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  1. Цитата

    it always less grindy

    Yeaaah idk about that.

    It is only less grindy if you dont strive for anything in particular, since destiny has same garbage roll system as new leech weapons and most good weapons are locked either behind dlc, raids or pvp.

    This point is ridiculous. It might be about 10-20% less grindy but the amount of concious effort you have to put into getting things is way more than in warframe. In warframe grind is mindless. 


    the leveling system is not unbalance

    Pff you wot mate?

    Until recently - how its now I have no idea - it was capped at certain points and capped hard, unless you'd jump through evey hoop you would have been stuck indefinitely.


    Both games are just too much work right now.

    You cant just sit and play for some hours, you wont get anywhere like that. So both pretty much suck.

  2. It took me 2 seconds, i've been playing that game 4+ years now and up till atlas prime collected everything.


    Can someone explain WHY would you even care about liches or their weapons?

    Why care about another bunch of fodder weapons in a game with no endgame where those weapons will become irrelevant in a month? The heck I'm suppose to do with kuva weapons, go to Hydron? They dont even LOOK good, you dont care about their looks, its a 3rd person, jesus.

    So freaking dumb.

    Not to mention the whole system is one giant GRIND WALL, merciless and pointless. Working now 8 - 5/2 I see no point in participating in any of it.

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  3. Цитата

    It's the perfect example of "less is more".

     You know nothing about Destiny do you.

    Destiny 2 has run for several years now and its also a second Destiny game, hence the name.

    Despite that at launch it was so barebone people literally were shooting at walls to get loot because there was nothing to do there, despite D2 being a complete ripoff of D1 with little to no innovations.

    Destiny has pretty good gunplay and some things to do in it after releasing 2 games and after about 4 or so years but thast about it. All its content costed about 3 to 4 times more than your average AAA game, you still have to pay to play anything other than vanilla + some irrelevant dlcs.

    Yeah it has 2 parts that keep people playing - a really fing good gunplay, best from what Ive seen in all my gaming experience and loot distribution and chase (unlike warframe that just keeps nerfing its wepaons making them irrelevant so you have no motivation to hoard or chase the loot). But I personally cant see myself playing it, because its not free to play OR 60$ game, its a stty live service and its very heavy pvp and raid based and no one wants to interract with randoms to actually experience the game.

    Also about classes - yeah only 3 of them with 3 to 4 or 5 subclasses 1 or 2 of which is hidden behind dlcs and paywalls. It also has less classes because its so pvp heavy, Bungie cant even balance 3 properly so no wonder.

  4. 22 часа назад, supernils сказал:

    because balance revolves around a weapon with a riven setup. Good weapon with bad riven = bad weapon with good riven. That's the idea of rivens. It's not that hard to understand.

    It is apparently because absolutely all "bad" weapons are still trash no matter what riven you put on it, good weapons without any rivens are still better. So whoever is balancing the game is constantly drunk. 

    Ive no idea why people still use or buy rivens, its such a blatant bs cashgrab at this point its not even funny.

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  5. Most randoms and people in general

    -dont play trash modes like survival or defense, everyones still gonna play excavation (or at worst interception, but its way easier to fail and way harder to play with pugs) because if you have non braindead teammates, you can do 2 or even more at once 

    -most randoms dont even stick past ~30 minutes and for non randoms no one cares about this st mode because it has no rewards.


    And those changes wont matter, no one's gonna play said survival either. Its so braindead that even 30 minutes is a slog.  

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  6. -doesnt change the fact that you cant choose the mission type you want to play so you have to log in every hour to see whats on rotation

    - reduces the amount of only somewhat useful reward that is endo

    - changes nothing about low chanes to get forma or ephemera and doesnt add it on arbiters rewards either

    -adds a bucnh of trash mods and arcanes no one asked for

    -makes getting to rotation c twice as long effectively making it almost impossible to reach with randoms


    De everybody.

