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Name's Btabc.  I play a LOT of games with the same tag name so if you see me in-game here (or other games) please don't hesitate in saying "hi" :).  I love art and am constantly working on improving my "style".  Currently working on a few things and taking a few trips to different parts of the world to go diving, exploring and getting more ideas on things to do!  I love learning new things and WarFrame has a very interesting concept, and art, that brings me to want to explore more and see more of the scenery!  


I have talked to a few of the staff on here and I do have to say that so far everyone I've talked to has been helpful and courteous in helping me.  So far, as a whole, the team, site and game is a top 5 games that I love to play!


Frames I play most:

Rhino and Inaros




Fanart page:

More art to come soon!

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