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  1. For those that want a physical copy, I have made sure to prepare these files which can be downloaden from this dropbox download link 😄
  2. Here is my latest bit of work, a magazine displaying Tennogen cosmetics that have been picked. Congrats on all the great Tennogen artists who made this all happen ❤️ Hope you all like it
  3. Simplistic holiday card crafted by Bizz for all the hard work you Tenno have delivered. What an absolute unit this man is, love him. Time to celebrate this, Wurfrum style! Link: https://imgur.com/UTio6QA
  4. Made an updated version now with Vent Kid locations that I have seen so far. Did some extra research here and there to make the map more accurate as well. There is also a colorblind version that you can see all the way up there in the hidden section.
  5. Ah that is quite nifty indeed, might edit is some time later. Thanks for sharing this info ❤️
  6. I made a map for you all with a bit of extra style, hope you like it and that it may be of use ❤️ Colorblind version
  7. Hello there fellow Tenno, here is a poster I made based of the movie "Carrie" which till this day is still one of my favos.
  8. Mutalist Alad V holding a Mugalist (special thanks to Hydroxate)
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