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  1. Holy moly ... hitting lvl 60 in nightwave cant be healthy
  2. Hate to break it but over 50 runs is still within normal luck for a mod with 4.35% drop chance: https://xplainthegame.com/dropchance-calculator/?percent=4.35
  3. Lets be honest, Saryn turns most star chart missions with indoor tilesets into Clicker Heroes where you just pick up the loot. "Shooting brain dead zero challenge planks of wood" is over 95% of Warframe's content and what should be expectedof a horde mode shooter. For me having a Saryn in mission means "Lets watch some netflix and occasionally get loot". I not sure that this is DE's intention.
  4. I ran 4 times Laomedeia since the recent patch. I had to run solo 3 times because nobody plays it. I have a few issues with this node: Double credit bonus as first mission of the day does not work with it. Credit booster do work but do not show in the rewards. I always write my numbers downs ;) Some of the tiles are not suited for all Demolishers. The Burso Demolisher tends to get stuck. Either remove the Bursa demo unit or exclude the tiles where it can get stuck. Veterans point of view: Having Universal medalions is an insult for the time invested. I know it is only 5% but I managed to get 2 in a row. And that makes almost 20 minutes farming for 60'000 credits not worth it. Newer players do have a hard time because there are A LOT of denial of ability enemies. Comba, Scrambus and Nullifier are there from the start. At round 3 they are everywhere. Tight spaces pretty much stop newer players from doing anything with their abilities. Add the constant bombardment and I was reviving most of the time. Too many denial of ability units in general. While I enjoy playing gun platforms in places like this I wonder why you even gave abilities to warframes in the first place. To sum it up. I like the change of pace for getting credits but as a vet will not use it because the chance to have that pitiful universal medallion with 1000 standing sours it. I would also not recommend the place for newer players because it gets tough very fast and is only enjoyable with frames that do not rely on energy too much like Inaros, Hildryn or Nidus. I still wonder who is supposed to play this mission? Hieracon is better suited for new players and the Index better for advanced players and vets. This is still a thing after almost 20 minutes. His favorite place to get stuck.
  5. There is a time for lazy like Inaros, Mesa or Saryn and there is a time for interactive brawling. That always was Atlas for me because he was tanky enough to not depend on his abilites. I learned to appreciate him in nullifier hordes or other missions that robbed me of energy. He worked fine for everything but ESO. Atlas Prime is still about brawling but more durable. All Umbral mods bring him to 1870 health and almost 1400 armor. That makes him a reliable frontline brawler or a rock&stone gun platform. I am probably alone in saying that there was not much to fix. The buffs made it only easier to tank. Slap an adaptation, arcane grace and rapid resilience on him and even he gets boring.
  6. Nice, good old Latron Prime is still fun and now even more usable. I took the Javlok for a spin today ... keep up the buffs 😄
  7. Survivability of Dethcube Prime is acutally quite high. I took it to Kuva Survival for 40 minutes and it did just fine. Dethcube seems to work perfeclty with Synth Deconstruct and Synth Fiber. Deth Machine Rifle is still rather unusable. For me Sweeper Prime with Fatal Acceleration and Vicious Spread worked great to hit as many enemies as possible.
  8. Rivens are late game gambling and DE always said that dispositions are prone to change. That is why you never completely rely or overinvest on rivens. If anything then riven changes encourage creative thinking in terms of late game builds. I totally dig the idea of underused weapons disposition getting stronger and overused weapons disposition getting weaker. Sticking to just one weapon gets stale over times and makes people believe blindely in builds without understanding them. I would love to see a regular riven disposition change every 2 months to keep people on their toes and to teach them not to believe in a random build video or random riven seller. That also makes keeping a collection of not so popular weapon rivens a great option.
  9. I run Dethcube P with sweeper prime and have both synth deconstruct and synth fiber equipped. I looks like a nice alternative.
