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  1. 9 hours ago, (XB1)KabaEistee said:

    Yeah thats better! Good Job

    Thanks, I tried my best with all the feedback I got. Want to do much more tho.

    8 hours ago, (XB1)BigLithuanian said:

    I love all the new creatures. Such brilliant ideas for new infested enemies. I would be so happy to see these enemies implemented  with this whole idea. I LOVE IT!!!

    Aye thanks, I really wanted some more Infested enemies and things in general. They deserve more love.

    5 hours ago, Blackgimli said:

    Dude this is brilliant. I hope DE is reading this

    I hope so too, atleast make it to concept of the week or something :') if they still do that tho.

  2. Just now, (XB1)BigLithuanian said:

    Awesome idea. I think this would be a great way to expound on the infested and give them a fresh feeling by adding more variants. Perhaps there could be underwater missions with infested animals such as fish, birds, maybe even a Leviathan.

    Perhaps it could be possible to combine underwater parts with an open world area just like how it works on Uranus. If it could be possible I have to expand the information about yellow rivers of Dysnomia and with that also expand the amount of Infested beings living in there. Thanks for the inspiration spark!



    -=  Intro  =-

    This is a concept for an open world zone like the 'Plains of Eidolon'. Dysnomia is one of the moons of Eris, a small dwarf planet which you might know as the dangerous infested zone in the origins system. Dysnomia is the perfect place for a new place to go to and explore. I think this moon can be the perfect place for an infested open world zone.


    -=  Story  =-

    A long time ago a derelict crashed into the moon of Eris, a small planet in the outer rim of the origin system. From this derelict a blight spread which covered the entire moon, from this blight pieces of infestation started to break off, traveling to different planets to spread the infested. The infestation on Dysnomia is something the origin system has never known, it is almost like the moon itself is one huge organism. "The moon is its shell, it uses it to protect its body like a crab, what for being could be living under the crust... I must know." These are the words of a Mycano tribe chief who has settled in a town made from wrecked ships and other debri, he has made it his life long job to find out the secrets of this moon and what it may hold for his people. It is more an unhealthy obsession at the moment.

    The moon is covered with wrecked ships from all factions, some Mycano made it their outposts, but most of the wreckages are filled with Infested. Giant infested roots are spread all across this moon, these things created multiple tunnels and fissures all across the surface. The roots lead to one central point, the derelict which crashed ages ago. This is no ordinary derelict, deep within its walls there are laboratories like you have never seen before. The laboratories where the terror of the Infested has been born.

    The tenno, together with the chief of the Mycano people, will venture in this derelict with a never before seen mission type in the open world zones. Raid Venture. In this mission a special location will open, for this zone it is the giant Derelict which is located in the crater. You go inside and shoot your way through hoards of enemies. Eventually you will reach a giant open room all the way down, here you will find the laboraties where the Infested has been born. You can see multiple samples of old Infested prototypes, even some blueprints for Lephantis. Eventually you reach a giant door which you need to open by completing two small puzzles, behind this door you can jump down one more time and you reach the Raid Boss. An ancient Infested creature which looks like a giant collection of tentacles and teeth attached to a giant wall. After defeating it, it breaks open, revealing a strange humanoid Infested creature with unnatural strength. It is also able to channel void energy into many powerful attacks. Defeating this boss grants you parts of a special infested weapon, stuff to use for the Mycano standing and multiple resources. This boss also drops a lot of rare mods, arcanes and rivens when fought on a higher difficulty.


    After beating it you and the Mycano chief enter an Orokin vault with a strange tube which is being kept in cryostasis. The chief grabs the tube and talks about what a strange feeling this tube gives him, a strange surge of power, it feels warm yet cold at the same time. Nothing more is told about this tube, people will wonder what it is. After beating the mission and returning to town the chief will give you a special blueprint for an ancient warframe which was born directly from the strain of Origras. This frame, just like Nidus, is Infested themed and has control over Infested powers. This frame will focus more on breaking the enemy by decreasing their stats and eventually being able to do massive damage with its first ability making this frame fit well in solo but also as support in a squad.

