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  1. You serious dude! Just because some users spam doesn't mean you're suppose to ruin calendar for the rest of us. If you're going to have a feature in the forum it should be fix it, or it should've never been there to begin with. That way you don't anger people.

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  2. Dear DE,

    Love you game and want to see certain features elaborated on. I believe we have enough from you guys already but we don't have elaboration on the overall story and aspects essential for vets and new gamers to live and desire continuous gameplay.

    Here are ideas:

    1. Have a Dante's Inferno circle of hell system for your story. There should be a campaign associated with everything from day 1 of Warfarme in menu screen showing a category section quest/campaign. As soon as a player check the Quest or Campaign, far they have progress should be seen for the level section of the hell circle ( in the case of Warframe solar system planets).

    2. Bosses should die in a campaign permanently and not allow you replay them because they are dead but due to a crystal that respawns them nearing the center of hell, they come back. Once that crystal is destroyed player never have to fight them again unless they are helping new clan members.

    3. Each level of hell ( or in this case each area of space) have location maps where players fight through strongolds before reaching a boss. Once that boss is dead proceed to the next stronger obstacle either a large scale battle or an infiltration into the ruler of the part of hell compound (in Warframe that should be a headquarters military facility or central tower (towers should feel like tower. There should feel a feel of elevation before reaching the top)

    4. Once a ruler boss is dead that area should be guarded with npc soldiers and commanders (like an indicator that you complete that area) The tenno then proceed further into hell to the next stronger level of hell. Here the same happens but how you make players complete objects should be different. Obviously there must be a big payoff for each boss and a dramatic moment before fighting each boss.

    5. Lastly the big bad at the end of this story need a special sword to defeat. To li erate the origin system something special is needed to take down the final boss  (Hunhow himself or another pulling his strings) at the center of hell. This last fight.must be special in mission type and level type and as a default needs an epic siege  battle or something similar with another event going on at the same time (a huge throne room fight as great as or better than th e baddest boss fight in Dark Souls)

    After the campaign is over the origin system returns to normal but threats are always hidding and plotting (the can be all the future projects you want to do but haven't yet)

    Note: As stated before the codex is okay to see what you've completed but it doesn't feel like a campaign menu. It just feels like log.

    Note2 : In Warframe players should fell like they are getting stronger but not as strong as everyone else due to mods. That takes away the adventure of earning battle scars. At the same time it shouldn't take new players or older players forever to get there either.



  3. Welcome all to Path of Sundai Gauntlet. We're an awesome 5 year Warframe storm clan on the Playstation. We constantly improving and learning how to better members in and outside combat. We are mostly active in-game eastern time zone. If you're on another time zone we recommend you use our alliance to run missions or recruit friends to run missions if members not on your time zone are on to assist.

    Our rules are: No spam|No plat scams|No suggestive behavior|No personal account information trade|14 day offline inactivity

    Our values: Dedicated improvement of the clan, care for our members willing to improve the clan, learning how to elevate a Warframe and the tenno to higher battle capabilities 

    What we offer in-game: Challenges once a week, events once or twice a month, and missions assistant daily.
    What we offer outside gaming: Path of Sundai Forum and Playstation Clan Community

    Note: Once you are invited to the clan you will also be invited to our forum page and the clan community
    Members that join the forum will be able to post activities on our calendar.

  4. 2 hours ago, Leyvonne said:

    You asked this already and got replied, please don't make multiple threads. If you need more help you can ask in the original thread.

    Interested in answer to this post. Nothing else. If you don't have an answer stated you don't have an answer along with recommendation on how to not retread, otherwise don't reply again. I don't need opinions. I need answers.

  5. Because pvp serves a purpose. Like battle royale games Warframe pvp needs to be it's own thing that serves a direction to create a different type of Warframe build that offers benefits. Warframe pvp need to be like character customization. We should build a Warframe from scratch and attach what we like. Like making our own gundam. We need a separate part of the origin universe where enemies only respects the pvp. Uncharted planets in the origin system were entire cultures way of life is dungeon raid and pvp versus enemies and frames.

  6. The Path of Sundai Gauntlet Storm Clan

    We're recruiting new members to our clan. We love this game and have played it for 6 years. Our clan is friendly, motivated, and respectful to each other. To enforce safety and friendship of members rules are set and enforced.

