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  1. In this game you can stack stats as much as possible, the only exception I can think of are ability efficiency(cap at 75%) and heavy attack efficiency(cap at 90%). Stats like ability efficiency has cap at 75% so it's not necessary to use max rank of Streamline(max 30%) or Fleeting Expertise(max 60%) at same time, unless you already have negative efficiency from Blind Rage. I used to be very specific and use lower rank mod for very specific scenario(ex: r0 60% viral), but eventually having too many copy of same mods just make the mod management too chaotic.
  2. That would pull players from RJ void storm, which is what DE desperately encourage players to do. Also players will most likely just farm the quickest boss instead of evenly farm on all bosses.
  3. Sure, adding new items might attract players to farm those bosses at first. But once players have those items, they will have no reason to do bosses ever. If your reason is to have players revisiting old bosses, maybe implement new game mode like "sortie" that require players randomly revisit old content, it will have better long term result. Something like "boss rush" mode where randomly bosses are selected to be complete each day.
  4. Does anyone know how to translate Warframe FOV to another game? Recently I bought a cheap copy of COD: Infinite Warfare just to play the campaign. I input the same FOV 75 I have in WF, but in the IW the point of view feels alot more forward/narrow. Does anyone know why? I run 2560x1440(16:9).
  5. I haven't heard people farming in Selkie specifically tbh. After the SP change, any endless mission works. I usually farm in Apollodorus(Mercury). Since it's Infested survival, I could bring any warframe/weapon to exp at without worrying about the difficulty.
  6. It only happens when you have 4th players join? The game runs absolutely fine even with 3 players? Just want to confirm with what you said, because it sounded very weird. One extra player shouldn't add that much load to the hardware. Also does this happen when you are hosting or as a client?
  7. Same reason why you don't see that many Trinity outside of Tridolon, they are full pledge support frames. For Wisp/Protea, after you drop your stuff you could run around and do whatever. But for Harrow/Trinity, their support skills are range based and noone likes to chasse after teammates to buff them. Unless the contents really require a support like Tridolon, noone is going to care if a group has Harrow/Trinity buff or not. Also 99% of contents you could just bring a dps and melt everything. WF has became too powerful.
  8. Not sure why this is under Players helping Players section, perhaps posting in Feedback? If you feel the RNG is too low, do note that ephemeras are cosmetic only, missing them doesn't block your game progression in anyway. But if you are tired of farming ephemera, there is always market to trade.
  9. I feel the aim reticle should have it's own category, separating from all the other UI icons. As for now we can only change color, but it would have been better if we can also change the intensity, size, shape etc. Changing reticle color alone has very little effect when there are like 10 billions screen effects flashing the screen.
  10. His 1 is ok, some people use augment and build his 1 for weapon buff. His 2 and 3 works well together, giving you armor, status immue, healing. Also damage enemies and applied confusion on them. His 4 is kinda lacking. STR for sure. The stronger your STR, the stronger your abilities effect. You do need a bit of range/efficiency/duration of course, but stack STR after that. Any frame can perform in any content. Game is powercreep even SP mobs get melt like butter.
  11. But for Riven mods, players can reroll until their desire preference, meanwhile Invigoration is completely random given from DE each week. So it seems to be pointless to try to build around that. Personally I don't bother with invigoration after my Helminth lv15. Invigoration is never in any part of game balancing meaning players can do with or without. The true reason of invigoration is so that players can waste resource.
  12. WTT 2x of any primary/secondary arcane for a Secondary Merciless Don't reply here, PM me in game or on forum.
  13. More specifically its the "beast" pet having this problem. Sentinel, Moa, Hound all have their own weapons. Not sure why DE hasn't update beast pets, or even do entire pet rework to better categorize companions.
  14. Pretty much the entire community agrees Yareli is bad and needs rework, there are plenty of threads on the forum about this. I suspect DE is working a huge patch that address all issue since sister update. Maybe it will land this week.
  15. Well you do you man. Maybe after 100 runs you will feel the same way as I do: not wanting to waste any second in that damn mode.
  16. That's slower. I usually try to beat 25 kills without any extension. But if you want to stay full run that's your choice.
  17. I highly doubt the drop rate is 37.5%. I have like 8 times more sevagoth parts than holokeys. Sevagoth is 30%(10%x3) vs holokey 37.5%.
  18. Should be farming on survival, from what I have seen its the most consistence mode for acolyte spawns. Extermination, spy etc sometimes doesn't spawn even after 3-7 min window.
  19. I posted a suggestion this week but noone seem to care, not even any disagreement. My suggestion would solve any possible sorting issue and make arsenal arrangement 100x better. Check the link to another forum post: Custom tab in arsenal for better sorting
  20. I recommend not to use Xoris, unless you are trying to get full 75 kills on Protea farm. The reason being Xoris explosion has huge range, you might accidently free prisoners and get time extension. Time extension is very unnecessary for a basic 25 kills. Just pick any throwing weapon/AOE fire-arms and mod it for corrosive. 25 kills not really that hard. The hardest part about Tenet weapon farm is the weapon roll RNG, meaning you are going to have to run it multiple time until you get the specific weapon you want. So the faster you finish kills and exit GV is better, instead of stuck in GV due to the unnecessary extra time.
  21. I love WF so I have been keeping every weapon. More than half of them have been forma and have multiple mod configuration. There is no way I could remember every config I made on every weapon unless I click each weapon to see. I know we could already make profile loadout, but this is about sorting multiple weapons at once. Suggestion: Please allow us to create custom tabs under the arsenal, which we could manually adds weapons into different categories and create name labels. (For better and faster sorting) For example: If I see a Corpus faction Sortie that has "shotgun only" modifier, I can go to my arsenal click on the "anti-corpus" tab I created, and select one of the shotgun. This is not possible currently because if I search for shotgun in the textbox, all the shotguns in my arsenal would pop up instead. Then I have to click on each individual shotgun to see which one is mod for against the Corpus. As WF's arsenal grows with every update, I think a better sorting or label system is required. Some custom tab examples could be: heavy attack, status primer, headshot weapons, and Riven etc. The possibility to create unique label tab is endless. It certainly will help sorting inventory in long term future contents.
  22. I think the game already has netcode/script that select the best host from squad. My clan are from all over the world, sometimes when we group to do things, the person started the squad doesn't always become the host, the game switched host for us. I don't mind OP suggestion, but honestly I don't think people with poor connection are willingly do to this. Although I am really tired of those mcdonald wifi host that cause host migration in RJ. Ping limiter doesn't seem to filter them out.
  23. The problem is people don't want to do requiem share. I have sit in recruitment multiple times for countless hours, trying to fill the whole squad without any success. So I ended up soloing rad in req. mission. In my experience, I had easier time finding rad squad from within the requiem mission than from the recruitment. One good thing is that the requiem relic drops like candy. I have like hundred of them so I just turned all my excessive traces into them. They are like my traces dump.
  24. The nerf was so minimal in most case you don't need to change build. If you were fine with your build pre-nerf, you can use the same build. It's just slightly DPS lose mostly due to CO.
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