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  1. That's an overnerf on the Grattler IMO. It's DPS only 5-6% better than the regular while needing way more investment. So now you have a MR4 version which is cheap asf to make, or a 5 Forma Lich Weapon thats only 5% better....
  2. Description: Bonewidow gets a 'state softlock' where its frozen in place, unable to move or cast other abilities. Reproduction: - Cast Shield Maiden and Ironbride. - Turn off Shield Maiden and perform a heavy attack simultaenously. - You will now be softlocked. Workaround: Turning off Ironbride or doing a normal melee attack breaks this softlock.
  3. A reasonable change. However, originally the 'Aim' condition for the Contagion was to prevent accidentally launching it and dying due to self damage. Now that thats gone, can this condition be removed?
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