    Our clan offers:
    All completed dojo research - weekly challenges - weekly activities - giveaway - informative Playstation community archive - clan forum
    In game mission dailies: resource runs/vaults/railjack/frame and weapon level ups/eidolons

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  7. Set you in-game chat with a timer. That way every time you chat it'll set the time. Then screen cap the steel path missions before entering, making sure the screencap also gets your chat timer.  Once you defeat the stalker type  "Defeated Stalker" screen cap the moment he's defeated and make sure the chat timer is in the screen cap as well.

    Hope this helps. 

  8. 13 minutes ago, MulticolourkomodoDragon said:

    Okay so it's been a few years and while I don't really need anything for any of these anymore because I an thoroughly stocked.. plenty of other people still need those. Why are we still spending 30 minutes on survivals only to be rewarded with one mutagen mass vs the three detonatite injectors / fieldron we get from invasions? Could we just get 3 mutagen mass from all invasions regarding those rewards, too, please? I think it is a long overdue.

    Well Mutagen Mass are rarer than the other two resources. All DE needs to do is set Mutagen Mass in invasions at set intervals if they think giving a rarer resource is too easy.

  9. Magheed

    Playstation 4


    Storm Clan: Path of Sundai Gauntlet

    Dear Digital Extreme,

    I love your game and in the content of the game, as well as years of continuous handwork with new updates every 3 months and miniature updates every month. The game is fantastic. I want to continue my war frame gaming for years to come; so it's come to my attention that this onto would be the perfect time to write you guys about 4 things which will enthusiastically make Warframe more popular, invite new players, keep old players, and give your company time to invent other content to the game without pulling out your hair every time fans demand something new.


    Deeper Customization:

    Recently I've played Code Vein. It's a great game and somewhat like an anime version Dark Souls or Nioh. One of the main aspects of the game, if not the main, is the character customization. The detail of customization is ridiculous and for better or worse is the reason many gamers are drawn to Code Vein. It's important that Warframe better the customization section of the game. It does not have to be indent but it needs to feel as if it's alive. I recommend body adjustment from head to toes. I recommend eye design implementations, not just eye colors (make the eye infested, Corpus manipulated, Grineer loyal, tenno dedicated, or simply a product of mutation or environmental discoloration).

    Other than the eyes and the body, it's important for players to tone up or down the lighting on the characters skin and armors, doing this adds a seen of style and uniqueness to the character beyond just hair style and skin color Lastly throw in face paint, freckles, skin sag, and effects of robotics under the skin, or steam through cuts, or cracked skin from weathering.


    A Metal Gear style of campaign, not Metal Gear replicated, but unique to Warframe only:

    A future update with interesting features to it should have in the campaign, Metal Gear style aspects. Being its own thing with no connection to Metal Gear, Warframe gaming needs sub bosses that the tenno take on in stage. Each stage needs to feel like a stage climbing the ladder closer to the final boss. In the codex under the campaign quest, it should say the name of the various locations you must explore before unlocking another hidden question mark discovery. Each unlock question mark shows the boss to fight and under him is his henchmen you must defeat. Unlike all other quest in Warframe this campaign would feel like the player is following a specific path from one unimportant location to another beautiful important location, to a bizarre important location, to an extremely beautiful, dangerous, and final fight location. The master above all at the end is an evil tenno who rules a distant galaxy.

    In stages this campaign should be Metal gear like in environment and boss battle should have an open area which has walls to hide behind when under gun fire, camouflage vegetation or weather conditions to interrupt detection, and a counter melee set-up when nearing a boss. The boss should take 15% melee damage before countering a sword strike, Zone of Enders style.


    Organizations specific to Tenno Schools returning to the Origin System:

    We've never seen an evil operator boss before. It may seem high octane at the moment but the inclusion of various hidden organizations that have operator that participate in the various tenno schools is a good idea. These organization are like investment companies that want the best and brightest warriors working for them who participate in a specific school. The tennis selected by these organizations go on to becomes legendary frame operators.

    One such operator was so popular and scary at the same time that he literally conquered an aggressive galaxy in half a century. Rebuilding that galaxy as totalitarian and went on to conquer other galaxies. This tenno then return to the Origin System to see that things set-up by him did not go his way. He know has to set his sub bosses to deal with the tenno of the Origin System.