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  7. Цитата

    Another big change we’re discussing is geared towards the oldest content at large - Frost, Ember, and Loki have repeated too many times over the years. Our plan is to cycle in the oldest Vault content through gameplay and other offerings - stay tuned! 

    I dont get it



    YouTubers: Sell Prime Parts To Make Some Plat

    Me: Barely manages to sell prime sets for 30-40 P, and buyers are few in between. 


    Maybe dont listen to youtubers.

    Gettin primes takes a loooong fing time and they sell for fairly low compared to the time invested to it.

    There are easier and more relaxed ways to get plat.

  8. Цитата

    Searching for combined elements (Radiation, Magnetic, etc.) in your Upgrade and Mod menus will now pull up the base element mods that can be combined to make that element!

    Lol thanks even after 4+ years of playing I still didnt bother to memorize some like viral so kudos.

    And yeah I'll admit


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  9. 7 часов назад, (PS4)Tomplexthis сказал:

    ? dude chill its just a funny summer event for some floofs. 

    i like the song, and map, actually love the map. and the song, and the map, and the song.

    and that gun, its probably one of the coolest maps they've made, and its just for an event. wish the nakak pears were at least 75. 

    Running 4050 Pearls for all the gear, about 81 runs, 5 minutes each, about 6 hours 45 minutes. the highest item is the scene for 1000 pearls

    And a few mods which drop alternatively from Kela De thaym. its the floofs people really wanted. 


    The hotfix, causes the A.i to now seek out players, and so the Afk people are being hunted more. 


    -Thank You DE for taking the time to make a custom gamemode, map, song, and weapon for silly summer event.

    -Even if people like myself were just afk'ing to get some pearls. xD


    Goes afk, says event is fun.

    So much fu-un so you opted to not play it. 

    Hypocricy at its finest. 

    I can easily rakk an hour or more in a mode I like and its worth playing in one go, like Arbitration excavation. I have so much endo from playing excavation in general that im set for life no joking here. 

    And yeah, missing the point completely, no one likes your pvp esque modes for one reason or another so maybe a crazy idea, STOP ADDING MORE PVP TO PVE GAME, stop asking for more pvp, you know everyone hates it - especially while NONE of them give conclave standing which is complete bs. 

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  10. Цитата


    Ok, I'm gonna say something terribly unpopular... But why wasn't this PvP?

    I know Warframe Community hates PvP, but is this case, with no abilities, stats, weapons, any help at all (except maybe skill)... Why not PvP?


    Admits its unpopular.

    Admits eveyone hates it.

    Asks why isnt it pvp still.


    Well *I* would ask why the flying freaking fredgh its THIRD mode after rathuum/arena and index that is actuall a pvp inside a pve. Its like they want to cram it so badly.

    Bruh. Stahp. You dont even receive conclave standing. No one wants to play this trash one way or another.

    Give players what the want, how freaking hard is that.


    I know Warframe Community hates PvP, but is this case, with no abilities, stats, weapons, any help at all (except maybe skill)

    Why the heck.

    Would you play WARFRAME.

    Without your mods, stats, weapons and skills.

    And not even recieve a conclae stading for it.

    Ive yet to see a single, one good reason.

    Cause it sounds like utter trash.

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  11. В 03.08.2019 в 22:11, Tristan_GER сказал:

    Yes, i love those people too. /s -

    From Index today, no shot, no points, only move to the energy- or health orbs... and if you ask them for help, you get answers like this "why? the team won't lose money, so i get my money too. so boys, running and bring me my money!" Lovely chilling peoples, after  a long week, yes 😉

    Play. Freaking. Premade. Or solo. 

    I never play Index in a pub because people if not leeching are dumber than that health orb, they manage to lose half matches and half take them approx 2 times longer than I would alone on myself because naturally its way faster to get 20 points alone. 

    They have a reason to play pub to leech, but you dont. So stop. 

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