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  1. Atlas Prime is fantastic for me. Of course increasing the base stats would be nice anyway I spend my second Umbra Forma into Atlas Prime.
  2. For me he looks great. He is not similar to Chroma Prime tbh!
  3. I will support this kind of decisions. Bescause Atlas ist my boi.
  4. Atlas my fav boi. Finally he is primed and i am soo excited. My second Umbra Mod is waiting.
  5. That's it bro! There is plenty to do.....
  6. Iam fine with this timegate! Only forma with 24hrs is sometime annoying! Buts it's fine.
  7. Which genius man at DE nerfed Embolist Riven Dispo? Can you explain?
  8. The best thing is... they give you 6 Forma and they take it back!
  9. Finaly for me it's over. I am starting to hate Nightwave XD
  10. This Dev stream showed me Scott has a problem with alcohol...or maybe without.
  11. For some DE staff that dev stream is a hub for drinking Beer! Alot of Beer! Is this Canadian stuff or why is DE showing alcohol for e.g. young people's they watching this stream! This irresponsible.
  12. I have a lot of problems in my real life and now in Warframe? Gosh 😞
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