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  1. (PS4)BAXX

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (Prime Vault + Hotfixes)

    Thanks for the much needed content...keep up the good work DE.
  2. (PS4)BAXX

    PS4 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.8.2 (+ hotfixes)

    Very nice thank you DE look forward to doing the Pyrus project.
  3. Thank you for the speedy fixes, altho had an issue the other day after killing the Gantulyst it did NOT drop the brilliant shard to call the next eidolon. Was this just a random event or is it on going? Its done it to me a few times.
  4. loving the update DE thanks, Gara is pretty cool!! Keep the content coming and thank you DE for all you do for us players!!
  5. (PS4)BAXX

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update (LIVE!!)

    Very excited for PoE... Im ready to get my hands on Gara and the new weapons. And I see some events coming...maybe a Stratus emblem...have not got one of those in ages..why is that?
  6. (PS4)BAXX

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update (LIVE!!)

    I am very pleased to hear that we are that much closer to getting PoE... fantastic work DE thank you for all you do for us tenno.
  7. (PS4)BAXX

    New Contest: Arrival on Eidolon!

    Eidolon pool cleaning service??? sorry did that wrong.... Much Better sorry for posting twice im a noob...
  8. (PS4)BAXX

    Hydroid Prime Update 21.7.0: Status [LIVE!]

    Nice work DE thank for all the hard work to keep up the good work!! cant wait to see the hydro updates again should be interesting.
  9. (PS4)BAXX

    Chains of Harrow Update 21.3.0: Status [LIVE NOW!]

    Very nice..keep up the good work DE...looking forward to hydroid and that Lenz!!
  10. (PS4)BAXX

    PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

    Very excited for the new update, And whos not ready for a new frame and some new weapons lol I know I am... Thank you DE keep up the fantastic work and progress!!!
  11. Great work DE... Thank you for keeping me playing and giving me stuff to do...new clan stuff huh...interesting. Cant wait
  12. Can't wait for some new skins, and that sentinel looks very cool!!...Thank you DE for the speedy push to cert!!
  13. (PS4)BAXX

    PS4: The Glast Gambit 19.8.0 (+Hotfixes)

    thank you for the fast fix on the sortie DE... keep up the great work!!
  14. (PS4)BAXX

    PS4: TGG 19.8.0 Status [LIVE NOW!]

    Looking forward to the new update.... I cant wait for the frost skin