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    -= Intro =-

    Ceres, mainly used by the grineer for all their factories, mines and cloning facilities. This planet was once taken over by the Grineer long ago and now serves as the “capital” of the Grineer empire. Here you can find the Council of the Grineer, the Formorian Fleet construction sites, the infamous Ceres mining sites and the official capital city of the grineer called Grah ‘Uhr. Here most grineer are born and raised into combat, prepared for the toughest of trials. Nearby the city you can find the cloning facilities and the Grineer Research Facility of the former boss and researcher, Tengus.

    The Grineer live in a monarchy, this means that there is always one which rules them all, in the Grineers case these are the Queens. You can see the grineer as a chessboard. Their unfair play can be perfectly summarised by the fact that they have 2 Queens to wipe away every other piece from the board. But what happens if one of the Queens falls? A new piece is put on the board, one that is not respected as the great ruler of the empire, but one that is respected by its power and leadership capabilities. The Queens always choose one grineer that rises above all else, their King piece, the one that keeps all Grineer in check and makes sure they stay under the right guidance. General Ghar Zal, Grineer “king” and ruler of Ceres, is the most dangerous Grineer of them all. He has been awakened from his Cryo sleep that keeps his DNA structure in check after the death of one of the Queens. This tyrant has set all resources of Ceres to finish the final part of the Formorian fleet, the Formorian Star, the first grineer ship that has 1/8th of the Void Jump capabilities of the old Orokin spacecrafts.

    The steel meridian have set up a small Base near the city, still sitting their undetected. They have waited for the moment the King would rise again, they have asked your help to disrupt the Grineer and eventually break into the Fortress of Grah Zal to put an end to him and stop the new Formorian ship from being build. Assist the Steel Meridian in making a major blow into the plans of the Grineer and kill the most powerful Grineer general to bring down the moral of the Empire.


    -= Locations =-

    Freedoms Cradle:

    Freedoms Cradle is the Steel Meridian base that has been placed on Ceres a while ago. It is a perfect hiding spot with a good overlook over the Ceres Mines and a small part of the city. The Steel Meridian has placed many types of machines here and ways to communicate with the main base. The Steel Meridian pays quite a lot for the mining resources and genetic samples of the grineer. You can also build specialised Grineer weaponary in this camp. The base itself look similar to the Steel Meridian relay chamber only in a cave area.


    Grah 'Uhr:

    Grah 'Uhr is the capital city of Ceres. Build at the start of the rise of the Grineer by General Grah Zag, the ancestoral genetic sample of Grah Zal. This city is build to house Grineer soldiers who are not yet send into combat or are training to become fit for battle. This city also houses many DNA restoration and Cloning facilities to keep creating new Grineer. The city is build just as you think the Grineer build stuff. Robust, asymmetrical, big. In the middle of the city there is a giant fortress loaded with cannons. This is were high ranking Grineer gather to talk about strategies and also were the "king" of the grineer rests.


    Research and Development Facility:

    The Research and Development Facility of Ceres is the biggest facility of the Grineer empire. Here research for Grineer DNA is being conducted to cancel out the deteriation effect. Another part of the facility is build for biomechanical implants and body replacements for the many Grineer soldiers. You can find many blueprints for new types of Grineer enemies which are going more to the robotic side.


    Formorian Star Construction Site:

    A giant hole in the ground filled with machinery and a giant Formorian vessel which is under construction. You can find a huge amount of workers here that are finishing this giant vessel to finally send the Grineer empire beyond the stars.



    -= King of the Grineer =-

    "All grineer are pawns in a greater game of chess, they are ment to be sacrificed for the great purpose of winning the war, but he, he is no pawn... he is the king"

    The greatest general the Grineer empire had ever known and the ruler of Ceres after the great Grineer rebelion. Ghar Zal has left an everlasting mark in the morale of the Grineer. His body long gone but brain still intact, he has gained a new body made from steel. Ghar Zal was once a hard working slave, when two girls were cast down to the mines he took care of them, together with the two girls who seemed to be sisters he created a rebelion against the Orokin when the chaos of the great war started. He broke his brothers and sisters free and made sure they all were able to board the ships that were scattered around. They went to Ceres, here the first city of the Grineer was build. Ghar 'Uhr. 

    The Grineer sisters wanted him to take the credit but the whole plan was their doing, he kneeled before them calling them his Queens. Eventually the other Grineer did the same and they were seen as the greatest of the Grineer empire. The Queens crowned Ghar Zal as their King, even tho they would keep the rule over the empire.

