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  1. BUt they aren't giving any dates, just a general time they are wanting to get it out... Which we have a full month to even reach.
  2. And considering how far computers have come simply in 40 years, now try to imagine the extent it will grow in tens of thousands of years. It would be completely possible.
  3. Again, it's only magic because it is beyond your understanding. It's like going back in time and finding someone and pulling out a lighter and lighting it. They'd call you a witch/warlock and burn you at the stake for something so simple to you.
  4. Lol, the funny thing is... Quantum mechanics is actually quite mind boggling. It doesn't scale up into our macro world at all. There are particals that can change their properties simply by changing your view of them, other that will change every time you stop viewing them and become something else. It's still something VERY early in it's stages of us trying to grasp and understand it, it's also why we are starting to make Quantum computers which work completely different from out current ones. A normal computer things are either 1 (on) or Zero (Off) but a quantum computers have a 1, 0 or it is in a state of both 1 AND 0 at the same time.
  5. If you haven't noticed the Orokin can terraform planets, they have developed the ability to produce massive amounts of energy in small devices. You are thinking with modern technological limits. Most of the things within the Warframe universe have an existing theory already around, we just lack the materials and techology to make them.
  6. You have to remember... The current age of Warframe... We're not hundreds of years ahead of the current year.. We're talking tens of thousands of years. Think about just the time it took the Sentients to travel from Earth to the Tau system, even traveling at 75% of the speed of light we're talking 20+ years just going one way.
  7. The ships traveling through the Void are shielded, that is covered. But when something broke and the ship was stranded in Void space things began to fail and everyone was slowly being exposed.
  8. Most everything in Warframe's lore is actually scientifically based. Most of it is purely in theories that we're a LONG way off on proving as we lack the current technology to try to put them into practice. Just remember any sufficiently advanced technology will look like magic.
  9. Even low exposure drives people insane... You did hear what happened to our parents... and us right? Adults it warps irreparably because their minds are too set where as the more fluid mind of a child can adapt.... Though it's not to say we didn't come out warped and twisted. Hell we've become so changed by it our mere thoughts warp real space.
  10. The rails as far as we can tell as there isn't too much into them is essentially a wormhole of sorts, it connects two points within the Void to allow safe travel as an entrance and exit. Because time and physics doesn't operate the same in the Void as it does in ours, so we need two set points to act as anchors. Otherwise you might travel for 10 years in one direction within the Void and exit five minutes in our dimension and thousands of miles away instead of across the galaxy as you wanted.
  11. THe moon was "hidden" AKA dropped into the Void. It was essentially in another dimension.
  12. You do know a Dyson Sphere would engulf the entire solar system right? Or it would enclose a smaller star. The orokin were stupidly advanced but even they couldn't defeat physics, and they had to send the Sentients on a long haul trip to set up a gate in the Tau system so they could use their inter-dimensional travel to avoid light speed limitations.
  13. It's as simple as don't use stuff from other games and existing copyrighted materials. If in doubt do a search and make sure it doesn't match things too closely.
  14. Always. Pay2Win infers that you are getting an advantage over other players with real money because they can not obtain said better items without using real currency.
  15. Android has very little to do with the quality of the picture.. You just have a low quality phone. Hell I have to remember to downscale my phone's pictures before sending them to my manager otherwise he gets a 5MB 4032x3024 picture you could count the pores on someone's face with...
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