    After beating the Raid Venture for the first time you can do it many more times for all the loot.


    Beautiful rendition of Dysnomia


    -=  Dysnomia  =-

    Dysnomia is one of the moons of Eris. This moon has been tainted by the Infested Blight by a giant Derelict which has crashed on its surface. The moon is covered with giant Infested constructs and wrecked ships of all factions. A small location is a ship graveyard which the Mycano call home, a few other ships are used as outposts but most are filled to the brim with Infested. You can also find a few 'forests' of Infested stuff and a lot of caverns which go deep down. Dysnomia knows many landmarks and locations which you can find on its blighted crust.


    Blight Harbor: Blight Harbor is the town in which the Mycano people life. It is a small town which is made out of multiple broken ships. In the middle of town you can see a small Corpus frigade, around it you can find a few shops and inside you can find the home of the Chief. The Blight Harbor looks slightly cleaner than any other place because the Mycano people keep picking all the infested material of their houses for trading.


    Yellow Lake & Rivers: The yellow lake and rivers of Dysnomia are not made out of water, instead it is made from a weird substance which the Infested are attracted to, it seems they feed from this when there is no other source of food left. People who have been researching the behavior of the Infested found out that they extract multiple types of resources from a living body before they spread the Infestation to a new body, this might explain why they attack anything that lives with such a urge but that is still uncertain. The yellow bodies of fluid are home to many underwater ‘plants’ and strange Infested versions of fishes.


    Terramorphus Mountain: The Terramorphus Mountain is a giant hunk of Infested material which formed a strange cannon like appearance. Sometimes a flash of bright orange light can be seen and a chunk of Infested is shot into space. Many think this is how the Infested are able to spread across the galaxy, they are being fired in a hard cocoon with enough food for a few days, eventually hitting a planet like a seed, spreading its blight even further.


    Armadas Rest: Armadas Rest is an old Grineer frigade which crashed on Dysnomia after a space battle above its surface. It has broken into multiple parts spread across an open field, cargo laying everywhere and Infested ‘plants’ sprouting from the dead bodies which have been there for quite a while now. Some symbols can be found inside the ship indicating this was an important ship from a higher up in the Grineer empire, many stuff leads to this being Dr. Tengus old flagship when he was out doing research. A few escape shuttles can be found missing.

    Another beautiful rendition



    Greeds End: Greeds End is a Corpus ship that once made an emergency landing here, it landed on an unstable piece of land and was swallowed by the moon through a fissure. Infested creatures quickly entered the ship through the many tunnels underground and killed off the entire crew. You can see bodies everywhere, all Infected with the same ‘plants’ you normally see on Dysnomia. There are mutalist enemies around every corner, so watch out.

    Another beautiful rendition



    Tainted Spire: The tainted spire is a giant Orokin construct, also known as a tower, which has crashed here long ago. The moment the Derelict crashed into Dysnomia, the moon was terraformed into a breeding area for the Infested. The huge crater it left behind is surrounded by giant spiked rocks and infested tendrils. Inside the place is like any derelict but when you go deep enough you find the laboratories where the Infested are made. You can see failed experiments, too aggressive specimens, broken down orokin tech and a giant door which leads to a chamber filled with tubes. All these tubes lead to a singular huge coffin, when you jump down the coffin opens, revealing a giant abomination of an Infested. After hurting it enough it breaks the floor and you fall down in a chamber with a giant door. When you have succeeded into beating it you can open the door and find one of the most important puzzle pieces in Infested lore. In this derelict you can also find hints of an even great danger, something about an artificial planet they created.

