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  1. So, I personally rather like the Orb Vallis music, and would rather like to obtain it for use in my orbiter. The problem is that it is tedious in the extreme to find even a single Orb Vallis somachord tone, and (assuming all songs require 4 tones), obtaining all the songs requires 28 tones. Having only a single tone spawn across the massive entirety of Orb Vallis means they are very boring to find when intentionally searching, and they are nigh impossible to stumble upon by accident while doing other Orb Vallis content (unlike most other somachord tones, where the fact that levels are mostly linear lends itself well to stumbling upon them by accident with a degree of frequency). With a Khora using Loot Radar, Loot Detector, and two Primed Animal Instincts, flying around in an Itzal, it took me an average of half an hour to find a single tone (I was solo, because I fully expect no one wants to share in this misery). There are a few ways this could be alleviated. First, each song could require only a single tone, akin to the songs in The Sacrifice. While the tones would still be annoying to find, the difficulty would be balanced by being rewarded with a new song for each tone you find, and only needing to undergo this task a total of 7 tones. Another option would be to increase the number of somachord tones that spawn upon loading into Orb Vallis (I'm thinking 4-6). This would make it much more likely that a player would randomly stumble upon tones while doing other Orb Vallis activities, and a player actively searching them out would find several instead of just the one, and it wouldn't be wasted effort if the player was unable to find one or two of the tones, because they would have other tones that they probably would have found. Yet another way to alleviate some of this insanity would be to remove some songs from Orb Vallis, and add them to Venus, though this is my least favorite option because it still makes finding any tones in Orb Vallis as unrewarding an activity as it currently is, it just reduces the number of songs that entail such distress.
  2. While I'm generally alright with self damage weapons, the idea of uncontrollable delayed explosions combined with self damage has done very poorly so far in this game. When that happened to Tonkor, Tonkor's usage vanished. Stug is very widely disliked. High fire rate self damage weapons have similarly been either unpopular, or quickly changed to not deal self damage. The recent Cyanex comes to mind. So I do not understand why the combination of high fire rate, delayed explosions, and self damage were all combined on this weapon. The reload passive is also awful, since it essentially punishes the muscle memory many players have to reload when there's a slight lull in the action. I agree with a base reload of 1.5 and a different sort of bonus for reloading from empty.
  3. Two times in as many days, I've been running bounties on Orb Vallis, and run into an issue with the "rescue" bounty stages, where the player must first examine 4 corpses, then hack a prison console, and finally kill Terra Jailers. The issue arises in the final portion of the stage, killing Terra Jailers. While they still come in on drop ships, the Terra Jailers are not marked with the red "kill" objective marker, and they do not drop the blue data keys that speed up the stage and are required to get the bonus objective for that bounty stage. Not sure what causes this bug, as I do the stages no differently than normal when this bug arises. Most of the time, this bug doesn't happen, but it has been happening often enough that it's problematic.
  4. I'm liking Wisp quite a bit so far, up there with Garuda and Revenant for fun frames to play for me. My only real complaints right now are that Surge Sparks from Breach Surge can't cause additional Surge Sparks (an understandable balancing decision, I just wish that they could), and that Wil-o-Wisp interrupts reloading. I feel that Wil-o-Wisp shouldn't interrupt reloads on the basis that it is an ability without a casting animation, like Volt's Speed and Saryn's Molt, and so should adhere to what the player can do during such abilities.
