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  1. I personally love these ideas. So many people focus on removing her immortality without realizing how much that hurts her And i love the whole "replace energy with a new resource" system.
  2. which is why i stack viral and heat on pretty much everything(some variation, depending on how badly i need corrosive or heat....like deimos.) viral adds on to what ever crit i have while the heat takes care of armour. this is currently stupid fun on the magnus prime, especially when that passive triggers.
  3. If we're talking realistically(relatively speaking of course) Then Hydroid. Sure, an invincible hell cat, necromancers, holy priest, and whatever weapons they wield are scary....but drowning is proven to be an excruciating and slow experience. With nekros, you probably won't be aware as his slave(same with rev) Grendal? You'll die faster via crushing before his stomach acids kill you. Its not the fancy killers that are the scariest, its the slow, painful ones that are. Nova creates a black hole? Meh, im more terrified of Valkyr ripping me apart while im still alive, or ember burning me to death, or garuda leaving me to slowly eb away while my blood is siphoned from my body. Come at me with the mayhem of a harrow using tigris prime, at least it'll be quick.
  4. 1: its a celestial twin. nerfing it to be duration based would do practically nothing. its purpose is to become a 2nd gun to aid wukong, which it does just fine. 2: hey, remember when cloud walker moved at a snail's pace and had absolutely no utility whatsoever? yeah, so do I, and it sucked Wukong is fine. he doesn't bend the game over his knee and spank it like the jade king did to him, so he's fine.
  5. I even mentioned the bonus cold in my reply. currently, iirc, snow globe is the only defensive power that fully prevents ally fire from breaching it(Haven't used gara in a while. cataclysm allows power based abilities through and if enemies outside its range are in the rift you can still shoot them so it doesn't truly prevent ally fire from breaching.) so it'd be nice if that was rectified.
  6. 1: as said, most other CC/protection frames do it way better. it's noticeable when you realize how contradictory it is to build him to get around this flaw. example: while i can easily CC using high range and efficiency(or low range and low efficiency.) but to make it so his powers can hit harder....you need to overload his power strength which restricts maximizing his other strengths because his armor strip will cost so much energy that its more likely going to be a one off every now and then. and if you maximize his range and duration to take full advantage of his CC....then he becomes a discount Hydroid....who is literally CC the frame(seriously, his entire kit is CC. my brother and I call him the king of CC because of this.) 2: what would i do to improve him? lets start with his 4 powers: freeze: allow the freeze to inherit avalanche's armor strip but at a fixed rate(25%) to give it utility. ice wave: allow it to send out an 360 degree ice pulse around frost on top of the normal wave. this way it can hit other enemies around him. ice wave alternate: instead of the above, im going to take an idea from outriders' devastator...specifically one of its mods. allow ice wave to steal a set amount of armor/shields and add them to frost for a set time. Snow globe: allow ally weapons to be shot through this thing, or maybe some offensive bonus when frost is inside(iirc, he already becomes harder to kill when inside it...i dunno.) example: add guaranteed cold procs to his weapons when he's inside it, as well as boost his damage of all his powers by a set 50% or something. avalanche: this is actually a tough one. I'd probably improve its range and base armor strip to be abit more usable. and taking from outriders' pyromancer: give it a damage multiplier when it affects enemies afflicted with cold based on the number of cold procs currently applied. now for his stats? I'd probably improve on his energy and sprint speed more than anything. not really much else(seriously...Atlas is the only frame slower than him and i don't wanna waist a mod slot to fix that.)
  7. yet when you compare the two, the lenz has the same crit chance as the dread while the bramma has a good balance of crit and status. even with a pure crit build and Munitions on the lenz, it performs horribly against any heavy unit with armor. due to its low status % a viral/corrosive/heat build just isn't going to work as well as it would on the bramma. the bramma makes any of those problems moot because of its decent status chance. in fact, most AOE weapons have decent status chance(even as low as 10% is good if you plan on using 60/60 mods) While all of them perform well enough in the normal mission range, but most will do very well in even high end missions.....except the lenz. now...personally....I'd rather they just buff the lenz's status chance some so it can keep up with the others, instead of throwing a new version at us.
  8. it never occurred to me just how bad SP made heavy gunners(i guess there's a reason my brother and I haven't touched it by much.) that's an absurd amount of tankiness.
  9. I'm agreeing here. I love Yareli's concept. Merulina alongside arcane grace basically makes her immortal.....at least until you get slapped by a melee or AOE attack...at that point, Merulina just goes poof. At THIS point, the only saving grace is the fact Yareli becomes invincible for like....3 seconds? after she dismounts and she can just hop back on again immediately BUT this doesn't change the fact that staying on the thing isn't remotely fun in normal missions and i'v noticed Merulina can't do some of the things K-drives can actually do. She has potential to be an amazing frame, but being tied to this stupid quest is absurdly annoying.
  10. Definitely nothing against him, since i enjoy for honor...but i kinda want those mods
  11. I readily dislike hp drain on anything, but i would LOVE if Valkyr's hysteria functioned like A2's rage mode. Currently my only complaint with Hysteria is the stance. if Valkyr had more wide swinging, vicious combos it'd be perfect(and up the attack speed of all exalted melee skills because after berserker's nerf, they feal extra clunky.) Or, if it was absolutely necessary, go with what everyone else wants and ditch her claws and make hysteria work exactly like A2's rage: buffing attack speed, and granting her immense power for melee weapons(and a drastic boost in movement speed...afterimages are a must.)
  12. I was gonna say something in regards to your atlas idea, but then i realized that Atlas PRIME is basically immortal if you focus on a full umbral build alongside basic boosts to power strength and efficiency. Just petrify, shoot/punch then laugh as enemies try to kill you(add grace for extra fun because who needs death?) other than that, i enjoy the other ideas, especially ivara.
  13. I don't have any of the mods yet(a friend keeps pulling me to for honor or outriders.) but i have several plans for most of my weapons: the multishot mods are all but a must, especially on single shot weapons or weapons with innate MS(cernos prime and kompressa.) the savvy mods are definitely gonna be used on select weapons: Tigris prime, cedo, euphona prime, LENZ(plz DE, buff? 5% status is horrid on this thing. I NEED munitions for it to function well against armored units.) on things like my rubico prime and Zenith? the scope mods. my Zenith uses argon scope and has a riven for over 100% crit, so having the Galv scope on will be obnoxious.
  14. odd, my adaptation works on it. UNLESS the indicator is showing but im not actually getting DR from it. if thats the case, then her 2 is only useful for using arcanes that apply buffs when you take health dmg. Grace, for example, seems to take merulina's hp into account when yareli is on it, giving her a MASSIVE amount of hp regen(this is because, in case its uncommon knowledge, Merulina's hp counts towards such arcanes, so it applies in full as if that was Yareli's hp.) In this scenario, having Merulina around exclusively to take advantage of those arcanes is horribly niche.
  15. I've had the kompressa eat enemies alive. It has innate viral, throw 60/60's for corrosive and heat, hornet and auger dmg mod and it already does good. Toss on multishot and whatever else and it actually does a LOT of dmg.(diffusion and torrent gives it 11 multishot.)
  16. Yareli. But if you slap adaptation on, yareli becomes kinda immortal so grace + adaptation+board is essential for her to survival.
  17. Merulina can trigger grace, fyi Dunno if its a bug, but it can
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