    Another beautiful rendition



    -=  The Sounds of Dysnomia  =-

    The ambience of Dysnomia is a soft wind with the sounds you hear in most Infested tilesets, you also hear soft synths which give a very off world and unnerving vibe. You are standing on a place of blight, surrounded by crashed ships filled with death and decay, the only thing you have is you and your squad members. Near the yellow fluids you can hear a loud rumbling noise once in a while of giant beasts that live there but which you never see which makes you wonder, what could make such sounds. When you enter a broken ship you can hear steel cracking and sometimes a small electric current which still works. Music is put to a minimum in this world, giving you more of an empty vibe on this desolated moon. Even the village you visit has an eerie ambient soundtrack which works well with the state they have to live in.

    This is an example of the music I had in mind: 





    -=  Combat on Dysnomia  =-

    Most Infested roam around the surface and many close quarter areas, they pay little attention until you get too close because the atmosphere and the yellow fluid feeds them enough to numb their senses. Once you provoked a group of Infested they will make a loud noise to alarm nearby Infested of your presence. If you are doing certain missions cocoons can fall out of the sky which were shot by one of those 'mountains'. These cocoons will explode living a trace of toxic gas and Infested will come out of it, this way they can appear in a similar way as the Grineer.


    -=  Mycano Mods  =-

    What can you make with all those resources from Dysnomia. The Mycano people are specialized in making modifications, these modifications are a bit strange because they are made of Infested parts and have many pros and cons to them. You can make a mod yourself with the effects of your liking, but this means it will also have a downside to it when you are done with them, this downside is randomized and can go from something you will never miss to something you will hate so much. The higher your standing and the more resources you have, the better your build mods will get. These mods will also not have a standard border and image, instead the border looks like Infested material and the image is an abstract artwork of one of the Infested (The Infested shown on the picture is the one resembling the strongest effect you have on your mod.). These mods will be specificallly for your Warframe and not for any weapons, always keep that in mind.


    -=  Creatures  =-

    The surface of Dysnomia has many foes. Besides all the Infested you have known for years there are a lot of new additions. Here you can see most of the new creatures:


    Snappers are small Infested fishlike creatures with a big hard jaw, this jaw is mostly used by the Mycano people as tools.


    Shimmers are strange luminescent Infested creatures that life deep in the yellow lake and rivers, the goo that creates the luminescent effect is mostly used as bait.


    Dwellers are strange sluglike Infested creatures which dwell in the tunnel structures of Dysnomia, they are the best source for raw Infested materials.


    Consumers are large, almost insect Infested creatures made from a very hard material, their mouth and belly however are very weak to attacks. Researchers think this is the first stage of evolution of the juggernauts.


    Festlings are small pockets of spores floating around with small tentacles. Festlings float around aimlessly and have no other purpose than to eventually burst and create new Infested.


    Floaters are huge Infested creatures which float around in the air thanks to the spores they eat that they turn into gas. Floaters, similar to broodmothers, are able to spawn Infested. What makes these different is that they are capable of spawning bigger infested than the standard broodmother, indicating this might be the final stage of evolution for broodmothers. These creatures attack by swinging their tentacles.


    Crushers are infested ghouls from the grineer Empire. Their unstable DNA structure makes it difficult for Infested to completely take it over so they create new muscle tissue and use the strength of the ghoul to their advantage. Sometimes the ghoul stays alive for weeks until the Infested finally manage to take full control. These creatures charge towards you to attack and do powerful slams.


    Burrowers are an offspring of the Consumer gene, they traded strength for the capability to dig underground for surprise attacks, these can be extra annoying when moving through tunnels because they can come from any direction. These Infested look fairly similar to the Consumers besides their colour.


    Hives are big hive like Infested which walk on three legs. They spawn small flying creatures called Hornets which are similar to Maggots but than they are airbourne. They can toxic proc you with a very low chance and overwhelm you in numbers. Hives in themselves can't attack and are rather slow, but they are very tanky.


    Tyrants are the final stage of evolution for the Consumer line even surpassing a Behemoth. They are large and slow but their attacks are insanely powerful and will wreck you when hit. These creatures only spawn in 'The Hunt' missions.


