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  1. I do play a lot of Atlas. I love your suggestions like the box ring or the katamri but he has been reworked "recently". So I have no real hope that big changes to his kit will be done. For me personally only minor tweaks to his current abilities would be needed to make so much more usefull. Landslide and Petrify are in a great spot as it is. Tectonics should be wider to be of real use in the new Gas City and in Orb Vallis. And I would not mind some kind of temporary armor for everybody behind it. His rumblers need to draw more aggro. Something in the region of what Octtavia's resonator ball does. From his stats I would love to see 300 more armor but almost all of his shields gone. But maybe one day we get a mod that does that.
  2. Late game Frost is often misunderstood because people only see "the bubble". With powerful defense frames like Gara, Khora, Limbo and now Wisp his bubble is not really needed anymore.. But his Icy Avalanche is an amazing team protection mechanism for high level survival content. That is where he shines. And his fashion frame abilities are incredible 😄
  3. Atlas. It is my second most played frame. Two years ago I turned him into a high speed survival tank who does not rely on his abilities. A build that was made to punch every nullifier through the map with his (cheap) riven powered Prisma Obex. I use his rumblers a lot to draw aggro and tectonics for mobile defense. I very rarely use my one punch build - only if I need to quick kill Hyena pack in sortie. I love fashion frame for him and I am probably the only one who will buy Atlas Prime instantly.
  4. Having more mods like Neutralizing Justice would be my preferred way to go. It would be amazing to have a few weapons that instantly pop those bubbles or a MOA companion mod that shock pops all bubbles in an area. I am not in favor of changing nullis because they provide an interesting challenge to the usual Volt, Saryn and Mesa press X to win. I just like to see different tools to counter them.
  5. 2 hour without a drop is sad but still not unexpecpted. It requires 36 runs to have a 90% probability of least one drop. 4 minutes per run means 144 minutes (over 2hours) mission time is expected 😞 Here is the math for you: https://dropchance.guru/?percent=6.25
  6. Most people come from competitive games where you have to be the last one standing or the one with the most "points". It takes them a while to get adjusted to the PvE mindset where team synergy makes a great match.
  7. Start with Hunter Command on your Venari and on your companion cat/dog/ugly-dog to make them clean the dome for you. Why bother doing it yourself? I use hybrid Atomos (viral + heat) with a cheap but very effective riven to mop up the rest in the dome. I save my primary for shotgun or sniper of my choice to kill off the big ensnared guys. Ignis (Wraith) with an heavy hitting secondary would be the alternative build. Honestly, give her Gunsen as melee. That combination looks fffing awesome and cc/cd rivens for Gunsen are cheap.
  8. This looks really drepressing with a 5% drop chance (50% on a 10% ephemera drop chance) for freezing step: https://dropchance.guru/?percent=5 45 runs is expected ... 😈
  9. I love it when a plan comes together: Doing a 20 wave defense with speed nova, having the zenistar modded for magnetic and the ignis wraith modded for heat meant 3 acts and 11'000 standing in 20 minutes. Only sad thing was that I could not completely level up my freshly build Tombfinger for the gilding :(
  10. I did not want to insult. But I have seen my fair share of high mr players that did not know how to pop a frost bubble, that did not know that an fov slider exists nor that you can build an orokin cell in your foundry (for funsies). Now I go back into my orbiter and build myself some ciphers and neural sensors (for funsies).
  11. You mean with Atlas Prime as part of the accessories pack 😉
  12. While I do not like self-damage as concept I have to give credit to some of the self-damage weapons I regularly use. Zarr is extremely useful against large hordes. I use it regularly in excavation missions. Kulstar with a cheap riven that adds multishot and damage is my go-to secondary on the Plains and Orb Vallis. It is a lovely hand-held cluster bomb thrower.
  13. No sure if this is sarcastic. Buy a cipher blueprint from the market, build a cipher (or 10), equip the cipher in your wheel and next time you have to do hacking just press "Y" (German keyboard "Z"). Does not work in sortie but great for bursas. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Cipher
  14. "Go Viral" was the name of my choice
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