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  1. Goodday and so on and welcome to the Wurfrum Doodle Corner.


    I almost got no time to make huge wurfrum series anymore so I will take a small portion of my time doodling terrible things here. This place will update every few days or so.

    Stay tuned and have fun.


    I made a small Oberon Prime doodle. About time I got back into the whole wurfrum thing right? More is to come, for sure, maybe. I like his head because of the horns, the bigger the better, I think they could have done a bit much a lot more. Like dis.



    Harrow looks like a bong, that is all



    I haven't forgotten you guys, I love you all.

    If you want any shirts and stuff, follow this link, also if you have one and go to Tennocon, place, drop a picture here, I would love that a lot <3


    Please keep on grinding, it is good for your soul.


    Greetings with love and passion,


  2. 6 minutes ago, DerkmeisterPrime said:

    When I saw the grinner gunblade, I thought "Lol, good luck trying to shoot someone with the blade in the way." but then I saw the front view.

    The Sentient sword+dagger seems interesting enough.

    Yeh had to do a front view or else people would never understand XD.

    Yeh the sentient Sword+Dagger seems interesting to many. might should work that one out, or a few and let people pick from those again.

  3. Hello hello,

    I made a few quicksketches to get the ideas out, but I could use some help deciding which to pick. Let me know which of these is your favourite and I will try to finalise the design. 






    Also sorry for how quick this post was written, I don't have much to say hehe.


    Warframe themed card game with all the factions and multiple ways to win.


    A long time ago the operators created a small cardgame in their first years. The cardgame was easy to play and quick to learn, new operators were able to quickly get into it and socialise with the others.

    Now after many years old cards were discovered in old orokin ruins, and the cardgame was reinvented. Tenno all over the system play this game now and have competitions to see who is the best.


    How is it played?

    TennoDeck is played 1v1, both players grab their own deck and shuffle it, they place their decks on the table and grab 5 cards. A simple coin toss will chose the one to go first. You can place 1 unit and 2 items every round, you can also place 1 hero every turn if you have one.



    The game has multiple cards to use.

    Hero cards: Hero cards are the most powerful of your deck, some have very powerful special effects and some have high health or attack. Hero cards can hold 3 upgrade items. Hero cards can only be summoned by sacrificing 2 units, doesn’t matter how strong it is. You can only have 1 hero card at a time, you can sacrifice your current hero and 1 units for a new hero.





    Unit cards: Units are your army, they have low stats but can be useful with special effects.



    Item cards: Items cards are upgrades, some can be used on a single target to give it a boost, some count fort he entire team and some can be used against your opponent.




    Cards come in multiple tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and Legendary.


    There are also multiple factions: Tenno, Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Sentient and Corrupted. All the factions have different units with different effects. Every faction can give you a whole different playstyle, for example. The grineer have bulky units which can take a lot of damage and have a lot of damage dealing items to aid them, the Infested have a lot of units which keep coming but almost no way to defend themselves and the Corpus have a lot of special effects and tricks.


    How do you win?

    Operators have their own lifebar of 100HP, when that hits 0 when directly attacked the operator loses and the other wins.



    This was just a quick concept written out, the cards are also just a quick placeholder design,

  5. 1 hour ago, (PS4)AlphitaDragonn said:

    How do ya do that, I just posted a link to an imgur post?

    Alright, after you uploaded an image on imgur. Go to your image folder on the imgur website to the upper right at your profile, pick the image you want and it gives you multiple types of links.

    Pick the Bbcode link. These embed the image in the forum itself :) of course a normal imgur link also works and is better for multiple images and an album. so what you did with your Nidus is fine.

    This will be the last time I type this tho XD I am not a moderator haha.

  6. 41 minutes ago, [DE]Syncrasis said:

    Personally I love the sentient style too! It's possible it will be added in the future, but I can't say for sure. For now, it's a no, for reasons stated earlier in the thread (too new a faction, we want to keep the items acquired from them special, etc). What do you mean by, "You take away a lot of new things" with the exclusion of the Sentient style? As far as I know, there haven't been any Sentient items made for TennoGen.

    Oh, what is meant by not copying from in-game characters is specifically trying to make, for example, a Stalker helmet, or a Void key, etc. You can definitely make things inspired by Nef Anyo :) I will clarify in the guide. Thanks!

    Alrighty, thanks for the information, and I ment by take away a lot of new things simply put that we couldn't use the stuff from already existing characters, but we can when it comes to inspiration material, so all is good here. 

  7. On 7-2-2017 at 1:22 AM, [DE]Syncrasis said:

    Stay away from replicating existing characters (from Warframe or other sources) as well as Orokin, Syndicate or Sentient designs - any item that is meant to be a creation from one of these factions will not be accepted.

    These rules are pretty harsh all of a sudden, I can understand the Orokin and Syndicate style, because those are real special and they might just replace the primed syandanas and syndicate stuff. But why the sentient style? It is one of the coolest things to work with because of its unnatural organic style. I am also a bit concerned that this rule is going a bit too far when it comes to designer choices. You take away a lot of new things.

    Also I was working on a corpus syandana designs which implemented Nef Anyo a bit, but I guess that is also prohibited now, which is a real shame...

  8. "I am very excited now. The anticipation. Ooh. I always learn so much... from a nice date. A date? No, no no no, that sounds too embarrassing. This day will be... Lovely."

    Are you ready to embrace the love of Tyl Regor? Or do you want to show your love to a Tenno by just sending through this deluxe card?

    Do it




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