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  1. On 2020-04-15 at 7:16 PM, MikeVodka said:

    The only thing this would do is force people to trade in items and not plat. You don't solve a problem with this, you're only pushing it down the road.

    It solves everything.

    Because the total amount of rivens would remain the same. There isnt currently anything of the same worth as rivens.

    Although I'd personally just remove them altogether, but of course de being de aka greedy for your bucks wont ever do that, thast their cow to milk and everyone who buys rivens are idiots anyway.


    As evil as i sound but i'm seeing it objectively, the sellers are just clever.

    Nothing "clever" about it.

    Even a 8 years old can follow that simple logic of those people.

  2. В 09.04.2020 в 22:38, Ceejay сказал:

    are you out of your mind ?

    IMAGINE exploiting an OPEN market T B H. give me reddit gold btw and please read my 3 paragraph essay 

    You know its funny but a very simple solution to this problem would have been a limit of say 500-1000p per item of trade.

    Imagine if that was the highest you could pay or get for a riven (in that case). No one would be trying to seell GoD rOll Bramma for 15k, you'd either get your 500-1000p and piss off or only use it yourself if you think 500-1000 is too little.

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  3. 1 час назад, Ailith сказал:

    Same here. These are all very welcome changes, but unless they start adding some very unique/powerful items as rewards, it's still not worth the grind.

    Theres no reason to ask for "powerful items" because they will get nerfed into oblivion within months. Especially weapons.

    Weapons in warframes are currently all but useless unless you do very specific things like Index or Eidolon.

  4. Reduce third requiem mod thralls requirement for unveiling to half and increase requiem mods' uses at least to 5 or 6. Increase % of progress you get towards unveiling a mod each time you decide to level up a lich/kill it. Be reasonable. You wont work 80 hours a week for 40 hours payment.

    Otherwise its still would be a mindless grindfest, who cares about being able to 'choose' weapons to grind for when you can just buy any of them for mr for like 20p.


    I sure hope it's true

    No amount of time or damage will make them any good, they're useless af.

    Normal specters are 10x times more useful than any kuva ones. Not to mention can be summoned at will and re-spawned.

  5. Цитата

    Nobody is gonna buy a 28% Drakgoon

    That isnt true actually.

    Kuva weapons still give mr, but if you're too proud to sell them for 20-50 p or even give away, well thats you.

    After I will get rid of my current lich, I'll only ever gonna buy them for ephemeras and mr fodders I'm currently missing. I dont give a flying freak what bonus % points they will have, for mr purposes I can spend 20p or trade them for my own duplicates, and Im not the only one.

    But of course if you thought of getting 60% electro/toxin karak to get that sweet sweet 1000-2000 plat, well thats no better than blasted rivens, wish they were never existed in the first place, as well as kuva weapon bonuses.

  6. 13 hours ago, Neuroszima said:

    Buddy, do you reallly get triggered on my whole post, just because i mentioned i wished the fix for conclave?

    He is right tho, all those 2.5 people playing conclave can wait, its a dead mode anyway.

    Railj*ck that is a new system that will be used in upcoming year at least has way bigger problems and problems just seem to multiply, if they arent adressed soon(tm), it will remain bad for years. Just like your conclave.

  7. 3 часа назад, Skaleek сказал:

    Nah dude, Liches are still worse. Liches are really, really bad. RJ followed the RNG can give you something of no value trend that liches brought in, so it's the same model, but Liches take 2-3 hours and you already know you're getting S#&$ on before you finish the journey. You know from day 1 you're getting a piece of S#&$.

    Liches are just there for ephemeras (cosmetics) and mr fodder weapons.

    But whats important, liches could be *bought*. And as mr fodders, most weapons cost you about 20-40p.

    Whats even more important, liches are optional, no quest or anything is gated behind them.

    Rail-freaking-jack on the other hand... is complete opposite ****

  8. Цитата

    Rush Repair Drone Removed from Market:

    Pfff ahaha, it was like the only way this broken garbo was even remotely playable, no one is gonna bother loading a mission knowing that you'll need about 10 hours of grind to be able to repair approx 1 ship detail.

    And all that with no vacuum. Ahaha.

    I'm so done, glad I have a backlog of other games to play.

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  9. 6 часов назад, MulticolourkomodoDragon сказал:

    Weh.. so you added a thing that spawns a thing every few hours, and very few enemies within a tiny enemy spawn amount can drop the thing, and the thing they can drop has awful drop rates and you can't even farm them because it's limited time..

    w h y

    why not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    gotta disguise the absence of content under thicc layers of grind, maybe then no one will notice

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