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  1. The best thing is... they give you 6 Forma and they take it back!
  2. Finaly for me it's over. I am starting to hate Nightwave XD
  3. This Dev stream showed me Scott has a problem with alcohol...or maybe without.
  4. For some DE staff that dev stream is a hub for drinking Beer! Alot of Beer! Is this Canadian stuff or why is DE showing alcohol for e.g. young people's they watching this stream! This irresponsible.
  5. I have a lot of problems in my real life and now in Warframe? Gosh 😞
  6. Why is [DE] not responding to us here in forum! What are they doing during there work! And DE is telling..... We are working with the community bla bla blaaaa! The alt Helmet is not listed in the accessories package at the PSN!
  7. Oh man I was planning to buy Mesa Prime Access instead and NOW DE is telling to me to buy the Accessories package?
  8. But on PS4 there are plats included!
  9. Don't forget the 1365 plats
  10. I will pass the accessories! I have the customes from Fortuna!
  11. All parts together looking good but I am using the new operator package from Fortuna update. For consoles it's new..... I don't to buy or not.
  12. I am sad like you. The waiting is (not) over tenno!
  13. Someone who is saying this has no rivens and don't know the work and effort behind...
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