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  1. This is my latest creation in dojo. I made this ship used almost all faction parts (...except infested, sorry lol XD) I'll upload more gunships very soon. enjoy :D
  2. Are you serious? Except for the Umbra Forma for devstream, all Twitch drops are same things: octavia noggle. You said before, Twitch Drops 2.0 will be more 'user friendly drop' experience. What kind of 'user friendly drop' is this?
  3. Glad? glad for what? Tennogen skins are only meaning when 'accepted ingame', not 'chances of it being submitted in time for this Round are high'. If DE reject, then just that. Abandoned & forgotten even the most popular skins. Most of all, I never said 'obliged to do it', only 'plz'. Tennogen can only be obtained with cash, and I paid my price for it. So at least I have the right to ask. No, not just me. We, users paid price for Tennogen, not DE nor artists. So we have the right to ask what we wanted. Your words are no different from just giving up your rights & be good lik
  4. Already waited almost 11 months and wait more for what? Wait for 'maybe next time' over & over again?
  5. Nidus technocyst skin plz....Nidus needs cyberpunk style too..T-T
  6. Have no fear, Newbie Mag. Mesa Prime is here...lol XD
  7. Another bug again. Launcher keep saying 'quit launcher' & relog' even update is already finished. I tried, but same messages appeared over & over again....D:
  8. What about mastery rank affinity bug of necralisk companions(vulpaphylas & predasites)?? I achived max rank of all of them but mastery rank affinity is not raise. I reported this problem to support desk long time ago, but still no news about it. I cannot challenge true master test because of this serious problem....;(
  9. I made this one inspired by marine APC in Aliens(1986). Most of the parts are using solaris decorations because they are very suitable for making mechanical things. Don't you think...XD Of course, it must be able to ride to be called APC, right? There are 8 seats & small elevator in the rear. This elevator leads to upper turret. And...driver's seat. It's most important section of course, so I worked very carefully for this one XD
  10. I got achived entrati & necraloid stading level maximum, so, all chapters of albrecht entrati's record has been unlocked. Last chapter, lohk is just told specific order of requiem mod: lohk-xata-jahu-vome-ris-fass-netra-khra.... Of course, It contains disturbing article: Apocalypse. But, also..I believe this means a key, Key for unlock another secret (grandmother's name or new void area, maybe...). I try to solve it, but still no luck. anyone found something about it? ..and I should apologize. English is not my native language, so my article looks weird to you guys....^^;;;
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