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  1. cd6c6CK.jpg

    Hello everyone and welcome to this topic. Here I will showcase all the cosmetic concepts I have made that are based around certain resources and minerals found in the Warframe universe, think about Argon, Crimzian, Sentirum, Gallium, Rubedo and more! I hope you can all enjoy these concepts and I hope to show them once again someday in a more 3 dimensional way. Let me know what you think down below as well, feedback is always welcome ❤️

    -= ARGON STYLE =-

    These cosmetics are based of the Argon Crystal, no fear tho, you won't have to buy these every 24 hours! I used silver-like metals complemented with dark carbon and of course the Argon itself. Every single item uses an Argon in some way, shape or form.


    Image link: http://imgur.com/HS0oEu5


    The Crimzian, a fairly rare mineral from the Plains of Eidolon, now used for your fashion. I tried to think of something to implement the duotone colours of the Crimzian minerals, I did this by combining the well known glass material with the energy color showcasing the fine details of the gem, maybe even slightly animated later on, who knows. These designs sport a nice dark mat metal with purple highlights and of course the Crimzian as the centrepiece.


    Image link: http://imgur.com/yVD2Ddc

  2. 7 minutes ago, INight00 said:

    Wouldn't Mercury be next?
    Or an infested area...
    But I do agree, the Grineer didn't get the same love the Corpus did.

    Judging by the names of the last two OW maps. It is tied to the open world map area type and the boss enemy.
    Slavers Ruins? Kings City... you get the point.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a giant cavern/ cave like OW map. That way there is a clearly defined ceiling... and you can be spider-man with Valkyr.

    True, I once wrote a huge concept for an infested place on Eris but it has since been deleted, weird huh. So much time went into it too... Might rewrite it and post it again someday.

    Yea a better name would be nice, wouldn't mind people throwing more and more ideas this way for something fitting.

    That was my idea exactly, a more vertical place for frames to play in and to fly through with your archwing giving a slightly cramped feeling.

  3. -= General Concept =-

    We have all been to Ceres thousands of times, seeing the Grineer factories and more. It feels big and open yet closed off because of the missions structure we follow. Plains of Eidolon was a great start to the whole open world business of Warframe and Fortuna took that to the next level. However I feel like the Grineer didn't get the love they deserve on the Plains of Eidolon, it is time to change that by creating an open world concept right on their hometurf of Ceres.

    The Grineer have made Ceres their main base of operation when it comes to weapon development, training new troops and doing research on the field of travel, augmentations and prolonging their own lifespan. There have been rumors on the most powerful Grineer asset awaiting within the metal hallways of their own 'capital' named after a legendary Grineer warrior named Huras Kha, the Grineer that started the uprising and was the one that helped the Queens find purpose in life. The Steel Meridian managed to build a base overlooking the capital and send out small teams to scout the area. After the defeat of the queens and the demise of one of them a new force has awakened within the capital, a long lost nightmare of the Orokin known as the 'King of Slaves'. Huras Kha, the Grineer that started it all, had used stolen Orokin tech to change himself in a Cephalon, however he seems incomplete and had to be stored inside a mechanized brain. Fit with anger after the death of one of his beloved queens he has started the Cremators Core project, a project were the Grineer will change the Core of Ceres into a weapon of unmeasurable power. The Tenno were called upon by the Steel Meridian to stop this from happening, defeating Huras Kha, saving defect Grineers and sabotaging anything that can be sabotaged.



    -= The Capital =-

    The capital of the Grineer is build upon a grand fissure which was causes in the Great War by a powerful sentient. Deep within you can still find remnants that the Grineer use for research creating the dangerous 'Knights of Kha'. The area is just as large as the Plain of Eidolon but goes far far deeper, really creating that feel of a vertical city. The lowest part of the capital is known as 'The Pit' were all the waste is dumped creating a lake of toxic waste which houses mutated life that live on Ceres. Above that you have the mines were low ranking Grineer unfit for combat work, here they get resources and Sentient parts for their own research. Above that you have all the storage, housing a large hangar with ships, multiple rooms for storage and a transport structure of multiple long hallways that go to every corner of the Capital. On ground level you have the entirety of the capital housing barracks, factories, research locations, augmentation centers and more, in the middle of this all stands 'The Crown of Ceres', a large fortress that looks like a crown with a giant pillar in the middle which goes up about a 1000 meters. The Crown is a large fortress housing the elite of the Grineer and also having the council room at the base of the pillar, which of course is empty now that Vay Hek killed all the council members. All the way up the pillar you have the Tyrants Throne were Huras Kha himself resides, this place is only accessible when doing the final mission of this place and the special raid missions which are level 80-100. Far the the South/West you have a rock formation which is the secret base of the Steel Meridian which hasn't been found yet thanks to Darvo slipping out some nifty info about a signal jammer of Corpus design. Here you can get anything you need before heading out into the capital.



