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  1. Not really, people just miss interpreted Valk's lore. The lore was based around our (the operator's) knowledge at the time when we still believed we were the frame and thus there was no separation between frame and operator.
  2. I find it hilarious that people think Ray tracing is something new. It's been around since the 90's but the cost of it has been well.... Not worth the GPU and CPU load that they caused. That is why it's only been with the recent development of the RTX cards which basically just have a second GPU dedicated specifically to the real time ray tracing which even still throttles it's performance. But that is the important part there it's the "REAL TIME" part, ray tracing exists in many games (even warframe) but it has to be pre rendered as to save your computer the mind boggling amounts of
  3. Dunno took me all of a few seconds to figure out how to kill them easily. Just shoot the weak spots. God forbid you have to aim though I suppose and not just nuke everything.
  4. Well they were an engineered work force, it wasn't till after the fall of the empire that their attempts to keep cloning themselves that their deformities began to show in mass as there was genetic break down. Though apparently even the orokin had defectives but they just disposed of them.
  5. As for the weapons... Shotgun slugs can easily reach out to 100 yards from a shotgun (just most shotguns lack sights or just have a little ball sight) but after that they start loosing power because they are well.. A slug, a big heavy flat chunk of metal with no aerodynamics to speak of. That is why marksmen use the .308 round normally, or for the stupid ranges a .50 cal (the current world record is 3,540meters or 2.2 miles) Miniguns use 7.62x51mm rounds, the same thing that is in a AK-47 and can easily punch through concrete walls and even those need to be mounted with the he
  6. DE "loosing" money.. Could it maybe be because there is a global economic face plant and lots of people are out of work and short on money....? Nah!
  7. Casuals always like to complain, they play casually they get resources casually so their expectations should stop being so high.... But we have WoW and a bunch of other games to thank for catering to them for so long the casual player expects everything to come with near instant gratification.
  8. Quite well aware, I'm just venting because I am pissed off. I've had two people arrested for dumping stolen mail in our trash can at my work in the past two months and those are just the ones stupid enough to dump it in a public place.
  9. I currently really REALLY hate mail thieves. My TennoCon bundle came.. Unfortunately it came while I was sleeping as I work nights and the mail is normally delivered mid afternoon. Of course I didn't have time to stop and check our locked mailbox on the way out that night... Welp on my walk home this morning I notice all the locked mailboxes on my street have been forced open and there are even ripped open amazon soft packages tossed on the road in a few places. Of course I look at ours and like all the others someone forced it open and it's just junk mail left in there....
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