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  1. Tennogen doesn't transfer, and I can tell you why; ALL Tennogen purchases are through Steam, and thus, use Steam's economy. Correct me if I'm wrong, here - but DE gets a cut, Steam gets a cut, and the creator of the content gets a cut. You can't just immediately eliminate Steam from the cut, there - PLUS, you'd screw hundreds of content creators out of money they could rightfully earn. Nobody wants to screw over the little guy. Sorry, but Tennogen doesn't, and will not transfer - and for very, very good reason.
  2. I still haven't gotten my digital goodies even though I purchased my ticket day one. :(((( Should I contact support?
  3. If we bought the Physical, regular ticket pack upon release, will we also be receiving the Digital pack items today? Or will we be receiving them AT Tennocon? (Also, see y'all there, nerds)
  4. -Clan Name: Transient Shadows -Clan Tier: Storm -Clan Platform: PC -Clan Role: Warlord (non-founding) / Architect Album link: https://imgur.com/a/D6VyeI6 Well, we put in a lot of effort! I couldn't even begin to list individuals, so I'd just like to say thank you to all the clan members of mine who put up with me and my ridiculous demands for resources - you're all wonderful, and I owe you plenty. Now we can finally get to work on our ridiculous sandbox rooms!
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