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  1. When you start "expecting" things, your mind goes wild and whatever you end up with will never live up to what you had in mind. We all know that most features added in this game become a huge disappointment. The entire Nightwave thing just backfired in their face, same goes for the combat system changes and most events.
  2. I'm looking for a riven with no rolls. Message me here or in game: Vitamin.Ex
  3. Synoid Heliocor energy colors are broken and don't change. It remains blue no matter what skin you're using and no matter what energy color you have selected.
  4. Quoting just me means he's making a response to my post alone. I understand if he quoted both comments and said that, but, he didn't.
  5. How is that contradictory? "Ability rage" such as Stretch, overextended, etc. NO it does not work. "Weapon range" such as Reach, Spring-Loaded Blade, etc. YES it does work. Frames and weapons have different mods.
  6. Ability range, no. Primed Reach on his Bo, yes.
  7. You need to keep toggling sprint after using his abilities (which I find rather annoying).
  8. I'm looking for a reasonably priced unrolled/low rolled Riven for the Skiajati. PM me in game if you're interested: Vitamin.Ex
  9. Bought one, ignore this thread
  10. I see a difference with "duel wielding" weapons, but, this is not the same.
  11. Then it should be advertised as an "Odachi" and not a "Nikana" as it is currently labeled as.
  12. I'm looking to buy an unrolled Balla and/or Hirudo Riven. Anything works, but, I would prefer a high MR Riven (14-16). Message me in game: Vitamin.Ex
  13. It also doesn't work on the Tatsu even though it's advertised as a "Nikana". It's very stupid how they design stuff.
  14. This was the problem. Thank you for your help :)
  15. The thing about the Ilumina that DE refuses to add in the description or tell anyone about is that it's tied to your "particles" setting in the options menu. Why it even exists? I have no clue (that's the way DE does things). If you have particles turned off, the effect that it is entirely made of also gets turned off. This is why you can't see it. It is one of the worst items in the game in my opinion. As someone who has had seizures in the past, I turn off everything that makes the game blinding (including particles) which means the item does nothing and will never do anything for me.
  16. Why is the blood red in the image used for the blueprint, but, when you craft it and equip it the default color is green with no option to change it?
  17. I agree 100%. Another thing that doesn't make any sense is how Cautious Shot has no real labeled class yet also only works on a few weapons, but, doesn't work on something like the Lenz. Another thing to counter the argument of "Tatsu is not a Nikana", the Amalgam mod doesn't work for Zaw Nikanas which are one handed Nikanas. There is no logical reason for this other than DE yet again being lazy, not testing, and overlooking the things they add in the game.
  18. I'm not looking for Rivens with perfect stats priced at 1 million platinum. Preferably unrolled since I will be rolling it myself. Message me here or in game: Vitamin.Ex
  19. What exactly did you fix? It looks exactly the same as it did before...
  20. Can we please get an option to hide relics we don't own?
  21. The Tatsu is a "Nikana" yet it doesn't work with the Amalgam Daikyu mod with the 3% life steal. I know the Tatsu is advertised as a "2 handed Nikana" but I don't see the difference since 1 handed Nikanas are also wielded with both hands and even have a 2 handed stance. Why make it work for one and not the other? I don't feel like it would break the game in any way seeing as though the Tatsu isn't exactly "overpowered" and actually less powerful when compared to the Nikana Prime or Skiajati.
  22. Post here or message me in game with the riven and your asking price.
  23. The wording is bad on the Khora augment. Saying "Killing enemies decreases the timer by 4s" is telling me that no matter how many enemies I kill, the timer only goes down by 4s. It should read "Each enemy killed decreases the cooldown by 4s".
  24. When using Atlas (not sure if it's because of Umbral mods) against Grineer enemies, 1 out of every 15-20 pieces of Rubble actually grants armor and health, the rest do nothing. I'd say he's pretty broken right now and has been since the Chimera update when this started. When channeling Oberon's heal, if you walk into a null bubble or any form of nullification, his heal still shows as channeling even though it's not healing or doing anything. This gets confusing because sometimes you'll look down and see it channeling...then you die and wonder why. It also still requires you to hit the ability to turn it off before you can recast it to get it working again. These are pretty major bugs imo, I have made sooo many threads about it, made 2 videos as proof, and have even Tweeted the devs about it and they just refuse to address it. This has been a problem for months now and instead of fixing it, they ask what the fans want to see in 2019... They are just so oblivious to things.
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