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  1. in my observation petrified enemies can't be diced by slash damage so there will be less bodies for you to desecrate.
  2. there have been multiple posts about Tenet Diplos' aiming issue, and i really hope that DE can see them and take a second look at Tenet Diplos
  3. this get me thinking, are those crewmen suits hanging on racks just suits or real people?
  4. Not sure if it is an HUD skin specific issue, but currently I can hardly find where i am even aiming at while piloting the Railjack. The default white recticle is always obscured by blazing particle effects. Hope there is a fix to improve the visibility of the aiming recticle for railjack pilot & gunner.
  5. bouncing around while landing headshots D O O M F R A M E man i need to start another doom eternal nightmare save
  6. wait, I thought that was cloud gaming on phones all the time! Are they really going to let warframe run ON PHONES? I can imagine the recruit chat be like
  7. I was also thinking about Genshin, but instead of switching characters, I was thinking about a combat Paimon that fights like normal characters and shrinks back to the chibi form when you "switch to" other characters.
  8. Just heard that Pablo said he had a concept of a 3-in-1 frame in which you control one of them and the other 2 become AIs. Also, Pablo said that he 99.75% won't use this idea for the fact that AI can never be cohesive with the fast-paced gameplay in Warframe. But, just and idea, what if, instead of turning the other 2 sisters being controled by AI like specters, why not turn them into little sentinel-like wisps that float around our heads like angel and daemon? In terms of mechanics, his warframe can also come with a rework of the sentinel system? A fate weaver / sentinel themed warframe could potentially refrashing!
  9. i have *never* been soloing since the void storm update, can your crew fire the main cannon now?
  10. The Sergeant - He is like the Capture Target but without the Capture part Also you missed our old friend STALKER and SHADOW ST*WHAT HAVE YOU...DONE*?
  11. make the lock-on mode of Tenet Diplos able to target enemies on screed (like Mesa' s 4) instead of just the recticle. Or simply rework the alt mode of Tenet Diplos, this weapon has so much potential. Currently Tenet Diplos' alt mode is useless against lvl 60+ enemies.
  12. a proposed fix of this weapon would be to let the lock-on mode able to lock enemies on screen instead of enemies on the recticle. as for the lock-on head issue, you can just lock and aim upwards, the bullets will bent down and probably land on your target's head
  13. Life is not epic, my friend, but people still make movies of it.
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