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  1. So that Cy, Ordis and Simaris can play Pokers when I am out for missions.
  2. BIGGER HAZARDS! This is a feedback about arts and visual effects. Currently, the failure events (fracture, fire, electirc) in railjack are TOO SMALL! we are poiloting a big ship, manning big guns and shooting other big ships with big guns, but what kind of thing do our enemy leave on our ships? just fractures that are smaller than the ones made by my Paracesis, fires that look like a pile of burning magazines, and electric failures that look like... well, idk. These hazards are simply too small to make me feel that they will kill my ship if i just leave them there. I think the fire hazard should have the size at least as large as the smothering stuff you see on the floor in invasion missions, and fractures should be as big as the holes made by grineer boardingpods, and electric failures should look larger too.
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