    An afk aspect to the game, or squad selection of Warframe bots to assist in mission:

    As you may already know, the aft system of gaming is growing rapidly on mobile. I believe during this new age of gaming it's important to see the next stage of Warframe gameplay configuration when it comes to combat. The steps to intelligently make an afk which works is to have a program folder specific for Warframe bots that are designed for afk. each frame will have a code attached to them to mark ark and when the user select afk, the system goes to the ark folder and subfolder which house the frame selected for afk. Once in mission once the player goes afk, the auto feature bot takes over and continues the mission. This bot will also be smart enough to make energy and health pick ups a priority over mindless fighting without thought.

    The alternative to an afk should be squad set-up of Warframe bots selected from inventory. In mission a player can either solo a mission alone or make their own squad with bots that have three commands. These commands can be either "Attack with weapons only" "Rotate attack with powers and weapons every 60 seconds" "Seek Health and Energy and heal frames only" I hope these 4 suggestions help the improvement of Warframe or at least give you guys ideas to work with that might be beneficial for Warframe in today's gaming market.

    I want to see Warframe become legendary. If I continue to buy products and support artists not much is going to happen to the overall game itself, that's why I'm writing you guys, the designers and creative thinkers of DE, this letter. Maybe these suggestions can make a difference, if implemented in the game before mid 2020.

    Kick it in the ass DE!

    Sincerely, Magheed
    Path of Sundai Gaunlet

  10. Please be advise, I did not make a video with regards to my dojo because I don't want just anyone to see my video on Youtube or Twitch; so I've decided to attached these images instead.

    Good Day Awesome Tennos! My Warlord name is magheed. I'm the only founding Warlord of "Path of Sun-Dai Gauntlet" clan. My clan tier level is Storm. Everything elaborate in the dojo was designed by me at the request of clan members both past and present. All decorations seen in any other rooms and not pertaining to the ones I've posted here (if you chose to pop in and check out our dojo) were done by other members for their own personal interest. Since I can't paste everything in this post, I've decided to include my most labored designs. As I've stated before, most decorations were done by myself over the past 2 years. I do wish there was a way to tell how much resources a single person has donated to their clan, but until such a time comes, I hope these images are of interest.


  11. LF an alliance that trade in alliance chat or by psn community, has a psn leadership community or a discord with balance leadership and set rules beneficial to all clans in game.  If your alliance has all these psn message magheed. If you don't have these things please don't send a message.

  12. Seeking an alliance with organize but fun people. If your alliance has rational rules, good leadership, and trade in the alliance chat or trade psn comunity, message magheed. Only message me if your alliance have these set in place.

  13. My can't access Ignis Wraith research due to prior Warlord of the clan never doing the Pacfism event. When I returned to the clan to assist with this research, the game stated I have not been in the clan long enough for my participation in deflection event to count. Is there an alternative to this situation for my Ignis Wraith dojo research Digital Extreme?

  14. Pigments have not dropped from Condrocs in 2 days. I did resource runs 3 times for 5 hr in 2 days; not a single bird drop this pigment. Please fix this or remove the research entirely. I also wish to be compensate for my time spent. Thats a total of 10hrs pigment farming owned to me.

  15. I was browsing skins to purchase and I decided to buy the Graxx Skin with real world currency I transitioned into plats. This was after 1 am late night. I then place the skin on my Vauban but nothing happened. The skin was bugged and it bugged every other skin for every other Warframe in my arsenal. So no skins on can be switched anymore. Please fix this or refund by today or tomorrow the Vauban Graxx skin purchase. 

  16. Hello DE! So yesterday I purchased a Graxx skin for Vauban. I put it on and suddenly it not only bugged the skin but every other skins. I can't switch skins for any of my Warframe. I paid for those psecific art skins with real currency I transitioned into plats. Can you please correct this mistake today or tomorrow, or refund me my plats for the Vauban skin?

  17. So our clan is looking for an alliance that has like minded people who understands how to separate themselves from the real world while indulging in the world of Warframe, respects the opinions of other members but willing to enforce rules on those that disrespects the Warframe property and other clans. If your alliance is somewhat mature and have these qualities PSN magheed or contact in-game.

  18. Did a 776 scoring of stage 3 of Pacifism Deflect but didn't receive the Ignis Wraith bp. Warframe.com under Operation Pacifism Deflect states for a Shadow clan to participate after the 3rd stage is complete, they must score 760 points if in a Shadow Clan. Well I'm in a Shadow clan and I scored 776 points. So Warframe tell me what am I doing wrong? Are there other requirements not stated on website? Is the site specifically clear what the rules are? I must also mention that we weren't going for victory tier just the Ignis Wraith bp that does not require victory tier rewards; just the bp itself.

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