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  1. Well if we look at things we have to compare to already. As an example, the soma mod you can buy from father(iirc). It buffs your soma with more crit chance when hitting enemies. The counter for the buff is reset on reload and shows up in the top right next to your shield and health like any other buff, or arcane buff. I guess we can suspect that whatever buffs primary and secondary get it will work much the same way. But again, who tf knows.
  2. My point exactly. Glad the entire thread here isn't tone-deaf.
  3. Balancing around Steel Path isn't their mission. Steel path is supposed to be "separating the men from the boys". It's failed at doing that largely because melee weapons are so powerful. I also really don't understand your point of "but just a few bandaid mods are not going to make them viable". Mods is the center point of making weapons stronger. That is the way to make them stronger. How many melee builds are just the same rinse and repeat condition overload, drifting contact/body count, weeping wounds, and blood rush combo. A few mods can really make the difference.
  4. Interesting thought. Imagine if augment mods would be more like unlocks that could be used with the helminth, to change the abilities. Then you wouldn't have to slot them into your warframe.
  5. Hey don't be like that, think about it for a minute. Bringing primaries and secondaries up might actually be worth the melee nerfs. Just imagine for a second, AOE weapons being better than before. Now my friend, we are talking. 😜
  6. I'd say they are pretty spot on in nerfing melee a bit in order to buff primary and secondary. Melee is pretty busted at the moment. This isn't outright nerfs either in my book since were getting buffs along with it. As for if DE hits the mark at actually BALANCING those two is a different question entirely. So. Let's hope.
  7. It's good to see you guys realize over the years that nerfs isn't the same as balancing. Thanks for the update Reb. 👍
  8. I am unsure if this is an issue isolated to my system but that's why I'm bringing this up. Whenever I try to screenshare Warframe to my friends on discord the game freezes. !!!This only happens when I specifically select the game to be recorded and not the screen as a whole.!!! I have tried playing around with screen settings to find the cause of the issue and found that running the game in windowed mode, gives it a few seconds before it crashes. Is this an issue with the optimized flip-model, something with my PC, a discord bug, or a Warframe bug? Edit 1: Apparently the day after im having a tough time replicating this and im starting to suspect it could have been a problem on my end. Still, am i the only one who had this issue, or did i miss a patch note somewhere?
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