  5. Looks relatively good to me. Infinite duration clone, Cloud Walker taking the place of Defy for the purposes of health restoration and immortality while also getting improved stealth applications, Defy being a damage reflection (hopefully amplifying the absorbed damage because enemy health scales much faster than enemy damage)/durability buff (I'd rather it be DR rather than armor just because enemy slash procs are a thing, but it sounds nice all the same), and Primal Fury getting a higher drain in exchange for a lower activation cost sound good, so long as the higher drain isn't significantly higher (I'm hoping for a drain of 5-ish). I reserve full judgement until I get to play it, though, since one doesn't know if it fits until one tries it on. The passive does concern me a little, though. I'd rather it function like the avoid death augments like Phoenix Renewal and Savior Decoy, where you have a long cooldown between uses (could make this have a 120 second cooldown as opposed to the usual 90 seconds to offset the value of the buffs and the fact that it's passive) but it can be used an unlimited number of times throughout the mission, with each death randomly selecting one of the buffs. Being able to avoid death 3 times isn't that valuable, since Wukong will already have some ways of improving his durability, so he's either not going to die anyways, or when he does start dying, 3 deaths will be relatively insignificant because he's already hit the wall of how far his durability can take him. It also has the issue of Revenant's passive, in that it requires a frame that does very well at not hitting a low health level to hit that low health level in order to activate. Also, setting it at a hard 3 means there's the potential of "wasting" a free death if you die in a situation where an ally is nearby and could easily revive you, whereas making it unlimited, but with a cooldown means that's really not a big deal.
  6. The fact that these changes and bugs were felt to be necessary...worries me somewhat. I suppose this demonstrates the benefits of competitive events though. People looking for the best/easiest ways to increase their scores find exploits or bugs at levels higher than we normally reach, and those exploits and bugs can then be addressed. That said...level 9999? Am I missing something?
  7. Broken War drops from somewhere else (Shadow Stalker) so I don't think it will be added to Simaris' store.
  8. My problem with Arbitrations isn't the permadeath, but the doubled rotation lengths (and sometimes other aspects that increase how long they take) that feel like a complete slog for rewards that have extremely low drop rates. I don't have fun playing them because they get boring. Now that enemies will scale faster, maybe decrease how long rotations take, or increase the drop rate of the rewards that people actually care about? Also, this might solve the issue, but it might not. If people can quickly revive allies using this new system, the debuff won't last long enough to have a significant effect on gameplay, and death is no longer a big deal in arbitrations (if anything, you can now do more revives in Arbitrations than in normal missions). If it takes too long, people will still leave, and host migration shenanigans will still cause issues. Finally...I liked that death was meaningful in Arbitrations. And this doesn't make that better, it just undermines the appeal of what is, for me, an already unappealing game mode.
  9. As many have already said, Shield Pillage works less than great against Grineer, and abysmally against Infested. I suggest adding a "base shields gained" per enemy, affected by strength. Regardless of the enemy's armor/shield values, every enemy "pillaged" should give a small amount of shields back to Hildryn, so as to make her 2 not a waste of an ability against one of the 3 major factions of the game. Especially since this is the faction that makes widespread use of slash and toxin damage, the damage types that Hildryn most wants to avoid if she doesn't have overshields, which she can't get when fighting them because Shield Pillage has no effect on them unless you intentionally let a Swarm Moa spread armor around. It would also be nice if Hildryn could use Shield Pillage while in Aegis Storm, since she can already use Haven and Balefire, so being unable to use Shield Pillage makes it feel odd.
  10. I like these changes, and they all sound like positive adjustments to Nyx and Titania. However, I do have some thoughts and concerns: Mind Control's damage stacking sounds great, but I still have some questions. Is it adding 150% damage per 2500 damage, or 50% damage per 2500 damage? Is this multiplier subject to ability strength? Is it only Nyx who can increase the Controlled target's damage, or can allies help out too? What will become of Mind Freak? I could use some more specifics on how exactly Psychic Bolts will work. Will it still be a relatively small number of bolts, and not a true AoE (compromising by making it a cone AoE that aesthetically fires a bolt at each enemy in the cone would be great)? Will it still target random enemies near-ish Nyx's reticle, as it does now? Will there be an AoE when enemies are hit to help make the debuff more widespread? I know it wasn't the most popular passive, but Nyx's disarm chance was still quite valuable to me. Perhaps it could be added to Chaos, affected by modded ability strength? Because the ability to disarm 1 in 4 enemies in a large area was helpful, and I will miss it. I'm honestly not particularly psyched about Nyx, a frame with 3 abilities devoted to getting enemies to not directly attack her, having a passive that...makes it slightly harder for enemies to directly attack her. That's the one thing she's already got thoroughly covered! I can't say I like the new passive. Part of why I currently don't enjoy Titania is that her abilities have fairly long cast times outside of Razorwing, and all of them are full body actions that prevent movement, attacking, and reloading, making me feel like I MUST be in Razorwing the whole time or else be a sitting duck while casting her other abilities. Any chance that some of her cast times will be shortened, her 1 and/or 2 will be made into one-handed actions that allow attacking, reloading, and movement, and/or that her 1, 2, and/or 3 be made into upper body actions that allow movement while casting? Would be nice if Titania's 1 always gave her status immunity on cast, at least, given that that's one of its best qualities.
