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  1. I'd say you're overthinking this personally. Ordis does know who he was before being converted to a Cephelon. You find all of Ordis' backstory hidden in the Cephelon fragments you find thru out the maps. I am betting they add fragments for Cy at some point. As for the finger... I think that's a part of The Man in The Wall. A small detail people miss with that quest is when TMITW talks to you while sitting on top of the drive, he's holding out his finger.
  2. Im just gonna say it. The Braton is one of the most common primes. I don't see it selling past 10p top. I usually just sell all Braton parts for ducats.
  3. Yeah, it drops. Try last 2 missions. I got 1 at each. Yes, I got 2 so far.
  4. Once mission ends, my crew will all disembark and we search everything. That's when we find most of the resources. Look for the green little gas pockets as well as the glowing red barrels. It is definitely easier to search once combat is over but during combat, board the crew ships, the containers on board are also great for resources.
  5. Not the void ones, no. The ones on Jupiter are worth doing tho. I run all the secret room reguardless cause I just enjoy them but yeah, void, maybe chance of an Ayatan. Mods are pretty populated.
  6. I'd disagree with locking it behind building your own. An MR lock of say 5 or 6, that'd be something I'd be good with. Even the quest locks, maybe 2nd dream. Getting your own and getting it fit well is a good endgame type goal. Joining a crew in my mind is working your way towards getting your own. I don't mind newer players if they can communicate and not be trolls. If we made it ONLY "Endgame" players that can access it, you're going to get a lot of the know it all type trolls. The "Im going to make this difficult for everyone till we do it my way" types.
  7. At the vary least, lock the refine in the foundry until objectives complete. Thats a troll level that just sucks and really screws you over.
  8. Router settings, NAT Type issue, and PS4 system version are all potential issues here.
  9. Naming mine the "USS Ooops" because it will fail to pull out... of combat. And I'm sure railjack is gonna be full of fails for me.
  10. Forum clan and in game clan have always been seperate for some reason. Forums, Im the only member. In games, there's 23 others. Its not an issue.
  11. I guess this is just too much to ask since all anyone wants to give is non answers or question why I want this info... Still cant find the info on my own tho. I figured the research would use new and old resources, so Id also figured Id make sure the clan has ALL of the existing resources needed for the new research in the clan vaults. I just want to be able to focus farm the new resources and get the research started faster.
  12. Ok cool. I was honestly a little worried the Railjack stuff was going to maintain being really expensive into the parts research.
  13. Built per person, yes. But your clan still has to have the research done. From last devstream, looked like a LOT of research was being added. And to clarify, Im curious about all the research added in 27(last nights update) as 26.1 is out for us already now. And I hadn't seen the new research added to the wiki yet @Pavelord
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