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  1. Those garuda changes feel overly cautious the speed buffs for her cast are good, a bit faster would be nice just a bit or try instant, just try if it does not feel right well...ok the problem is see in garuda is that, well, it has too much of her kit invested into damage to the point where if i need that damage or it would be useful i have to have like 70 blood altars to survive 1 stray bullet, i would suggest make the shield a radius or a bubble, make it only give some damage reduction as a trade off but it will still be better, her abilities feel like she should be only standing in a corner in order to survive because if a bullet hits you or a hitbox is weird or god forbid lag happens you die 1 hit, and increase the execution threshold to 50%, her blood altar honestly needs like 15m base range, buff the heals if you wish, more range and she will have something useful for the team outside the damage. Which brings me to the damage, yes, her damage blew my socks off, it blew my neighbors socks off, pretty sure that if you dump all the strength mods on her she will erase socks for the space time continuum, but is like using the master sword to mince garlic, WAY overkill. Since she is done in the dmg department, working on her other abilities and a bit more speed is all she really needs. Because i could use it because i like her design and as a frame, because i do, but i feel kinda useless because everyone else in the squad could have a rank 0 loki and some mid tier weapons and do the same thing i do for 90% of all content, twice as fast. And i am left with my bajillion damage combo but no target, and if i play either solo or in a higher level, the enemies WILL kill me way too easily and/or the same problem will arise again, that everyone there will still kill stuff with me doing nothing significant to help. Yes you could argue that she does not need to be better i just need to play her differently, but you could still change her in ways that allow you to play the same way but allows more players to enjoy her as well, you want to have more tankiness, press 1, damage? release 1 orb, even more? use with 4, all she really needs is better and/or wider heals, and more ways to survive when you NEED her to. TL;DR i could use like 70+ weapons and do what garuda does for 90% of the content faster or just as fast and cheaper.
  2. While i see these changes going in a good direction, they dont seem quite there: Nyx: Passive:seems acceptable for something you get for just being there. Mind Control: the damage enemies deal to each other gets to irrelevant numbers as the level go up, what you need in order for the ability to be useful is make it so you have an extra gun, so it can dps and kill enemies, if the numbers on the multiplier are high and consistent enough then fine, if not i suggest making it so across those 4 seconds it charges dps from your damage, instead of a multiplier or flat damage, making it so the target either attacks faster or gets the appropriate multiplier to their stats. You could also consider letting melee and/or allies contribute to the charge. Either way the goal is to make it so the target can kill other enemies at least as efficiently as someone with a properly modded weapon. Psychic bolts: great, plain great. Will have to test for usefulness and numbers. Chaos: consistency Absorb: to begin it will be nice to have a counter on how much damage we will end up dealing. Increase it´s range please. It has the same problem as her current 1 does, you are dealing the damage the enemies output, it kills frames relatively easy, but barely chips other enemies health bars as the levels rise, even when multiple enemies are charging it. So to fix that problem, make it similar to octavia´s 1, enemies want to shoot it really bad and the damage back has a multiplier, to balance and avoid spam and/or set it and forget it, you can increase the the drain (make it cost its worth) 10 or 15 unmodded with an unmodable max of 20 or 25, you could also give it a soft cooldown, what i mean by this is make it so the drain will remain a short period of time, 8 seconds or so, in which you would use the rest of your abilities to survive, and help the squad, you could also make it so the ¨current drain¨ decreases over those 8 seconds, you so can more easily use it in a pinch. Titania: spellbind: please add more range, 10-15 meters would be amazing, and add some duration 20 seconds seems more reasonable. tribute: the biggest problem i see with this is that you need an enemy to cast it, but most of the time everything is dead, so why not allow us to cast it from corpses, 1 buff per corpse, and if the body exploded or was cut in half then you could get the buff from any part of the corpse. -dust: change it to flat damage reduction on pick up, and if titania herself picks another one up, it refreshes for the whole squad on affinity range -thorns: same problem with nyx 1, enemies dont deal enough damage to damage each other, you could change it to have a chance to reflect damage with a multiplier. -entangle: just numbers, buff it a bit the max slow like to 35% or let it be affected by strength -full moon: buff to like 200% or let it be affected by strength i believe the goal of these reworks is to give more power to the parts of the frames that need it in order to put the frame as a whole on the same line as the rest of the roster in terms of usefulness, basically so they are different tools that are best for certain jobs but have some flexibility and just are not a good idea to bring to certain places (slow nova for leveling runs). it is also important that the current play-style and appeal of the warframe stays relatively the same for those who already like them, and give them alternative play-styles so more players give them a chance.
  3. Will we ever be able to use skins on our zaws? And if not what would be the reason? I noticed that mesa's deluxe skin gives you an option to choose the appearance of your regulators, will you give the same treatment to other deluxe skins for frames with exalted weapons? Like for proto excal you could give him a traditional katana skin for his exalted blade
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