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  1. I've always wondered, how much would it take for DE to have a standing Account Migration command? Why did they only allow for Migration during the 1-2 months of launch on a new platform? Is it solely to make more $$$ from selling plat? Or are there technical reasons?
  2. And just like that, now it's working!!! Still no clue why I was "locked out", but it seems to have resolved itself.
  3. I have maxed Entrati, but have done very little of the Isolation Vaults. Was just trying to get in now to hopefully collect Scintillant to craft Xaku.
  4. I have not created the Necramech, yet I am having this exact same problem. I can not enter Necralisk from the Starchart in my Orbiter, and when I go to Open World and back into the Necralisk, I can not enter a mission. I get the same exact message you received. I completed yesterday's sortie about 5 minutes before the rollover today, so I have been able to log in and play recently. I even exited and restarted WF thinking there might have been a hotfix or something that was needed, but that didn't change anything. The only thing I can think of that might be contributing to the problem
  5. tl;dr: I am having the same problem, though I have not ventured into applying a Forma yet, so I don't know if that will fix it. Any ideas, my fellow Tenno? DE, are there any hard and fast fixes to this?? I am unable to rename either my Kuva Chakkhurr or my Kuva Twin Stubbas, even though I can select and rename my other Kuva weapons. I can't figure out why this might be, since the weapons I can rename are from across the entire spectrum of what you could expect to have a Kuva weapon at! From my maxed out Nukor (catalyst, exilus adapter, 5 forma, valence fused, focus l
  6. Game Crash Less... Baseball... late night buff... lulz
  7. Ooooo, good thing I saved all those!!! Didn't want to forget the nasty Operation Sling-Stone that ENDED EARLY!!! NEVER FORGET!!! 12 Alpha, 16 Beta, and 40 Stable Corruptors, since they were still dropping even after all the ships had been "destroyed". Facepalm.
  8. Let's see just how living dead I can be, running around Phobos... Nekros, anyone? ;-) Hmmm, Oby 2.0 methinks might be better... IS ON!
  9. +1000 So much this. I game on my laptop almost 90% of the time. It is a gaming laptop, with SLI, so it can handle the load. Esp when I am at home on my FiOS 25/25 connection, I am a very good host. OTOH, when I am out and about and hook up to my mobile hotspot with same laptop, even tho I have 4G LTE on my cell, I am a *horrible* host. I would like to have TWO toggle switches in the UI: - Always be Host. - Never be Host. and selecting one would deselect the other. Two separate switches are necessary for the 3rd option, which is "No Preference". Then, when I am a
  10. As always, thanks for the fixes! Any word yet on leaderboards properly displaying players' Cryotic Front score for runs that were started just before the event ended? No movement on my support ticket yet. I hope this is not a dead issue for DE considering that trophies already went out. My clan is far away from trophy status, but I would still like to have my crew's achievement recorded in the annals of history. Esp considering all that we went through to get it (last 30 mins of the run, only one extractor would drop, even though we didn't have any destroyed during the mission). And we
  11. Are we to expect any Trinity-talk, or will that have to wait for the next DevStream? Too bad ppl keep abusing her during Events that she gets nerfed for the rest of us... Survival, Cryotic... any I am missing? And when can those of us who were in Cryotic Front missions when the event ended expect our score for that run finally be granted?
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