  10. k05h

    Atlas Rework Ideas

    I have been waiting for Atlas Prime for a long time and love all of what I got today. His body looks awesome and fits perfectly with my old Altas color scheme. The dangling things in his face remind me of Hydroid Prime but maybe they are cousins. The stat changes are noticable. While everybody joked about 0.1 sprint speed increase, that increase is enough to make him feel faster. The energy pool increase is also nice and makes less efficient builds a viable option. But the biggest increase can be seen in health and armor. And thank you for giving him this amazing boost. Normal Vitality and Steel Fiber result in 1295 health and 998 armor. But when you throw in umbral mods things get crazy. With all 3 umbral mods Atlas Prime reaches 1873 health and 1389 armor. This is extremely tanky. Thanks to this health pool and his passive I could stand in front of a doma thumper today without any issues. I will do some proper Mot and Profit Taker 4 testing tomorrow. I am totally happy and I cant wait to get the Atlas Prime noggle.
  11. @[DE]Rebecca Will the Atlas Prime noggle be delivered with PA or will we get it later like other PA?
  12. I have only 2k hours but did my fair share of written and recorded guides over the past 3 years. Hope that also counts as vet. I see similar issues I have come to a different conclusion: Warframe is an assortment of horde mode mini games glued together by the need to farm the next thing similar to Diablo 3. There is a large variety of different game modes, tilesets and enemy types on over 200 nods that keeps the game fresh for hundreds of hours. There 40+ warframes with 2-3 valid builds each to choose from and there is fast paced parkour to make farming for the next thing entertaining. Apart from a tiny subset of missions there is no mandatory meta weapon or meta warframe. The story is forgettable and I tend to ignore it just like Destiny 2. Those few hours of story missions pale in comparison to the hundreds or thousands of hours I spend farming. I do not expect a looter shooter to have an epic story. I am totally fine that youtuber cut those together for lore-lovers or that I can get a decent comic. The first 10-20 hours can be pretty much played without the need to buy any platinum. After that a small purchase of platinum to buy slots is an acceptable barrier because at that point you have a decend understand what you get yourself into. You can play casually or invest lots of time without being penalized too much. Having to buy the occasional 3 day booster as a casual player is something I expect and accept. I get a free thing every day for logging in, I get a free thing every dev stream, I get at least one free thing on every event and I get can interesting free things from doing dailies/weeklies. The devs dont play their game is correct but I does not influence my gaming expereince. If the devs listen to the community or not is something I cannot prove. They have stats that I do not have and those stats will influence their development decisions. The community in the game (not talking about the forums) is still very good. You can do your own thing and zone out while playing with others. The seemless and fast grouping of 4 tenno squads is something I appreciate. I have seen my fair share of other much slower grouping or need of 3rd party sites to really love that aspect of warframe. You can ask high MR players in mission and they mostly provide helpful answers. If you are a social creature you can join an active clan and have people to talk to. There is a huge pool of written or video guides that help you along. The end game issue is also a very personal thing. I am satisfied with arbitrations, sorties and the occasional 90 minutes mot survival. I can spend endless hours decorating my orbiter, my pets, my frames, my weapons and my dojo. After every break I take there is something new around the corner. Sometimes a game mode, sometime a new mod or aura that changes previous game play habits. I would recommend Warframe to friends that enjoy loot and shoot for 100-300 hours on a tight budget. After that they are responsible to find something in the game that keeps them going longer. I always found something but that is just me.
  13. Thumbs up ... I am working on it but I have to say I prefer using the K-Drive on the plains. I honestly wished new players would get a free K-Drive as soon as they enter Cetus.
  14. I am pretty satisfied with the current state of Atlas. Lots of armor and knockdown immunity are a good foundation for steel fiber, adaptation, rapid resilience and whatever else you want to have. I can run him in energy reduction sortie or punch my way through sortie bosses. He does not rely too heavy on abilities, so he is my favorite corpus nullifier face basher. With petrify I can add up to 1500 additional armor in non-Corpus mission. The rumblers only come out when a Baruuk is around because he is now the most disliked kid on the playground and he deserves some friends. I am actually really happy that Atlas does not require too much micromanagment (Gauss I look at you). Or even worse a one trick pony that cleans the map but makes gameplay dull. It all comes down to preference. For me current Atlas is a solid package and I am looking forward to his primed version.
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