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  1. Look I am a player just like you, we have the same agenda, so you don't need to try to convince me. I even said that I had to wait too long for Nyx accessories to unlock. Would be nice if all accessories are available and I don't have to wait. I was only explaining why it is bad deal for DE so they won't do it. I am not defending DE, I am telling you what DE's perspective is like.
  2. People buy accessories pack for accessories, booster and other bonus are just little addon. If players could get accessories for half of the price, why wouldn't they wait for 3 month? Currently if a player doesn't buy the Access accessories, there is no way of knowing when it will be available again. That give incentive for players to purchase it while still in Access. Same reason why I have waited so long for Nyx accessories.
  3. That would be a bad business decision for DE. New Prime Access accessories costs $49. Once the sale ends, the accessories will be put in the pool among the other accessories packs. If the chosen accessories is un-vault, the players can purchase it at the discounted price for only $19. If all accessories are purchasable at anytime, why would anyone spend $49 during Prime Access? Just wait 3 months until it's put in the pool for discounted price. I been waiting for Nyx accessories for a long time now, finally get to buy it.
  4. Nyx's accessories is Targis Prime armor set? Finally, I been waiting for it for a while.
  5. Pre-rework Blast was the only element that could applies 2 unique status effect from a single attack(blast effect+knockdown). So it was popular for CO back then. I am aware of 200% status chance can apply 2 different status now, but these were added later.
  6. Calm down, there's a lot of feedback on multiple topics. DE needs time to digest before they could give proper responses.
  7. All AOE weapon has self stagger, why do you want this particular weapon to be different? If you feel Sonicor is underwhelming, maybe suggesting buff in other areas instead of removing self stagger?
  8. If players use multiple loadout with different configs, its bound to have some confusion. That's why I only make loadout for Tridolon and Profit Taker, then for the rest of gameplay I always stay in default loadout. Since I stay in default most of time, changing from arsenal will allow me to update/review all my current equipment/mod without any confusion. No need to try to synchronized multiple loadouts. As for your suggestion, I don't see any down side of it. Parazon is strictly for your currently lich/sister and wouldn't effect anything else. Only the top row should be shared tho.
  9. If they put built forma in NW shop, it would be a great addition.
  10. That's just Magnetic proc. It stops shield from recharging but it doesn't disable shield-gating. If a Corpus unit has full shield, it will still shield-gating "first" after taking magnetic damage. Magnetic proc only prevent him from shielding again. Disabling shield-gating means completely bypass/ignore that mechanic before it can happen. For example, Nyx's Psycho Bolt can remove Corpus shield before they have chance to shield-gating. Perhaps I was too strict on the wording, but @(NSW)Zergmaster999 claimed that Magnetic proc disable shield-gating. Well, it doesn't. It disable shield recharging.
  11. AFAIK Magnet damage/proc doesn't bypass/remove enemy's shield gating, I was asking where you got the info that it does. That's the thing I feel really off about Magnet. For the armor side: Viral/Slash, Corrosive/Heat, Rad/Cold all combine really well for moding. For shield side, the only option is Magnet/Tox. But using Tox alone is more effective and it frees up extra room for riven or faction mod. Blast also need rework as well. Already very few enemy types weak to Blast, but even Corrosive is better against Fossilized than Blast.
  12. It's one of the few skills that makes POE drone escort bearable, but other than that it's useless.
  13. You mentioned the "no timer" is an outliner of the game design, but isn't "clicking wrong mission" also an outliner of player's behavior? I mean, how often does clicking accident happen and you must abort right away? If your answer is "quite often," then I am more worry about your impulsive behavior. My point still stand: it would be a counter productive and time waste of an implement. But if DE do take your advice and add the timer, would I post a feedback and complain? No, its such a trivial and petty issue. There are billions more important bugs and QoL that can be focus on. If something is not broken, there is no reason to mess with it. Not trying to be condescending in anyway, but come on, just pay a bit more attention then this is a non-issue.
  14. Unfortunately, I don't think you can express your idea fully. You might have a hard time to discuss in English forum.
  15. DE can simply add an item on market that destroy your lens. Make it buyable from 5k credit or something cheap.
  16. I know there is already a timer in the game, but that's not the issue you are trying to address. I am specifically talking about your scenario: If a player joins a group that has already been started, his game will instantly starts loading into the host's game. That is how it suppose to be, because you are joining the other player's game. And this is the part you are against, wanting to implement a timer, no? Like I said earlier, the chance of you joining a wrong mission is VERY RARE. But instead, you want to put a timer on when a player join another's game. Since it will effect all players, IMO it's counter productive and time waste for everyone.
  17. Yes, I believe so. I am not understanding your post. Are you complain Yareli is too anime like? Or are you suggesting a new gameplay involve new portal? Are you asking our feedback on what we think?
  18. I am not understanding your post.
  19. I would assume when you make mistakes and click on the wrong missions, it happens very rarely. Honestly you could just abort the mission afterward, so I don't see what's the big deal. But instead, you are suggest implementing an universal 5 seconds timer on every mission for everyone. Basically waste more time for everyone. Am I misunderstand something?
  20. Problem is many frames could abuse without the life support mechanic. For example: Loki with high duration + Energy Siphon can just stand in a corner. Some people might even make a macro to press 2nd ability every 20 seconds.
  21. From technical aspect? I highly doubt. RJ was introduced 2018 and there are still plenty of host migration, infinite loop, and other host/clients issues. I just hope cross-play doesn't create more issues with all the platforms merging.
  22. I thought this was a necro thread. This issue was bought up a few months ago and I thought DE patch it. I guess not.
  23. There's already dual sword in the game. Just pick a skin that resemble the closest to nikana and RP with it.
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