    Eventually the deterioration of Ghar Zal's flesh started, he became deadly ill but the sisters didn't want to lose him. They gathered the greatest of Grineer minds to create a super powerful suit which ran on a strange Orokin relic which would keep his brain from ever deteriating. Ghar Zal would live forever, an ancient Grineer, an everlasting symbol of their might. Such a suit has never been able to be reproduced.

    Ghar Zal has been in cryostasis for a long time to give his brain rest and keep all the DNA intact, but now he has been reawakened after the loss of one of the Queens. Filled with sorrow and anger, he has made it his top priority to finish the final ship of the Formorian Fleet and set sail to new frontiers for his brothers and sisters to grow beyond the stars. He has informed the last Queen to prepare herself for takeoff in a few weeks. The Steel Meridian managed to intercept this message and have asked you to put a stop to their plans and bring down this ancient terror.

    Ghar Zal is a giant Grineer made mostly from steel. He has multiple tubes running through his arms and across his back, on his back you can also find multiple fuel tanks which need to be refilled often. His head looks almost like a mix of Grineer and Orokin tech, there is a lot of plating on top of his head which can be opened, perhaps this part protects his brain. Ghar Zal's prevered weapon is a giant electric battleaxe and a Grineer blaster which fires concentrated blasts of plasma which explodes on impact. 


    -= New Enemiesr =-

    Grineer Eradicator:

    Grineer Eradicators are the new step of the Grineer elite soldiers. Following the same mechanic as Ghar Zal himself, they are basically Grineer brains placed in mechanical suits. They don't feel any pain and will keep fighting until their mechanical body breaks down and their life support ends. When a grineer brain has stopped working a new one is placed it after extensive training and recruiting. Grineer Eradicators come in 3 different versions. Standard Eradicators use a powerful gattling gun. Annihalators use the same type of battleaxe that Ghar Zal himself uses and finally the Demolisher that uses the same plasma cannon. You can defeat these enemies faster by hitting them in the back destroying their cooling system and then when the hatches open all over its body fire straight through the brain.


    Grineer King's Guard:

    King's Guard are heavy plated versions of the Eradicator class. Using all the similar weapons but lacking all their weaknesses, these are the superior Grineer elite. They also wear capes because capes are cool.



    This post will be updated regurally with new content, stay tuned

  2. 4TXjbQ4.png


    --=  Intro  =--

    This is a concept born from another concept known as the Blight of Dysnomia which you can find here: 


    Raid Venture are add on content for higher level players to get even more excitement out of the open world areas which are coming to Warframe, you can activate Raid Venture missions by using, similar to the old Trials, keys which you can craft with the resources from that particulair area. These Raid Ventures will bring an extra challenge to older players and will have to make them work together to bring down huge, powerful enemies and traverse through grand dungeons with many challenges awaiting inside. This will not be a perfect replacement in any way of form but it will be a small add on which can be interesting to veteran players of this game.


    --=  How does Raid Venture work?  =--

    Raid Venture works rather simple, once you completed the main quest from that area and reached a high enough standing you can buy the key blueprint which fits the area you are in. You use resources from the local area to craft these keys and with these keys you can enter Raid Venture missions. Raid Venture missions let you travel to a certain location which was normally locked for all players, these areas are huge dungeon like structures which are always the same layout with the same challenges but they are rather difficult and take a lot of teamwork. At the end you will always find a Raid Boss which is a super strong foe with sometimes multiple faces. Defeating this Raid Boss grants you a fair amount of loot and special Venture Points which you can exchange for special weapon parts for your Zaw weapons and you can buy special mods with them.

    --=  Plains of Eidolon Raid Venture  =--

    Requires the Eidolon Raid Key to enter.

    Below the plains an ancient power has awakened. Konzu and the Quills need your help to defeat this evil which has been burrowed deep bellow the plains. You and 3 other squad members need to enter head to the enterance which has been digged up by Grineer a while ago. You traverse through the grineer mines while being attacked by high level enemies, eventually you reach the enterance of the Orokin construct deep below the ground. Here you can find 3 puzzles and lots of grineer enemies which have managed to dig their way inside the construct. The first puzzle consist of 4 circles which you need to rotate to form a series of symbols which you can see appearing on the gate, this circles turn each time you stand on it, you have to do this while being attacked from all angles. The second puzzle is an Orokin defense mechanism which needs to destroy itself, similar to the eye on Lua, only this time it is a giant stationary system which consists of 2 lazers and a giant cannon, you need to dodge the lazers and let the cannon shoot its reactors which are spread across the chamber. The final puzzle is a simple Simon Says gate lock which you need to unlock while being shot, just shoot the right nodes and the gate will open.