  11. Seems weird to MR gate a UI feature like that, especially at so high a MR (since almost all content can be accessed at MR 5). Probably should consider at the very least lowering it, if not outright removing it. Now then, how about tying active focus school to loadout, or being able to at least change active focus school from the loadout menu. Kind of annoying to switch from a Rage tank to a frame with energy economy issues, only to realize I forgot to switch from Naramon to Zenurik.
  12. I'd really appreciate it if we could have some more information on the following: State of melee 3.0. This is one of the biggest mechanical changes coming to Warframe, so I think we'd all appreciate some more information, including that mod dev workshop that never showed up. The Infestation are still given much less love than the Grineer or Corpus. Are there any plans for Infested dojo decorations, or an Infested equivalent of Vandal/Wraith weapons? Any boss reworks in the works? Phorid and Sergeant are still just bigger palette swaps of normal enemies with one or two stolen Warframe abilities (poor Phorid's stolen ability is probably the least used ability in the game, Nyx's Psychic Bolts), and the Vor+Lech Kril fight still makes no sense in the context of the story (I can understand Vor being there, perhaps being resurrected by the Janus key but not being fully corrupted, but why and how is Lech Kril there?) Hydroid Prime's trailer has now been MIA for a year, and since then 3 more primes have released without trailers (including my precious bird girl). Are prime trailers a thing of the past? I rather like them, myself, so I hope that's not the case. Pets 2.0 rumors have been circulating for a while, and it's been mentioned on a few devstreams. Is there anything concrete we can know about? And could we have a Moa pet demonstration? Kit-guns, how do they work? I'd love a demonstration. And finally, some things I don't want more information on: K-Drives. They seem great, and all, but we've seen enough for now, and, frankly, watching Rebecca be bad at them has gotten old. The lay of the land in the Orb Vallis. I want to be allowed to discover and explore it and its secrets on my own. Please, if at all possible, do demonstrations anywhere that we already have access to, as this also makes anything that's demonstrated more grounded and equatable to what we already have. The tranq system. I'm actually really interested in this, but I think it's something that's much better experienced than watched. That half hour of dung detection was so painful.
  13. Will Infested weapons ever get variants, like Grineer weapons have Wraith variants and Corpus weapons have Vandal Variants? The lack of any Infested variant weapons, or of any Infested dojo decorations, makes the faction (my favorite faction of the 3 primary enemy factions) feel unloved. We've gone almost 21 months since Hema and Hirudo were added, and since then, the only Infested items we've gotten are tied to Plague Star. Just because Hema is locked behind possibly the most absurd and unnecessary grindwall in the game doesn't mean that you can't add other Infested weapons for those of us who like them. Don't take this as permission to make another Hema, though. That would not be okay. Doesn't help the feeling that Infested are unloved that the only Infested boss that isn't at the end of the starchart, Phorid, is just a scaled up red charger with a long range projectile attack. On that note, are there any plans to rework Phorid, Sergeant, or the Ceres boss fight? Phorid and Sergeant are still trapped in their 1.0 "just a tankier standard enemy" forms, and the Ceres double boss fight is very confusing in the lore of the game.
  14. It...it's beautiful! This sounds amazing. Really like how this sounds, and it may bring me back into the Nezha main fold.
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