    -= Huras Kha, King of Slaves =-

    The great Grineer legend that started the uprising and made the queens who they are today, Huras Kha was a feared warrior, strategist, leader and hero of the Grineer. He was struck with a terminal illness which reduced his lifespan even more midway into battle, after raiding an Orokin facility on Ceres he found a device to transfer someone's mind in a Cephalon, he did just that but the device didn't work properly and thus he became got stuck in a small mechanized brain. Being able to cast a hologram of his own mind and talk to his fellow Grineer he led them to victory, claiming Ceres as the home of all Grineer, they build a city in his name and image. After years the Grineer researchers made a perfect replacement body fit for a king, a body fit with a wide arsenal of plasma cannons, missile launchers, automatic guns, tesla coils and a large beam cannon, hulking above all other Grineer in sheer size and might. Under his own armored plates are small parts of sentients that give him resistances to all types of attacks but do give him a weakness against void energy. Huras Kha serves as a raid boss of this area which you can fight for large amounts of standing and rewards, he also drops parts for some of the strongest grineer weapons.

    The first Grineer weapon is his great sword which he pulls out in one of the phases. Called the Grizaha it is a large great sword with a central piece that stores energy and two blades on each side, when fully charged by attacking enemies you can unleash a large downward slash of energy which deals huge amounts of radiation damage.
    The second Grineer weapon is one of his plasma cannons. Called the Plazarr it is a different version of the Zarr weapon type, normal fire is a constant stream of energy that deals fire damage, its alt fire is a large blast of plasma that explodes on contact dealing a great amount of damage and having a wide radius.



    -= Flora and Fauna =-

    Believe it or not, but Ceres used to have a sprawling flora and fauna. The Grineer wasted it all and almost nothing is left but mutated plants and animals. There are still fish and drones to be caught in the 'waters' of Ceres and you can find animals here and there. There are also trees that oddly look like Mushrooms and small plants and patches of brown grass. You can capture these creatures and get stuff from the plants to craft new stuff.



    -= Craft your own primary =-

    Similar to the Zaw and the Kitgun, here on Ceres you can build your own Grissler. Grisslers are custom primary weapons used by the Steel Meridian to combat the powerful Grineer forces that wander the capital. You can use four types of barrels: The full-automatic Shrakk barrel, the semi-fire Ragun barrel, the shotgun Bukk barrel and the Corva wave barrel. You can then choose a receiver and a magazine for that weapon as well. 

  4. I will keep it brief, but a lot of the time the mission were you need to collect credits doesn't work at all and when the countdown is done it stays on. 

    Have to go out of the Vallis a lot because of this, super annoying, hope it can be fixed soon. 

  5. 44 minutes ago, FrostedMike said:


    I read all your feedback points and changed things were it was needed. Will keep the 3 as mostly a healing ability but nerfed the amount healed a bit. Dras really needs that extra bit of healing because of how the whole kit works. I tried to adjust the passive as well to something simple but helpful, not sure if this is the right direction but it sure is more balanced and doesn't outshine other passive abilities. 

    Also adjusted all the names for his 4th ability to fit the warframe world, Bear was a tough one so for now I went with Drahk.

    Also the mushroom bit is quite treelike imo, bit of shroom growth is rather common. Might make an illustration someday to get the design out there so more.

  6. -= General Concept =-

    Dras is a warframe based of Druids. His whole skillset is based around using nature in almost every situation and taking the shape of animals as well. He takes a more supportive role with most of his kit but can also switch to a more combat orientated role if necessary. Dras has no shield but does have a large health, armor and energy pool compared to most frames. It is important to use as much of his abilities as you can and to use mods like rage to keep the energy flowing in. As said before, Dras is mainly a support frame, this means he really shines when used with other frames.