    You enter the chamber and jump all the way down, here you will find a completed version of a Teralyst called an Ultralyst. Which is much more armored and can use a multitude of powerful attacks. You fight this thing in a cave filled with orokin pillars all the way down the construct. You defeat this boss by killing the small eidolon enemies it spawns and taking their strange cores to power the pillars, once you powered all the pillars you can damage the Eidolon for a short time until it sucks up all the energy the pillars give off and fires a super powerful folley of shots. Do this multiple times and the Ultralyst dissolves to a strange bright substance, from this a strange sentient emerges which is a straight forward boss fight simply called the Ultralyst Core. This Sentient comes up close more often than usual and uses similar attacks as the Ultralyst, it can also fire a huge concentrated lazer with knockback. Defeating it causes it to invert and disappear with a bright flash of light.

    After defeating this boss you will be rewarded with multiple pieces of loot and the circle in the middle of the arena will start to glow, standing on it teleports you out of the dungeon all the way back to the gate of Cerus.



    I will be adding more Raid Ventures in time, I hope you liked this concept and if you have any other ideas or things I need to change just let me know.

  3. 1 hour ago, ALEKS_D_RAVEN said:

    Needs more eldritch abomination surface.

    also Dysnomia is so small it probablty isn`t even spherical, very low gravity, low surface insolation ( guaranteed frozen surface planet with very thin atmosphere ).

    Yeah, I explained that after the impact the surface has really changed and got its own ecosystem which completely revolves around the Infested. The spores thickin the atmosphere to some extend and it feels grafity works just like the broken ship tilesets. Maybe I should note that down as well.

  4. PczNRzP.png


    -=  Intro  =-


    Welcome to yet another concept, this time I will be talking about a cardgame fitting for warframe, complete with its own gameplay mechanics and awesome features. I myself have worked in the boardgame business for awhile and have 5 games under my belt. I thought it would be fun trying my best to create a concept for DE for their very own cardgame. This topic will be updated once in a while with better explanations, images and gameplay simulations. Stay tuned!


    -=  General Concept  =-


    DexDeck, or as we call it here, Cardframe, is a 1v1 cardgame with deck masters and cards which together form powerful decks to face your opponents. This cardgame was created to entertain children all over the Origin system and now the operators enjoy playing it in their spare time. All you have to do is sit at the newly placed table in your quarters and search for a match. Once you joined a randomized playfield will load and you can start your match. Every deck is made out of 50 cards. 5 Leader cards and 45 cards if your own choosing. You can pick your Deck Master who you think that fits the right set of skills to work with your deck (Example: Capt Vor is a Deck Master which specializes in demobilisation. Using his skill you can stop one opponent card from doing its move. Or Alad V that can spawn a Zanuka card when on 10 Health Points which only works once per match.). The one that loses all Health Points loses the match or if that person can’t pull any cards anymore.


    -=  Gameplay  =-


    General idea of the player field



    Example of a card layout



    Deck Master

    Deck Masters are basically the generals of your deck. Your task is to keep your DM alive by using the cards at your disposal. Deck Masters all have an unique skill and belong to a certain faction. Some unique skills are passive and will only activate with sudden criteria while other effects can be used almost every turn for mild boosts and mild annoyances. The faction determance what units you can use, leader cards can be used by any Deck Master.

    [Examples for Deck Masters: Lotus, Teshin, Capt. Vor, Awakened Capt. Vor, Tyl Regor, Alad V, Nef Anyo, Phorid, Jordas etc...]



    Leaders are the warframes, simple as that. Leaders have more health and most of the time more attack than standard units but they cost lots more focus crystals to summon. Every Leader has 3 empty mod slots. You can replace unit cards in your deck with mod cards which can give small boosts. Your Leader is the only one that can have 3 mods at once while normal units can only have 1. Leaders also have a special skill which activates when certain criteria are met. The maximum amount of Leaders in your deck is 5, losing them all can mean a lot of trouble. This mechanic is made so you can't flood the field with extremelly powerful cards, but they are made in a way that taking them down with normal units won't be a huge problem.



    Units are the basic cards you use in a match. Low costing units have almost no attack and health but are good for flooding or to use in combination with some more powerful cards. A lot of units also have abilities like taunting or activating a shield. Every unit has one mod slot to give it an extra boost.



    Mods are also cards which give units and leaders extra boosts. Using mods also costs Focus Crystals so you need to think before you use them, also when the unit it is equipped to dies you lose it.



    Casters are quick use cards with a variety of effects, these also cost Focus Crystals to be used.


