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  1. Upon a closer look on another eavesdrop by the Zealots, the pistol seems to have the same firing sound as the Hystrix. I am not entirely sure but it has a distinctive, dart-ish metallic "ting" sound that sounded close to that weapon's fire. Maybe we'll get an event down the line that will reward us with a special infested themed skin? At this point I'm just speculating on what this curious and elusive weapon is, or what weapon would use this peculiar looking skin.. So much curious questions, may I say that I am really exited to see more of this Nightwave? Truly this one story is full of suspense, I adore!
  2. Interesting! That one pistol the arm-blade zealot wields looks pretty odd.. At first I thought it was a mutated Quatz or something. I wonder if they might have a special drop, I've yet only found two of these guys on the Vallis while doing my bounties. This nightwave is gettin real spooky 👀
  3. I think the Hek was alright That was the primary I used wayyyyyy back when I started. Braton Prime is also pretty neat. Secondary I think I went with the lex and also got the prime. Uhhh then I wen't with the vaykor marelok when I had a high enough MR to afford it. Id say probs try out some guns to rank your MR and if you find some pretty interesting and whom fit your playstyle kinda treat em to a lil forma n such.
  4. Well, I went on and scanned every fragment, this happened. And yes, I just went and scanned every single data.
  5. Sooo uhh, progression with the data-hashes are like, inversed. I have scanned 2 datas but it says 2 are undiscovered while the rest are "SCANNED"
  6. Will on-foot arch-weapons include arch-melees?
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