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  1. That sucks bro. I'm gonna get the Ephemera though lol
  2. Buff for Mag, Mirage, or Banshee? The new Railjack enemies absolutely tear through these MR fodder frames.
  3. @[DE]Marcus Since meta Warframes were brought up can we talk about how poorly frames like Mag, Mirage, or Banshee perform against the new Railjack enemies? Their frame stats are just so pathetic and they merely die in single shots from the new enemies which is just utterly humiliating. Consistently I see players bringing frames that have excessive amounts of damage reduction such as Inaros or Nezha and for good reason. The new Railjack enemies are not only excessively bulky but also have an exaggerated amount of damage. Frames such as Mag or Banshee have consistently been neglected over time and this has resulted to the point to where it is simply irrational to use them in Railjack unless you are willing to handicap yourself or teammates for no practical reason.
  4. It is already tiresome as it is having to wait ~3 hours for a ship to spawn along with a rare box. Furthermore it has captura scenes to dilute the drop table.
  5. Shedu can't use terminal velocity. Is this intended?
  6. 8.3% chance of getting weapon we want in comparison to 7.7% 😍
  7. endured like 20 duplicate weapons so yes im done enduring this S#&$
  8. Please let us trade weapons. I don't understand this change, its nice sure, but the problem people are facing is cause they DON'T want 30 Kuva Stubbas, they want to get the weapon they want. It is such a slog to grind through everything to just get a new lich with the SAME WEAPON.
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