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  1. If I casting the 2nd ability plus 1st ability and than the 4th ability! Octavia is changing from Tenora Prime to Pandero Prime (in my case). Every second time!
  2. An announcement one day before release is not immposible! This is a usual doing of Business.
  3. yes maybe but I can see in PSN or whatever what the contant is! So I dont need this announcement in the first day..I want to know it before release!
  4. This is not the same as always! Like Nezha Prime! etc
  5. You bring it to the point! It was same to me and I dont use the prime version. The non prime is fine for me. The prime version is MR fodder, nothing else.
  6. Even without riven the Prime version is a significant upgrade! I wish there is more than "quality of life" changes! And why is signatur weapon becomes prime? Is DE breaking some rules..
  7. Even with 1 Dispo the prices are high! There is no change!
  8. The true Problem is that her Tenora Prime is weaker than the non Prime! If you have a riven.. DE dont understand to give the Primes more value.. I think the reason is in Canada you are allowed to drink alcohol at Work. So there are always drunk at work. XD
  9. The problem for me is the music pattern are expensive 50p each!
  10. Since the Orphox Venom Update. Screen tearing is much more in PS4! I think the last Warframe Update doesnt work well for all Systems!
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