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  1. Well, DE said nerf about melee weapon will be minimum, but I feel this is LETHAL....T_T
  2. Another user-unfriendly again!! Another grab bag...AGAIN!!! D:(
  3. Another user-unfriendly twitch drop, again.....): Another worthless livestream, again....D:<
  4. Another user-unfriendly twitch drop...again D:<
  5. YEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! FINALLYYYYYYY!!!!!! NIDUS TENNOGEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!! ....Sorry;;;; I can't control my face...lol XD
  6. Official codename: Dreadnought, Alias: Flying nidus...lol XD
  7. This is first creations of my gunship series: Wyvern. I just started making it and made a lot of them. lololol XD Enjoy :D
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