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  1. I saw the post about "Nightwave: Intermission" and that the creds changed to "Nora Creds" what will happen with the Wolf Creds? Will they be changed to Nora Creds or are they now just junk to be sold for Credits?
  2. On the launcher for the Nyx Skin Collection, there was a spelling error, the Title says "Pasithea" and the Description says "Paithea". Assuming the Title is the correction form, the description is wrong and vice versa
  3. When ever I put up a mission, while a friend and I are playing, I get a blink at the top left of my screen with the "esc" notification next to my character icon. It doesn't let me change the matchmaker whether it's open or friends only, until I leave the party and reinvite my friend. Can this be fixed asap please? It's been happening for a pretty long time and I kept forgetting to take screenshots of it. These screenshots were taken within seconds of eachother. As you can see from the second photo, I can't change the matchmaking. It's stuck on Global and I wanted to do sorties, but they were rad zones at the time. My friend hates TK Trolls.
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