    -=  Bosses  =-

    Origras, the first born

    Orokin experimented with many things, they created weapons of immense power, machines that would level anything on a planet and biological terrors which would destroy anything in their way. From one of these experiments, ment to create super soldiers which would regen and multiply at an extreme rate, the first of the Infested DNA strain you see today was created. Origras, how unstable it may have been, fit every criteria the Orokin set up for themselves. Its regenarating capabilities were off the charts and it held immense power, the Orokin took samples of this create and perfected them into multiple mutated strains which are the Infested you see walking around in this day and age. The Origras was eventually put into cryostasis after showing capabilities with void energy after a few void jumps, it became too dangerous but was also too valuable. After the derelict crashed on Dysnomia the creature awakened partially and spread its roots all across the moon, searching for food and spreading its blight.

    Origras is a giant mesh of teeth, tentacles and mouths with visible weakspots, it holds immense power but its body is really ubstable. It has four attacks it mostly does, first it can sweep with its tentacles to hurt you, second if you get too close one of its mouths can extend and bite you so you should keep your distance, third it lobs pools of Viral acid which hurts your warframe and causes a viral proc, finally you have his energy lazers which it fires from its two main tentacles which are fairly larger and have a weird glowing point. This boss is pretty slow so dodging it isn’t difficult, however the boss is quite tanky so it might take awhile before you can hurt it.

    After defeating this form it falls off the wall and breaks the entire floor, its body starts to melt and from it a new creature emerges, an infested being perfectly copying its creators, an orokin. It is humanoid in form but still looks like a mesh of Infested materials. The creature walks slowly but can dash forward at any moment, it has five attacks. First it can dash towards you can do a strong energy sword sweep, second it can smash the ground causing a small shockwave of void energy which causes a radiation proc, third it can do a normal energy slash when you are near it, fourth it is able to shoot a lazer similar to its older form out of the palm of its hand, finally it can go into a different mode making it many times faster than before. After defeating it, it lets out all the energy stored in its body. This makes the vault door malfunction and it opens. The creature itself just devolves into nothingness but you can clearly see a face like spirit fading as last, indicating that this might not be the last you have seen from this creature.

    This boss has the chance to drop special weapon parts for a powerful infested weapon, it drops a multitude of mods, arcanes and rivens. It also drops bundles of Mycano resources that you use for crafting and standing. You can only get the arcanes and rivens when you do the highest difficulty for this boss which is a lvl 80-100 mission.


    The Digger

    The Digger is a giant Infested worm which burrows deep under the moons surface, you can make this enemy spawn by accepting a certain mission called ‘Grave Digger Hunt’. This creature comes above ground rather fast and strikes with its mouth, it can also point upward and shoot multiple balls of viral acid, while it is pointing upwards its weak spots are quite exposed so you better use that opportunity.

    This boss drops rare mods and many resources.


    -=  Mission Types  =-

    Raid Venture

    Raid Venture are add on content for higher level players to get even more excitement out of the open world areas which are coming to Warframe, you can activate Raid Venture missions by using, similar to the old Trials, keys which you can craft with the resources from that particulair area. These Raid Ventures will bring an extra challenge to older players and will have to make them work together to bring down huge, powerful enemies and traverse through grand dungeons with many challenges awaiting inside. This will not be a perfect replacement in any way of form but it will be a small add on which can be interesting to veteran players of this game.


    --=  How does Raid Venture work?  =--

    Raid Venture works rather simple, once you completed the main quest from that area and reached a high enough standing you can buy the key blueprint which fits the area you are in. You use resources from the local area to craft these keys and with these keys you can enter Raid Venture missions. Raid Venture missions let you travel to a certain location which was normally locked for all players, these areas are huge dungeon like structures which are always the same layout with the same challenges but they are rather difficult and take a lot of teamwork. At the end you will always find a Raid Boss which is a super strong foe with sometimes multiple faces. Defeating this Raid Boss grants you a fair amount of loot and special Venture Points which you can exchange for special weapon parts for your Zaw weapons and you can buy special mods with them.

