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  1. Thee miss understanding about our solar system is big in this thread. Jupiter... ohhh dear Jupiter. Yeah Jupiter is not an ordinary planet. Jupiter is a gas giant as you stated but it doesn't have a surface. Some scientists say that you require like 70 Jupiter planets to create a Red Dwarf from our Jupiter. And about Venus? You will fell a crushing gravitation because of the strong winds ~ 300km/h winds. On Venus, 1kg from eath is ~ 900 kg on Venus's suface... Sooo DE can't create something realistic because if you put the proper physics is impossible.
  2. Best idea! Well without CD because you are running to get cover and regen your shield. That means an escape mechanic...
  3. WOW this is the most stupid passive... Nova knocked down=nova dead. in 70% of the cases... Also you really want to stay safe with her not being even touched by bullets... Don't introduce this kind of passives, introduce the passives who can be improved for better uses...
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