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  1. i had it disappear when i grabbed it when i was hosting, dont know if its non-hosts. but it IS definitely disappearing, and it IS definitely frustrating losing that progress.
  2. kbye. we dont need more absurdly oversensitive people. (frankly im surprised you didnt mention trinity prime's EXTREMELY suggestive marking right between her legs. that one i would very much understand being upset about. but hey. whatever.) Im so tired of the overly "woke" bull-crap thats just as toxic as actual sexist garbage-cans. its just on the other end of the spectrum. neither extreme is good. am i tired of everyone talking about the bootys? yes. but its by no means an end-of-the-world scenario. if it is to you, maybe you need to reevaluate you're priorities.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ very not cool to have it disappear after the 3rd fissure just to leave you screwed. are you aim gliding? exodia contagion only works when aim gliding now. it definitely still works. over all i like the new melee system, but some weapons really want their quick attacks, like polearms and (i guess) tonbo, so im a bit ambivalent about it, but leaning more towards positive. after casting Null Star, nova is unable to cast for multiple seconds because "ability in use", and frankly its more just irritating than anything. hopefully its not just me.
  4. the other day i noticed Gara's wall blocks the fire from zenistar, and also the projectiles from arca plasmor. i assume this isnt intended since you can shoot through garas glass just fine with bullets.
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