    --=  Plains of Eidolon Raid Venture  =--

    Requires the Eidolon Raid Key to enter.

    Below the plains an ancient power has awakened. Konzu and the Quills need your help to defeat this evil which has been burrowed deep bellow the plains. You and 3 other squad members need to enter head to the enterance which has been digged up by Grineer a while ago. You traverse through the grineer mines while being attacked by high level enemies, eventually you reach the enterance of the Orokin construct deep below the ground. Here you can find 3 puzzles and lots of grineer enemies which have managed to dig their way inside the construct. The first puzzle consist of 4 circles which you need to rotate to form a series of symbols which you can see appearing on the gate, this circles turn each time you stand on it, you have to do this while being attacked from all angles. The second puzzle is an Orokin defense mechanism which needs to destroy itself, similar to the eye on Lua, only this time it is a giant stationary system which consists of 2 lazers and a giant cannon, you need to dodge the lazers and let the cannon shoot its reactors which are spread across the chamber. The final puzzle is a simple Simon Says gate lock which you need to unlock while being shot, just shoot the right nodes and the gate will open.

    You enter the chamber and jump all the way down, here you will find a completed version of a Teralyst called an Ultralyst. Which is much more armored and can use a multitude of powerful attacks. You fight this thing in a cave filled with orokin pillars all the way down the construct. You defeat this boss by killing the small eidolon enemies it spawns and taking their strange cores to power the pillars, once you powered all the pillars you can damage the Eidolon for a short time until it sucks up all the energy the pillars give off and fires a super powerful folley of shots. Do this multiple times and the Ultralyst dissolves to a strange bright substance, from this a strange sentient emerges which is a straight forward boss fight simply called the Ultralyst Core. This Sentient comes up close more often than usual and uses similar attacks as the Ultralyst, it can also fire a huge concentrated lazer with knockback. Defeating it causes it to invert and disappear with a bright flash of light.

    After defeating this boss you will be rewarded with multiple pieces of loot and the circle in the middle of the arena will start to glow, standing on it teleports you out of the dungeon all the way back to the gate of Cerus.

    Smaller missions




    Scavenge is a straight forward mission type were you search out spires of Infested material all across the open world. From these you collect special resources only for this mission, collecting enough means you completed the mission. These Infested spires attract a lot of enemies so look out, sometimes depleting a spire spawns in a juggernaut.



    Irradication missions are similar to exterminate missions but instead you irradicate nests of Infested enemies in key locations which are shows on your map. You need to head to these locations and irritate a hive, this causes waves of Infested to come out, after you killed them all the hive slowly melts away and you can continue to the next hive. Destroying all enemies and hives means you completed the mission.


    The Hunt

    The Hunt missions are missions were you hunt special extra powerful enemies and sometimes even bosses. These enemies are similar to Phorid, being bigger versions of existing enemies with even more powerful attacks. Hunting can be easy on low levels but when you reach higher levels it can become a real challenge.



    -=  Warframe concept  =-

    Manibus, Bringer of Blight

    Manibus is a warframe specifically build for debuffing enemies and dealing massive damage afterwards. This frame works better in a squad than solo but still holds its ground when alone, especially with the augments which revolve around survivability. Manibus, just like Nidus, is an infested themed warframe, it holds powers similar to the Infested but also has one extra trick thanks to his origins. Manibus means 'hand' which fits the warframe well, Manibus uses his right hand most of the time to channel all its abilities.

    Old concept art which I would love to revisit:




    Health  -  250 (450 at max level)

    Shield  -  100 (300 at max level)

    Armor  -  75 (150 at max level)

    Energy  -  150 (220 at max level)



    First Ability | Bladed Blight: Hits enemies up close with a quick and powerful blade made from energy stored in Manibus' body. This ability can also leave enemies with a radiation effect. If you hit more than 3 enemies at a time you will regain 50% of the lost energy, every additional enemy gains you 10% more, maxes out at 70% energy return.

