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  1. No pun intended ^ but seriously.. we don't need another compromise vacuum within situation.. if you are so keen on nerfing him at least don't do it 50%, maybe 25-30% instead? While I do not main limbo (maining any frame on WF is so silly..) , but I do occasionally use him time to time (again no pun intended 😄 ) But now I see him even less appealing in comparison of other WF I could bring that do the same job better and with less hassle in my opinion. Just my two ducats, ~Jester.
  2. Jester.

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8

    Yay! Though wish we got the exalted whip :c
  3. Jester.

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.6

    An unexpected hotfix? Don't mind if I do ;3
  4. Jester.

    The War Within: 19.1.0 Ash Revisited

    Nahh.. gambling with rewards is much more fun! RIGHT?! *sarcasm* Imagine this.. if your salaries IRL were also RNG like sorties.. "Oh you worked 42 hours this week? Well you get only 50% of your pay.. because I rolled the dice!" "Wow you worked 38 hours? The RNG of your salary says I will pay you 125% of what you should get!" "Wait you did 10 hours overtime this week? Hah sorry the dice decided that you only get 25% of the pay (which in our case is 2K endo..) Anyhow what I'm trying to say is.. why are sortie rewards so RNG with bad rewards? The bad rewards shouldn't be there in 1st place.. it's a REWARD for 3 missions.. not a lottery raffle entrance requirement that we complete, sigh.. Please @[DE]Rebecca, guys just think about it from our point of view for a second. We want to feel rewarded and not punished with what we get after spending our time in high level missions, because honestly we could earn that 2K endo anywhere else and in much shorter time than what we spend in sorties along with much less effort + other valuable rewards with it. The feeling when you get 2K endo or any of those low tier rewards is like a kick in the groin, makes you feel like you wasted your time with it than give you a feeling of being rewarded along with a euphoria of accomplishment.. and discourages you to do sorties in future. Just my two cents, ~Jester.
  5. Jester.

    The War Within: 19.1.0 Ash Revisited

    Are you mocking us DE? I just went and did the sortie and got 2K Endo still (and I know a ton of people that still got 2K endo earlier as well when they did it). Where are your radically reduced chances? I even used to get 2K endo much less before TWW.. what is this madness? At this point I am not sure if I am just super 'lucky' with the RNG and should go buy a lottery ticket or should I just go cry in my shower that this is just stupid and a waste of my time to do it from now on? RIP sorties #NeverForgetti
  6. Jester.

    [Build Status: Friday] Update 19.1.0

    Honestly though.. I just don't know anymore what to think about this.. But just hope you guys will change this and not do this bad change in rewards.. cause really, this is depressing. I for one am sure will not do sorties anymore, unless they are super easy ones and I have nothing better to do at that point.
  7. Jester.

    [Build Status: Friday] Update 19.1.0

    DE, please..
  8. There is a use for it though. Let's say you decide to take a risk and reroll a weapon with + crit + multishot - damage.. and you want to get something better~ You don't risk on losing those stats over some worse kind ones. See what I mean? It's still better than losing the stats forever into the RNG abyss.
  9. By the way @[DE]Rebecca, guys please consider changing up the system maybe? Instead of +multiplicative stats, how about make them additive? That way weapons with bad crit chance or status would benefit more from it.. for example: Let's say weapon has 5% crit chance and people want to use it.. but it's just bad, because of that low crit chance. If the riven mod gave +15% crit as additive to the base 5%, that would mean 20% base crit = people using that weapon again! Thus people would be able to apply their multiplicative mods on the 'new' base crit chance and get decent crit chance! :) Instead of.. 5% crit chance weapon + 127.9% (multiplicative stat) = 11.395% no one would still use that weapon.. I hope you understood my blabbering and take this into consideration. Just my two cents, ~Jester.
  10. This is great news guys! I just hope you also will tweak it so we cant get an IPS of weapon that does not even have it.. for example I kept getting +puncture damage on my Zarr which does not even deal puncture damage~ etc. But I'm glad to see you guys are taking this to a right direction though! Keep it up~
  11. Yeah I kept getting +Puncture on my Zarr .. like 4 times n a row now.. :( It keeps ruining that perfect stat combination. No, we don't need another Primed chamber situation in here again..
  12. It's not DE's fault you paid 2000 plat for something, a price tag is clearly there.. you were impatient to get a tonkor riven yourself from RNG along wih good stats .. so you paid 2000 plat, clearly that is your own fault. DE did not come and tell you to "GO BUY THIS MOD OR YOU WILL BE A PLEB". It's an MMO there will always be rebalancing, yes DE did execute it poorly, since it shouldn't have been a tradeable mod to begin with at least not until all the balance kinks are sorted out, but that doesn't mean they don't have a right to fix it / rebalance things still ~ All I hope is that DE has learned from this mistake and will improve the execution from now on. Just my 2 cents, ~Jester.
  13. Jester.

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.0.2

    I still think that Riven mods should not be tradeable.. What were you thinking DE, you guys need to rest up and rethink this decision.. please.. for WFs future.
  14. Jester.

    Recurring Dreams + Hotfix 1

    RIP Friendly Fire, you were a fun mode... I'll never forget you.. all the fun moments you've brought me.. all the cheer and rage...happiness and sadness.. you were there for me when I felt like being a brat to my friends and killing them.. so I'd laugh again.. you made my days better.. I'll miss you Friendly Fire.. you were unique and amazing.. you'll be missed.. 2016-2016... never forget..