    Focus Crystals

    Focus Crystals are the points you use to summon units. Every player starts with 2 but every turn you get 1 extra until you reach 10. Everything you do besides attacking costs Focus Crystals.


    Card Health

    Every card has it's own health points. Every attack can bring those points down till they hit zero, if they do that card has been taken down and needs to be placed on the Grave tile.

  5. On 23-3-2018 at 5:12 AM, Faaaiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee said:

    Seeing and interacting with survivors would be nice and help them with their survival. But I would like mission were given and assisted by the survivor, instead of meddling Lotus.


    I'd like to add mission suggestion, Reclaiming and expanding territory.


    It's an endless mission where wave of enemies coming after another, but after few wave, more area will be opened up and you can operate ship modules to assist and buff you.

    That could be a pretty cool idea, maybe this would fit more for an actual new Infested mission type were you start in a certain part of the map and a thick mist of Infested spores and when you beat the right amount of waves in that area the mist grows thinner in some places, meaning you have more ground to walk on while more and more enemies appear. Could be fun for sure but still needs some work before we could call it a ''finished concept''.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Yhtmahyll said:

    I agree with your take here, I feel like Eris itself feels too big to be consumed by Infested whole. So this little moon would be a perfect spot for this theme. (Technically all Uranus nodes are on its moons, and some of the ice Neptune nodes are presumably on the moons as well. Still,.. It's great to expand more.)

    Rather than Grineer calling dropships, bright and loud, I imagine traversing around Dysnomia would be much more quiet, accompanied with creepy ambient music, infested masses walking around doing their own thing until they see you. Reading the whole yellow river, it feels like this could be a surreal hellish vision that you would not expect it to happen, but it does..

    You know, maybe I should describe the ambient noises and what for music there should be a bit more and also explain how more Infested can spawn in battle and such. Thanks for the spark!

  7. 6 minutes ago, Yhtmahyll said:

    I love how well presented this concept is, I am quite interested how it was going in the decision to make it on the moon dysnomia instead of the actual Eris. These though, are all very eerie, sort of a wrecked, desolated places that sort of would sent chills into many people spine playing it the first time. I could see a big horror-turn in this one.

    I wanted to create a place were you think the moon/planet actually lives in some way but I felt like living planets have been done to death already so I thought why not make it on the moon. I always thought it would be interesting to go to another moon ever since we went to Lua (Even tho Lua had really heavy lore). 

    Also thanks, I tried making it sound as desolated and tainted as I could while also describing interesting places to go to and explore. Really wanted to depict the horrors of the Infested and what they are capable off while also combining that with lore which could fit in the current lore. Hope I did a good job with that.

  8. 1 hour ago, GigantEdge said:

    Nice! VERY nice! :thumbup:

    Got any plans in regards to Helminth to work on for this Fan Concept BTW?

    ( ^ You know, That collective of Infestation that lives in our Orbiter?)

    Haven't really thought of that actually, could be fun having him talk about this original strain of Infested DNA and how closely related he is to it. Or something in that sense, might need to look into that some more, thanks for the inspirational spark!

  9. 35 minutes ago, Unus said:



    Haha! Well done sir, make my work on Eris itself look like a bit of soap scum one picked out of their belly button ya did. One thing though. . . I'm not to sure about your Warframe, given the current existence of Nydus. Perhaps, rather then having an entirely new Warframe, Dys could be all about collecting Nydusian ability Augments that leverage the power of the native strain? Utilizing their abilities to provide things like, say, a swarm of festlings instead of a maggot horde or hypnotic yellow ooze alongside Nydus' absorbing abilities to make them come to him like moths to a wood chipper that makes fuel for an engine?


    OH, you have a giant worm/wyrm to!? Hehe, there's just something about megaton-sized earth-shifters that really gets the blood pumping, Gears of War 2 comes to mind.


    As a side note, it's fascinating looking this over at how complex it gets and how many folks have commented upon it. I came up with an open world a long ways back that got about this complicated, but, never really got this kind of flurry of responses.

    Digesting it a bit, it seems like the two key differences between yours and mine are

    1. You have art of your own making.

    2. It's in it's own contained threadpiece.

    Seeing as I can't do either, all I can say is, congrats on catching the eye of so many!


    Hey thanks man, that means a lot.
    Also wow, you have written down so many ideas, maybe divide them into new posts someday with more detail, surely people will like to read it.

    As for the new warframe, it is more that I wanted to give players a new warframe in the way they gave us Gara, only this time it is Infested themed. Might needs some work still but I will get there eventually, someday.

    I try updating it regularly so it can expand some more into a completed concept, hope someone gets inspired by it.