    Second Ability | Vile Wave: Manibus lets out a wave of spores stored in the body which corrode enemies. Enemies struck by this ability lose 30% armor and have a chain to be corrode procced. If you kill an enemy that has been tainted you have a 20% chance the infection will spread to an enemy nearby (5 meters atleast).

    Third Ability | Putrifying Pulse: Manibus fires a pulse of Viral energy which can viral proc enemies. This also lowers the attack of enemies by 30%.

    Fourth Ability | Tainted Terrain: Manibus final ability is creating an area of Infested growth around him which follows him while he walks around. Enemies that step in this terrain will be drained of their life and can be corrosive procced and/or viral procced. Squad members who stand in the circle will also be healed by the amount of enemies that are in the circle. This is perfect for an aggressive playstyle with survivability in the mix.

  4. Looks like an epic concept, don't rush things tho, no shame in not making it before the deadline, more glory to be had next wave.

    Also I don't think the rings fit well with the overall design, would skip them if I were you. Everything is super organic and suddenly having two hard metal rings won't work.

  5. NWNZ0ze.png

    I have been gone for a while huh. So much content has changed, so much new content has appeared. My mission is clear, it is time for me to return to Wurfrum and recreate everything in the way it should be. More bad quality images will come soon, just sit back and wait. I will update this post each time I have new content, enjoy <3



    -=  WURFRUM the Awakening Batch 2  =-













    -=  WURFRUM the Awakening Batch 1  =-





    Bullus SP



    Fred Buk









    Voy Heck



    Naughty Tenno



    Naughty Tenno Template



    Idelong Moletyst



    Idelong Moletyst Action 



    Idelong Walk



    Filthy Mesa



    Old Wurfrum behind this link: https://imgur.com/a/0CJvS

  6. 24Hm9K4.png


    Hey everyone, welcome to my concept bucket,


    -=  Intro  =-

    This is the spot where you can stay up to date to all my concepts, what I am currently working on and what for great Tennogen stuff is in the making by my good pal Swaggernaut. I hope you all enjoy our works. Don't forget to check Swaggernaut's work out and stay in touch with his progress by pressing this link, don't forget to give him a like as well and follow him: 


    -=  Newest Concepts =-

    Frost Kaldian Set:

    The Kaldian set is a warframe skin + helmet for Frost, an axe reskin named Axartis and a syandana with a never before tried fur cloak named Vikiria.

    "Beyond the gates of the tower on this frozen plain there lays an altar yet undisturbed, displayed there is a champion among the tenno, with his warframe covered in ice and steel, will you take his mantel?"

    "An axe, engraved with the might of the very stars that guide our way, speak with its edge like he once did."

    "Hanging above is a pelt of unknown origins, its fur glistering with energy, a symbol of someones status perhaps?"


    Other parts:





    Volt Thoros Set:

    The Thoros set is a warframe skin + helmet for Volt, a fists reskin named Jarngreipr and a syandana named Ampaegis.

    "High in the sky there is a place untouched, left forgotten because of a grave sin, there it resides, waiting to be used again."

    "Gauntlets of unknown origins, embedded with the will of combat."

    "A strange ornament, icon of lightning, effigy of shock."






    -=  Concepts  =-

    Caltora Syandana:

    Some simple quick design for a syandana



    Zaku Syandana:

    Some simple quick design for a syandana



    Vokjat Syandana:

    Vokjat syandana design, perfect grineer style.




    Nidus Tumultus:

    Nidus Tumultus is my latest helmet concept. The design is ment to be an intimidating helmet with a multitude of moving parts, the back part is a stinger mostly seen in the insect world, however the purpose of his stinger is making a symbiotic link. The horns I drew around the helmet are other options for the 4 horns that he has.




