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  1. Just a head up incase you didn't know, the final Lich/Sister mission has been moved to the Railjack section. They are not on starchart anymore.
  2. I don't remember which missions I did. I usually prefer Corpus old tile set. Go to https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ivara. Under the Acquisition, there is a table for all the drops location.
  3. As long as the mission doesn't require protecting objectives, invisible frame can usually cheesy thru with a breath. That including lich/sister fights, stay invisible and you basically shut down their AI.
  4. Grind is not that bad. Just recruit people who also need Ivara parts, each player designate a console. Should take about 3-5 min each runs. If that is still too much of grinding, then you can pay platinum...
  5. I only make build for Tridolon and Profit Taker. 99% of gameplay I use default loadout and switch warframe/weapon individually. I find it much easier to manager rather than trying to juggle between 10 different loadout, and making sure they all updated. As for making builds for certain content, its more about the enemies you are fighting. Go to wiki and look faction and damage type. Just play and do your own thing, this game is very hard to fail.
  6. I am sure DE will add more Tenet weapons in the future, that's 100% guaranteed. Next update? I don't know. Pretty sure the next update would be about Nidus Prime. About the Tenet melee, probably best if DE sort out the whole holokey system before adding more melee weapons.
  7. Surprising to me that people actually care, I usually turn my projectiles to black so I could avoid seeing the spam. Back in the day, people used to spam flashy projectiles on other players' POV. It was quite annoying and DE had to tone it down. Also depend on the skin's polygon, wouldn't it lower performance like Peculiar Bloom/Growth used to?
  8. Do you have Hunter Munitions on your Ignis Wraith? 51% CC equals to 15% proc. 96% CC equals to 28% proc. I assume you are using Ignis against Grinner/Infested.
  9. Even if her k-drive is moddable, most K-drive mods suck for ground tile missions. If DE allows it, people would be complain about k-drive mod being lackluster next. I think adding bullet-jump for k-drive is better direction. At least DE is trying to solve k-drive's chunkiness so her k-drive can actually be use in regular missions. A properly modded K-drive in regular mission requires entire rework but most likely not going to happen. Just like the pet rework we will never get.
  10. Been doing that since holokey release. Everyone is doing it because speed farm is the only viable method to make holokey farm bearable. Basically you are acknowledging that holokey grind is awful so everyone has to resort this type of speed run, rather than trying to fix the whole RNG system.
  11. Tenshin doesn't sell Veiled Riven Cipher this week? (8/15/2021)
  12. I hate it when I am speed running capture for kuva weapon roll, then "change of plan..." happened.
  13. Try ask friend/clanmate or in recruitment see if anyone can help you bypass that mission. It's not worth getting frustrate over it, and certainly you don't need to reconsider your entire arsenal for it. Just play like normal ask for help.
  14. Nekro can tank/survive better than Hydroid. (SOTD, heath conversion, spawn health orb etc) Unless you try to hide under water as Hydroid but who does that? Nekro is better loot frame than Hydroid. Yes, Hydroid has higher loot bonus percentage, but Hydroid's tentacles lock in one place. Where Nekro can mod 280% range and run around without care. Nekro can also take advantage of slashing body parts. Nekro has better synergy with other frames. Nekro is easier to setup with other frame, for example: people farm SP arena always ask Nekro+Nidus, but noone ever ask Hydroid. Hydroid and Khora loot abilities don't stack but that's a very small minus. Nekro is not as chunky to play as Hydroid. Hydroid requires charge fire on his ability. A good Hydroid has to constantly cast tentacle(even before duration runs out) because tentacle always spawn under enemies whos within the range. So charge pressing 4 every few seconds to allow tentacle hit all enemies is quite annoying. On top of that Hydroid needs to make sure enemies die while being touch by tentacles. This become harder to do against as enemies get tougher. Nekro doesn't have bug like Hydroid. Some times due to the room objects' placement, multiple tentacles can be stuck in close proximity. The tentacles don't always spread out evenly; they clump up together and lose the efficiency to grab extra enemies. Bottom line: Nekro is like Inaros; boring to play but exceed in one specific area. That's why I don't consider them on high priority to be rework. What do I think need rework? Grendel/Yareli need role identity. Hydroid is overhadowed by Nekro/Khora(Strangledome). Chroma/Loki are strong but gameplay are outdated. Lastly, tweak frames like Nekro/Inaros/Frost to be more interesting. Edit: I was just going to type a short sentence but ended up writing a list...
  15. Totally agree with this. Slam attack sound is too sharp(not even low tone) and it hurts my ear. So I turn the sound effect down, but it also lower all the other effects in the game. Ex: Every time I do the NW sabotage 3 cache challenge, I have to turn up the sound effect to hear the ringing.
  16. I am not market team for DE nor I don't have any sale data. The question is Prime Access sale volume vs multiple unvaulted items. All I am saying is unvaulting all accessories will ruining Prime Access exclusivity. Is it worth the trade off? I don't know, go ask DE. If it's better decision they would have done it years ago.
  17. I sense some provoking remake but I will let it go. The idea of having static number of killing requirement is dumb. If the requirement is 20 kills per hour, then the players would just stop after getting 20 kills. If it's 40, then players would stop after 40. Yes, there are plenty of players who just want to do minimum requirement. The current life support system is better because the players kill mobs to have a "chance" for life support package to drop. There is no guarantee each mob will drop so players are encourage to continuously killing, opposing of just killing for certain numbers. Like I mentioned before, life support is a mechanic to encourage players to engage and prevent afk abuser. I think it's a very good system. Unless anyone can come up with better yet simpler solution?
  18. New Prime frame gets vaulted after 3 months, aren't you just suggesting what the guy above said?
  19. That sounds really toxic.
  20. This is definitely not true. RJ is still a buggy mess and client has chance to completely lost exp/loots. Just the other day I was doing continuously holokey farms, I decided to leave after 7-8 runs. When I about to leave, the host started a new mission. So I clicked "X" at top of the voting screen. As soon as I hit it, I was kicked to host's dojo by myself. I checked the inventory all my loots(including holokey) was lost. The Tenet weapon I was leveling were suppose to be max'd out, but got reset back to Lv25. I was really pissed. RJ host migration cause client to completely lose reward had happened a few time to me since RJ introduction. Everytime I post on forum about this issue, people just brush me off saying must be an UI error. It is NOT, it just haven't happen to everyone yet. This is why I always told host to dock in relay(dojo can get infinite loop) after few runs. DO NOT leave group while in mission.
  21. Just keep Nyx prime accessories and I will have no complain. Been waiting too long for that.
  22. In my experience, I have notice that new players don't stay long in the game after receiving helps from veterans players. Perhaps it is because the sense of the hardship and achievement being taken away, resulting very little thrill left. Some of new players also get really attach and needy after getting help. That's why I stopped helping new players. New players and veteran are hard to make friends because they don't play the game at the same level. IMO the best way help new players is just point them to Warframe wiki.
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