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  1. Lol thats hideous. The fact you would make him that ugly is a carnal sin.
  2. I look like a child? Really youre the one crying amd throwing a fit because you dont want anyone else having some damn pixels you didnt pay for 7 years ago....
  3. I am a founder. On my PC account. Lost my rig in an accident. By the time i got a system. The ability to migrate my account was no longer available. I now have a rig. But i have so much progress and hours of play im not starting over just to have a frame i should have access to regardless of the matter.
  4. By the time i got my xbox one the ability to migrate my account was no longer available.
  5. Oh i knew it would be. PC players want any reason to lord over console players and treat is like S#&$. Thats why im glad DE cut the partner program. PC players are some of the most entitled pricks ive ever had the displeasure of meeting.
  6. Saying your ego isnt a good enough reason to keep something exclusive isnt whining. Its a fact.
  7. Reddit is even more toxic with you PC clowns than here.
  8. Even if you did "Pay" for excal prime.... It was almost 10 years ago... I pay for Prime access and prime accessories packs. Dont see me crying when i see another player using a prime frame i payed for.
  9. It has nothing to do with DE. Excal prime is just an ego flex for you. I garuntee you dont even use him. Sits in your arsenal collecting dust
  10. No they arent. If founders had their way they would be the only ones allowed to even log in to the damn game. The PC portion of this games community is the most toxic, rude, egotistical, and straight up cesspool ive ever seen in my life. Tbh pc players make me ashamed to even be associated with this game.
  11. The only People that dont want it to happen are a very select few pc players. Consoles never even got an opportunity to get the founders pack. The opportunity was long gone before console versions even existed. The only reason you giys dont want it to happen is to flex your ego. Which tbh is pretty brittle.
  12. They didnt pay for anything tho. Thats the point.
  13. Wah i want my beta reward to remain exclusive so i can rub it in peoples faces wahhh. Thats how pc players sound. Im honestly glad im not part of the pc community anymore. Nothing but a bunch of toxic children that have ego issues.
  14. No you didnt pay money for the founders pack. Im going to stop that lie right now. You didnt pay hundreds of dollars to fumd warframes development and they gabe you that pack in return. It was a free beta reward and me and multiple friends who played the beta got the founders pack from playing the beta. You did not pay for the pack.
  15. No they were not. I owned the founder pack on PC. It was not obtained by paying money. That was a lie started by PC players to justify keeping it exclusive.
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