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  1. One thing I have noticed is that I either need to play a mission or log out and back in again in order for the drop to register in-game. Weird. Never had this problem with Drops 1.0. I really wish DE would just switch back. From what I can tell, Twitch is still running Drops 1.0 as many developer accounts have not switched over. I know that's not going to happen, so I hope they work out the kinks soon. Yeah, soon (TM)...
  2. That's the beauty of the grab bag! Truly random! And random doesn't mean different. In fact, the more random, the more likely you are to get the same thing twice! I was only able to watch 2/4 streams this week, and got 2 Zephyr Noggles. And this is not new. Remember during the Quest for the Cure stream? I got 2 of the same drop, and 3 of another! Yay for RNG!!! I feel your pain, dude. Seriously. This is not a bug, but a feature. Unfortunately. And no backsies. I have contacted DE in the distant past about a Twitch drop (I wanted to share the love with my sons, since we only have 1 prime a
  3. I am not sure if anybody already answered you on this, or if you figured it out otherwise, but after mashing on my phone screen today for about 10 minutes, I figured this out. When watching a stream, tap on the screen to see the UI, then tap on the Down arrow in the upper left corner. Click on your profile picture. Click on Drops. There you should see it. IMPORTANT! Don't click Back to go to the stream... you need to click on the mini-viewer. Depending on your phone settings, backing out of the app could cause it to leave the stream or close the app altogether rather than leave it ru
  4. Objectively... OBJECTIVELY... worse!!! In the past, the only drops I ever missed were ones when the whole system screwed up and nobody got the drop. As of today, I missed the Umbra Forma drop from the DevStream because I didn't realize I had to click on a stupid claim button, and by the time I got to the site on my desktop, it was gone. Then I had to click on the claim button for Monday's drop THREE TIMES in the app to get it to stop showing as unclicked! And the one from Thursday I claimed during the stream, the app immediately recognized it, I logged in to WF hours later, but it's not t
  5. It's been a loooooong time since I purchased debt-bonds (used them to quick level SU back when Fortuna released), but I don't recall Ticker ONLY selling Training and Shelter debt-bonds. How long has this been a thing? Or am I misremembering? I have visited him 3 different times, spaced out over the last 2 days, and each time he only had Training and Shelter duo packs. No Medical, no Advances, no Familial. I had enough Training, Shelter, and Medical previously to purchase all of the items those are required for. Additionally, I ran the 4th bounty 4 times since the event started. First
  6. STILL an issue! DE, why hasn't this been fixed yet??? I get that the rest of the Diadems are listed where the masks are, but the Vayas Prime Mask should NOT be listed where the Oculus are. If you can't move the Vayas Prime Diadem because of the name, then RENAME it to Vayas Prime Oculus. There, DONE!
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