  10. nt3UAmb.png

    -=  Preface  =-

    Many players who have reached the end of the game have a similar issue. The game is great, but just not fun anymore after you have seen everything and done everything. Doing missions over and over again don't feels satisying, you want it faster but also more difficult. Here is Crisis System, the ultimate hard mode for Warframe.


    -=  Concept  =-

    The concept is rather simple really. The whole origin system as you know it made even more difficult. Enemies deal so much more damage, they are tankier than ever before and they come in a wider variety. Enemies in this gamemode will start scaling from level 100 and up, all the enemies you know and love will also be named differently, Grineer Butchers for instance will be named Grineer Slaughteres or Ancient Infested will be called Elder Ancients. But oke, now all enemies are stronger than ever before, but why should I care more about farming for resources in this hard mode instead of the normal one. Double resources at all times, that is the reward for being able to compete in this gamemode, a mode were even the most veteran of players can wipe away a bit of sweat after facing a normal extermination missions. Also drop rates for rare loot is much higher compared to the standard game, making this even more rewarding. 

    This is not everything tho, Crysis System also comes with additional bosses which can randomly spawn on each planet, these bosses aren't only more powerful than any you have seen before but they are also limited to this gamemode.

    For the Grineer you have a Nightwatch elite named Lt. Grah Mul who fights with brute force and as close as possible, all his attack are made to come closer to you and make brutal strikes which easily melt away your health, staying as mobile as possible and hitting the exhaust pipes on his back after finishing 5 attacks will make you able to beat it, be careful tho, Grah Mul is able to switch his elements and do a lot of area damage.

    For the Corpus we have Baltos, an extremelly skilled engineer who was one of the key members of all robotic engineering teams before he went rogue and made an extremelly powerful machine all by himself in secracy, Baltos has gained a deal with the higher ups that if he managed to bring a Warframe to the council he would get his freedom back and a new place on the Corpus board with his own devision, his machine is a giant spidertank which is able to walk over walls and ceilings, sometimes it fires drones which will try to attack you, shooting the drones causes them to malfunction and explode, destroying Baltos' shield and making the spidertank vulnerable.

    For the Infested we have Aegis, a giant infested mix of a broodmother and an ancient. It walks slowly using its legs and one arm, the biggest problem of Aegis is its capability to non-stop spawn Infested and healing itself, if you can't deal enough damage it might outheal you see it is best taking raw damage. Its crit weakspot is on the back of its body were its core is visible. This boss is also able to shoot toxic fog and balls of corrosive goo.

    For the Orokin we have the Roamer, a giant Orokin creation of machinery which walks through the halls of the Towers. It has a bright yellow point under a layer of armor which can be exposed by dealing enough damage, you can also break its arms but it will regenerate every piece of its body that it has lost. Its main attacks are swinging with its hammer like arms and shooting a giant radiation lazer which deals insane amounts of damage. It can also teleport short distances and charge towards you similar to Rhino's charge. Just hit it in its weakspot till it dies.

    And finally the Sentient which have the Oracle and the Warrior, a twin boss fight of two extremelly powerful sentient beings, one who deals a lot of damage but moves rather slow compared to most Sentients and the other who heals and supports its partner which is faster than most Sentients. Killing the Oracle first means the Warrior gets a passive heal which will turn out to be rather annoying, killing the Warrior first means the Oracle will switch all support to elemental attacks and gets a small area of effect which does fire damage. Just hit them till they die, if you can.

    Next to all this a world boss sometimes appears similar to the Razorback and the Fomorian Fleet. This boss has a shared health pool and when defeated grants all players a collection of items which is calculated by the amount of points you earned. This boss is a special one which is always fought on Lua. A giant sentient which looks quite similar to the big Eidolons you see in the Plains of Eidolon however this thing is much more bulky and has all its limbs still intact. This thing is enormous and you can switch between archwing and normal mode while fighting it in its huge open arena. There are multiple places to regroup and heal because trust me this thing takes a while to bring down. It has all the attacks of the Eidolons you know but with a few extra things. It is able to spawn Sentients when reaching a low enough amount of health, it can shoot a ball of energy similar to Mirage's fourth ability which shoots lazers in multiple directions and it can teleport to another piece of the arena. It drops many rewards and the big reward you get could be anything.

    All this content is locked behind mastery rank 15, this way new players can make themselves ready for the big fight and veterans can play with players of their skill level.


    -=  Scaling  =-

    This way of making new end game content means most enemy skilling can be overhauled to make it more accesible for players and giving players who want a challenge the challenge they deserve.


    Of course this is just one part of solving the problem of end game players losing their touch with Warframe, but it is a start, from here everything can become better.

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