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  1. True, I once wrote a huge concept for an infested place on Eris but it has since been deleted, weird huh. So much time went into it too... Might rewrite it and post it again someday. Yea a better name would be nice, wouldn't mind people throwing more and more ideas this way for something fitting. That was my idea exactly, a more vertical place for frames to play in and to fly through with your archwing giving a slightly cramped feeling.
  2. -= General Concept =- We have all been to Ceres thousands of times, seeing the Grineer factories and more. It feels big and open yet closed off because of the missions structure we follow. Plains of Eidolon was a great start to the whole open world business of Warframe and Fortuna took that to the next level. However I feel like the Grineer didn't get the love they deserve on the Plains of Eidolon, it is time to change that by creating an open world concept right on their hometurf of Ceres. The Grineer have made Ceres their main base of operation when it comes to weapon development, tr
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