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  1. You serious dude! Just because some users spam doesn't mean you're suppose to ruin calendar for the rest of us. If you're going to have a feature in the forum it should be fix it, or it should've never been there to begin with. That way you don't anger people.
  2. Dear DE, Love you game and want to see certain features elaborated on. I believe we have enough from you guys already but we don't have elaboration on the overall story and aspects essential for vets and new gamers to live and desire continuous gameplay. Here are ideas: 1. Have a Dante's Inferno circle of hell system for your story. There should be a campaign associated with everything from day 1 of Warfarme in menu screen showing a category section quest/campaign. As soon as a player check the Quest or Campaign, far they have progress should be seen for the level section of the
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