be heavy attacks) never caught on is because they are slower, and since melee attacks could often cleave through enemies in a single rapid slice, slowing down to deliver a heavier blow never had much value (especially since they were so slow most enemies would move out of the way by the time they went off). Hopefully, heavy attacks are faster and more fluid than charge attacks were, but this could still pose a problem for their value in combat. Having a dedicated block button, regardless of whether the player is using primary, secondary, quick melee, or dedicated melee, would make that mechanic far more accessible and valuable to players. As a controller user, I recognize that the number of buttons on a controller is a significant restriction here, but I would hope that this could find its way in in the future. Speaking of quick melee, what's happening to that? Will it remain in its current state (accessible combos, auto-blocking, etc.), is it being reverted to its prior state (only a single, basic combo), or is it getting changed into a newer state? (I get that it's not being removed entirely) Significant knockback is counter to melee's intended usage. This is why Telos Boltace is one of my least favorite melee weapons currently, despite the fact that I otherwise rather like the Tonfa class. I would hope that the knockback that some combos and slams will have will be minor enough that a melee follow-up is still readily possible (also please rethink the Telos Boltace's passive effect). Covert Lethality doesn't just affect dagger finishers, it also boosts their base damage significantly. I would hope that, in the rebalance, daggers (and maybe dual daggers too?) will have a significant damage increase to compensate for the loss of their powerful, signature mod. Sword and Shield weapons have long been in a weird spot of only being slightly better at blocking, or equally effective, compared to many other weapon types. This would seem to be a great opportunity to rectify that, and give shields a much broader blocking angle compared to other weapon classes. I don't care how long the Tenno have studied the blade, a shield remains a far superior blocking implement compared to a Nikana. Just a reminder to make sure hitboxes are hooked up correctly and that they make sense! Scythes have long been victim to having hitboxes that make reliably hitting enemies difficult, and sometimes having hitboxes in strange places. While I expect that this will be fixed in the new system with new combos, I would hate to see scythes, or any melee class, suffer in this new system because their hitboxes are unintuitive or otherwise adversarial. Thank you for letting Spring-Loaded Blade stack!
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