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  1. I don't love or hate it. Like archwing, mining, fishing etc. it is an OK diversion. For me the main appeal of the game is the warframes themselves, so basically ground combat. Having all this ancillary stuff as optional is good for those that want it, the key word here being optional. As long as railjack, archwing, mining, fishing, etc. are not required to progress in the game, then no real complaints from me - but I vaguely recollect that this will be required for continuation of the story line, so future Warframe content?
  2. Answer to this, and many other questions, is the Warframe wiki (this link is on the Warframe website, under Community menu at the top) https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki I can't count how many times I've accessed this!
  3. One untapped resource was all my duplicate mods. Sold a whole bunch last night and got around one million credits!
  4. Admittedly it has been casual and unfocused play. Never really did much with Index, as never really needed that much credit. I'll have to investigate...
  5. If a Railjack is required for future content, then it probably means the end of Warframe for me. Just looked at the build requirements. As I've only managed to get to around one million credits (not to mention all the other resource requirements) after many years, I will never build a complete Railjack!
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