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  1. You serious dude! Just because some users spam doesn't mean you're suppose to ruin calendar for the rest of us. If you're going to have a feature in the forum it should be fix it, or it should've never been there to begin with. That way you don't anger people.
  2. Dear DE, Love you game and want to see certain features elaborated on. I believe we have enough from you guys already but we don't have elaboration on the overall story and aspects essential for vets and new gamers to live and desire continuous gameplay. Here are ideas: 1. Have a Dante's Inferno circle of hell system for your story. There should be a campaign associated with everything from day 1 of Warfarme in menu screen showing a category section quest/campaign. As soon as a player check the Quest or Campaign, far they have progress should be seen for the level section of the
  3. Welcome all to Path of Sundai Gauntlet. We're an awesome 5 year Warframe storm clan on the Playstation. We constantly improving and learning how to better members in and outside combat. We are mostly active in-game eastern time zone. If you're on another time zone we recommend you use our alliance to run missions or recruit friends to run missions if members not on your time zone are on to assist. Our rules are: No spam|No plat scams|No suggestive behavior|No personal account information trade|14 day offline inactivity Our values: Dedicated improvement of the clan, care for our members w
  4. Interested in answer to this post. Nothing else. If you don't have an answer stated you don't have an answer along with recommendation on how to not retread, otherwise don't reply again. I don't need opinions. I need answers.
  5. Once I invite members to this internal Warframe clan forum page I made where do I go to assign leadership and moderators?
  6. Only DE knows. The standard lore says all old orokins were killed. So they might have been in hiding the whole time or not considered a threat to the grineer empire since the entire planet is infected and probably the cause of a the growing infestation through out the galaxy.
  7. Because pvp serves a purpose. Like battle royale games Warframe pvp needs to be it's own thing that serves a direction to create a different type of Warframe build that offers benefits. Warframe pvp need to be like character customization. We should build a Warframe from scratch and attach what we like. Like making our own gundam. We need a separate part of the origin universe where enemies only respects the pvp. Uncharted planets in the origin system were entire cultures way of life is dungeon raid and pvp versus enemies and frames.
  8. The Path of Sundai Gauntlet Storm Clan We're recruiting new members to our clan. We love this game and have played it for 6 years. Our clan is friendly, motivated, and respectful to each other. To enforce safety and friendship of members rules are set and enforced. Our clan offers: All completed dojo research - weekly challenges - weekly activities - giveaway - informative Playstation community archive - clan forum In game mission dailies: resource runs/vaults/railjack/frame and weapon level ups/eidolons
  9. I'm trying to assign roles for members who join my forum. How do I do that?
  10. Set you in-game chat with a timer. That way every time you chat it'll set the time. Then screen cap the steel path missions before entering, making sure the screencap also gets your chat timer. Once you defeat the stalker type "Defeated Stalker" screen cap the moment he's defeated and make sure the chat timer is in the screen cap as well. Hope this helps.
  11. It's the only place to get decent mutagen samples on the regular as well as current release weapons, frame parts, and resources need for future weapons. So it'll be here for a while. I think people play Plains less than they do Deimos. The only reasons most people go to Cetus anymore is for Eidolon hunts and arcanes.
  12. Well Mutagen Mass are rarer than the other two resources. All DE needs to do is set Mutagen Mass in invasions at set intervals if they think giving a rarer resource is too easy.
  13. Magheed Playstation 4 Warframe Storm Clan: Path of Sundai Gauntlet Dear Digital Extreme, I love your game and in the content of the game, as well as years of continuous handwork with new updates every 3 months and miniature updates every month. The game is fantastic. I want to continue my war frame gaming for years to come; so it's come to my attention that this onto would be the perfect time to write you guys about 4 things which will enthusiastically make Warframe more popular, invite new players, keep old players, and give your company time to invent other content t
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