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  1. hi all i'm lf an clan with adults i cleared all of the star chart but i'm MR10 & Sularis united: Rank old mate i could use an daily voice chat talking in general or In-game i'm ready to do any kind of mission like raids nightmares sorties etc but i like to help the clan too so if u need a persone msg me on psn King-Of-Anebles
  2. Hi, I tried to contact u but it wont let me So here is the massage I like to join ur clan i'm intrested to see what futures there are, but could we talk inside in an PSN party? Greetings King-Of-Anebles.
  3. Hi everyone I wanted to start a clan both Dutch and english ppl i need officers an co-leader and the name of the clan There for add me King-Of-Anebles to coóperate with and created we together an respective and family friendly community in the future we goning to do solar raids dark sector missions star chart [i have all the nodes] talking in general or game talking chats inside a party dont worrie i dont bite be social dont be an ass play fair and together we are the clan for the future
  4. hi all i'm the treasurer of Trade Junkies we are here to recruit new & vets players for now we are with an few ppl there is an lot to do there for i ask ur aid to help us Info and news We are Trade junkies an few days ago we start with an few members we are an Trading Clan and plat investers [to a max of 50p every 3 days] So like the research and dojo we needed many players to create an great community if are new or and experienced players from MR 5 u can p.m Syalin_ founding warlord and leader of trade Junkies Players how in charge or do need an job: coporate [Is the founding warlord] Bankers [Bankers are the players to help the community and take there job serious] Intern [Mr 5 u need to have in order to join us] Investor [Is the hart of the community they are and needed as mutch mats donate to ower dojo storage] Pro_Bono [They are to aid the intern of plats there job is take and investing in the starting player]
  5. it would be wonderfull if u invite (:
  6. Hi sya i message u yesterday could u anwser it wanna know info about ur clan. Greetings King-Of-Anebles
  7. ABOUT THIS CLAN Brotherhood Inc is created to make an nice an smooth community we looking for newer or vetran players from all over the world from today start can be a great future together play as u fit but dont be an ass but play respect full and fair ower policy is bein 7 days offline without an warning should be removed I'm lf 4 officers and 1 2e in command that will be council of brotherhood inc u must be 26 or older p.m me on PSN for an interview introduction
  8. Hi all I'm looking for an famaily clan i have unlocked all nodes but i needed an clan thats active chating on voice like talking in general and in-game chat text and i need for my self an dutch or belgium officer beceuse i dont talk english that good dont invite me rondom i woundidnt accept it if ur clan leader or officer wants they can p.m on psn [Emperor-Of-gods] for introductions sent me an party.
  9. hi there the name is E-O-G for short Emperor my recent clan was fine there names ares knightmare & phantom but it feels like that i start just fine but there was none i could not see for my requirements short after i left phantom after 6 days my friend and i where both searching for an other clan after 3 days we had no hope that we are getting in an clan like phantom after 2 long days we give up but a magical wonder came we found a clan named ares knightmare short after that my dear friend have told to me that he is goning to stop with the game i was alone back there and still i see no fit in ares knightmare short after this afternoon i left and now i need really an family clan how support 1 an other with tears blood and sweat with those terms Agreements for i need support not like 24/7 but a few hours a day i hope there is clan that my dreams and destiny could furfill this goal p.m me on the forums or psn id Emperor-Of-gods. Gr Emperor
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