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  1. Dude go play solo I don't know what to tell you. There are plenty of abilities that can easily outpace some dumb dumb using a slide attack macro. There can be a whole plethora of reasons for why they use a macro such as convenience or not straining ones hands. And yeah, there are a relatively small amount of gear that outpace the majority, its called power creep and once again blame DE for literally doing nothing about it except for making the problem worse. I will say it again, this game is not for you if that is a problem. DE have demonstrated multiple times that they literally do not care about power creep and continue to trivialize any "challenge" that there is in this game. Also on another note, I don't seem to understand why you care so much about what other people do in a PvE game, its not like you are being hindered in anyway. They aren't cheating or exploiting any bugs, DE permits this. Once again, if you do not like this, then simply stop playing. I agree, machine assistance does assist players, but with a game with this much power creep I don't really see that much of a difference between someone manually spinning with a whip killing everything vs someone using a macro to spin to kill everything. The end result is still the same.
  2. Putting in zero effort and getting better results? Have you not played like 99% of this game? That literally describes every frame and weapon. Its called power creep and its not caused by people spinning in circles with a whip. Its solely on the fault of DE for introducing so much #*!%ing power creep, get off your high horse. Saryn takes 0 effort, Equinox takes zero effort, so does Wukong, Mirage, Chroma, Ember, Trinity, etc. If that is your major gripe about people getting rewarded for doing nothing then this game isnt for you.
  3. Yeah there really needs to be some difficulty in this game. Something needs to really be done about power creep. Maiming strike was a terrible decision, huge AoE abilities is cancer though they seem to be trying to make things more line of sight which is fine for now. Though if they really wanna continue down the path of just giving us super strong gear at the very least put something in the game to justify getting the gear, and for the love of god please don't say level 300 bullet sponges that 1 shot you is difficulty, or sitting in 1 room for 1 hour is 'hard'.
  4. Why ask us to invest time into a game mode that DE themselves refuse to touch?
  5. Kuva disruption gives the least amount of kuva, how is this "end game"? Universal medallions only give 1k standing when they are a rare drop, how is this an "end game" reward?
  6. Looking for DMG, MS, and harmless negative Using folren for pc
  7. Can we get a fix on Mag Deluxe skin? The hands on it are super buggy.
  8. Please work more on quality of life, kuva, and custom animations for fframes
  9. What was the one you linked I was idle majority of the time.
  10. Possible Positives: Critical Damage/ Damage / Multi-shot Possible Negatives: Recoil / Status Duration These stats are preferable. If you think yours is good, just link it.
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