    Stats [At rank 30]
    Health: 500
    Shield: 0
    Armor: 250
    Energy: 175
    Sprint: 0.85

    -= Skills =-

    Passive skill: Natural Energy
    Enemies have a 20% chance to drop a health orb
    First skill: Deep-rooted
    Dras fires a seed that explodes on impact, enemies that are caught in the explosive radius are then trapped by multiple roots that come from the ground. Enemies killed while being rooted will drop a health orb. Enemies can still attack while stuck in the roots.
    Strength: 350 damage
    Duration: 10 seconds
    Range: 2M Splash
    Energy Cost: 25

    Second skill: Curse of the Mire
    Dras creates an aura around him slowing enemies and slowly proccing them with a Viral status effect. Enemies killed in the mire have a 10% chance to drop additional loot. The mire is projected on the ground as a bit more wet area with cracked energy colors.
    Strength: 20% proc chance per second
    Duration: 30 seconds
    Range: 20M
    Energy Cost: 60

    Third skill: Lifecycle Blossom
    Dras creates a giant flower that releases spores in the area that heals teammates with 15 HP per second plus an additional 5 per enemy in the area of effect. The flower will slowly drain enemies of their life when they are in the area of effect by attaching a strange root, this will also slowly decrease their HP. Can place 2 Blossoms at once, can't be placed next to each other. The flower colors with your primary, secondary and energy colors.
    The blossoms will disappear in time and have a radius 15M on base when rank 30.
    Strength: 20 damage per second / 15HP per second HP + (5 per enemy capped HP recovery)
    Duration: 45 seconds
    Range: 15M
    Energy Cost: 75

    Fourth skill: Aspect of Beasts
    Dras draws power from the 4 spirits he possesses. Soul of the Drahk Soul of the Kavat, Soul of the Condroc and Soul of the Kubrow. Each form has different uses and can be switched similar to Ivaras arrow switching. When cast a projection of that animal is cast around the frame, almost like an armor made from energy. This skill costs around 20 energy to cast and you will slowly lose energy overtime.
    Soul of the Drahk: This form is used for strength and durability, Ability strength is boosted with another 30% and the armor rating of Dras goes up with 25% above the armor he already has with all the mod calculations done. One bonus is the small damage boost of 1.25.  This form makes Dras a real powerhouse that can also assist his comrades and jump in rough situations.
    Strength: multiplier of 1
    Duration: nvt
    Range: nvt
    Energy Cost: 20 cast / 3 per sec
    Soul of the Kavat: This form is used for efficiency and duration, Efficiency goes up with 20% and duration goes up with 30%, next to that enemies have a higher chance to drop energy orbs when killed by Dras. With Dras skills this is a great way to keep the healing and debuffing going without a problem and it is easier to stay in this form.
    Strength: multiplier of 1
    Duration: nvt
    Range: nvt
    Energy Cost: 20 cast / 3 per sec
    Soul of the Condroc: This form is used for area of effect and ability strength, Area of effect is increased by 25% and ability strength is increased by 30%. Next to this bullet jumping and floating speed is increased with 50% making Dras that much more faster.
    Strength: multiplier of 1
    Duration: nvt
    Range: nvt
    Energy Cost: 20 cast / 3 per sec
    Soul of the Kubrow: This form is build around pure damage, increasing attack damage by 2 times and marking enemies below 50% health in your area lowering their defenses by 15% and making them glow with your energy colour, additionally your speed is increased by 50%.
    Strength: multiplier of 1
    Duration: nvt
    Range: nvt
    Energy Cost: 20 cast / 3 per sec


    -= Appearance =-

    Dras has a similar vibe as Oberon and Titania, having a natural theme in mind. Dras helmet looks like a minimalistic face with markings and its texture is kinda wooden whole still being made from technocyte. He has two talismans hanging on both sides attached by a robe made from a more vine like material. On top of its head it has vines going to the back similar to hair, being held together by multiple metal rings. His Torso is fairly large and sturdy, being from the same material as its face, it has a pattern themed after trees made from energy with a central spot of energy representing its 'soul' being one with nature. Its shoulders point slightly upward and are quite rough, slowly moving to his lower arms you see it go to a more cloth like material which hangs loosely with his hands coming out of them. The inside is filled up with something similar to the underside of a mushroom. It has a sort of waist belt with cloth hanging from it similar to Oberon's Deluxe skin, being less shiny. His legs are just as sturdy as his arms, its feet looking quite similar to Nidus' but thicker.

    -= Additional stuff =-

    Dras comes combined with a weapon and a syandana.
    Melee weapon: Durandal
    A powerful blade with a hidden secret. This powerful longsword is made to slice and dice through enemies with efficiency, it however has a second form which is slowly obtained while killing enemies, it gains more and more radioactive damage while killing enemies until the bar is full and it reaches its overload state which keeps going for around 30 seconds until the charge bar is reset. The longsword gains more reach and status effect chance as well when charging. When fully charged it looks more like an energy great sword but it is still as light as a longsword.

    Syandana: Faunasia
    This syandana is a relic from a long lost past, now overgrown with moss and plants it once was a testament of power for an old Tenno and her warframe. She is no more, but her Warframe had waited for a new owner.

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