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  1. I have a suggestion (and since I haven't read through all 8 pages, beg pardon if this has been mentioned previously), but why don't you just add this drop chance to the already existing drop chance booster? Resource Drop Chance Booster is easily the least desirable booster (with Credit Booster close behind), but mostly because we can't see its effect. With Resource Drop Booster, you can see the 2 morphics, the 2400+ Kuva from a Flood, etc. And with Affinity Booster you can see the 200 affinity from the orbs and you can see the faster leveling. But with Drop Chance it's more of "I guess it's working..." tl;dr: Put Mod Drop Chance into the existing Resource Drop Chance Booster and you will finally get players to be a little more interested in a booster that has been known as The Great Letdown.
  2. This is a fantastic addition! What would make this a perfect addition would be a minor upgrade to it: Please add Kitgun / Zaw UI-style red/green comparison stats when rerolling, so we can easily see the difference between how the current roll and the new roll effect the weapon. My guess is it would be easier to have two stat boxes, one on the left for the current roll, and one on the right for the new roll. The Riven stats in each box would only show changes from the base stats of the weapon, not each other. What do you all think?
  3. I had the same exact issue happen FOUR TIMES today! Allllll the way back to spawn! INSANE!!! 3 of those time were between cores, so while I was running through the map to rejoin I got teleported back to the group, but the 4th time Ropa got bugged and I was able to make the entire run back in, and, as I was trying to void dash from the elevator back to the platform, I got the fade-out and was teleported back to the room before the elevator. Additionally, I kept getting the fade-in/out while trying to drop down into the elevator. Had to abort since I could not get back to the platform (on top of which, the rest of the squad had already aborted due to Ropa bugging out). There is, however, one other bad respawning issue: when trying to make my way across the broken walkway, if I fell down between any of the platforms, I would not respawn on the last platform I touched, rather I would respawn 4 or 5 rooms BEFORE the broken walkway start point (below the large inclined ramp). SUPER annoying when you are trying to keep up with a group and not rely on being teleported to the "boss room" for the big fight. Esp when you are with a group that is actually being nice and waiting at the elevator so you can get any resource drops that occurred along the way (unfortunately, most ppl don't wait).
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