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  1. IGN: CasuLL MR: 12 UK GMT Was one of the founders and went hiatus for some time. Was a member of the Asuro Clan..Now coming back to warframe :3
  2. does the prime accessories only include any platinum with it at all?..
  3. weren't there supposed to be new stances for nikana and claws according to tenno live stream?..but great update!
  4. May i join? xD IGN CasuLL Rank 11 Been playing the game since the start so pretty much a veteran na xD Wanted to join a Filipino community for a long time. My clan(Asuro) aint even active anymore only its alliances.. Anyways will be glad to hop in with u guys..
  5. are you my long lost trillionette?? (;*△*;) ヽ(´□`。)ノ
  6. whats the prime-access o.o its page 404 on mine..still being put up i guess?
  7. its all good but thinking about new players who does not have much mods yet. When u say a lvl 40 enemy will be as strong as a lvl 100 one, this will hurt new players a lot i think..
  8. as far as i know, nothing has been told about warframe on xbox.. As for duality, i can absolutle understand where DE is coming from. Different countries have their own time frame and restrictions as well so updating all at the same time may sound easy but it still has its own hick ups specially cross platform ones..
  9. why short notice >.< would have booked a day off and come to see u guys too :(
  10. Everything is awesome!!>. I do hope u guys implement a triple monitor setup support soon as well >.<
  11. Braton Prime Barell pls o.o the drop rate of this baby is so low >.,<
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