    Elix Syandana:

    The Elix is based on Riv Elite armor, it did get a huge update compared the the first version also displayed in this image. 




    If you want to check out my pet project Wurfrum, in which I make all the great content of Warframe into better content, check this link to the new reborn post which will be updated once in a while: 


  7. So glad you liked the stickers, my boy Scharkie did well delivering this package. The idea was also to have a letter into it but I really goofed it up sooooo. Here it is?
    Keep up the glorious work, hope that in the future more and more open worlds will appear. (Personally can't wait to see a huge graveyard of ships on an infested moon, seeing a huge derelict with a secret about the infested inside.)

    Glorious screenshot from PrimeTime



    The letter of love





  8. -=AEVITAS=-

    Aevitas is a Warframe based around time and dust, use your first and second skill to weaken and take down enemies. Collect dust from their bodies and use the dust to create a copy of yourself or heal yourself.



    Aevitas is the Warframe that controls time itself. With the orbs in its palms it can shred open a time portal which can increase and decrease the age of any object or thing. Its power source is the ash of the dead, the Orokin would cremate dead workers to fuel this Warframe and use it for their own doing. Even tho Aevitas has lost the ability to restore objects or things, when he collects enough energy from the dead he can easily reverse all damage done unto itself. Aevitas is an immortal Warframe of high power but low combat capability.

    Aevitas will be powerful in all endless mission types because of its passive to collect Dust and use its abilities with it.


    • Skill Strength: 100%
    • Skill Range: 100%
    • Skill Duration: 100%
    • Energy Efficiency: 100%
    • Sprinting: 1
    • Shield: 100 (Rank 30: 150)
    • Armor: 200 
    • Health: 250 (Rank 30: 400)
    • Energy: 100 (Rank 30: 180)



    • Passive Ability - Aging Touch: Aevitas collects dust from dead enemies who were marked with the 'Aged' proc, increases armor the more dust he has collected.
    • First Ability - Time Rift: Aevitas fires a bright blast from its palm, all enemies hit by this have a chance to be procced with Aevitas special 'Aged' proc. Aged proc lowers the enemies defense and attack slightly and deals damage overtime. The attack itself has mediocre damage. Killing an enemy that has been marked with the Aged proc turns into dust when killed.
    • First Ability Aug - Cronobreak: Enemies hit by Time Rift won't be able to move for 1-3-5 seconds.
    • Second Ability - Disturbed Aura: Aevitas corrupts a patch of land with the Aging effect, enemies that walk in here will be slowed and gain damage overtime. Killing enemies which are in this area gives Aevitas more dust to collect. This skill has a huge area of effect.
    • Third Ability - Empty Vessel: Aevitas creates an empty vessel from the dust he has collected. The vessel will attack all enemies that come near it. Its health is decided by the amount of Dust collected at the moment in percentage.
    • Third Ability Aug - Dust Caller: Recalls Empty Vessel to him, all enemies that the dust cloud of the Empty Vessel passes through will be inflicted with the Aged proc. The percentage of the Empty Vessels total health will be granted back as Dust to Aevitas.
    • Fourth Ability - Endless Reset: Aevitas uses all the Dust he has collected to heal himself, the percentage of the amount of Dust collected decides the amount that will be healed. Aevitas can heal himself completely.
    • Fourth Ability Aug - Lost Recovery: Aevitas shares the amount healed on himself to all squadmembers, which means each member gets 25% of the total health Aevitas would have healed himself with if he did not have this augment.

    I tried to make something pretty with the drawing, I hope this will do.



  9. iTVwcWc.png


    Wurfrum Wallpapers for those who want to infest their desktop with memes.

    Normal size: vh0yzyg.png

    Normal size without logo: E59zQA2.png

    Bigger size: muNzfox.png

    Bigger size without logo: ECnfaxV.png


    Love you all <3

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