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  1. Seconding this. Not only do quantities reset, you can no longer rebuild railjack resources in dry dock, the bars and amounts on the forges are a complete mess (1 of 1 dome charges? Amount bar shows full? Really?), crafting amounts are a mess (can only make 22 revolite per forge? Why? A catastrophic failure costs 100 to fix!), and sometimes crafting one of something makes multiple. I've crafted one dome charge on one forge, got one dome charge, went to the next forge, crafted one dome charge, got three
  2. Bumping this. DE, please remove that nightwave challenge from rotation until you fix this garbage. Just "failed" a T5 bounty on the last stage in the supply drop mission when enemies stopped spawning, which means no supply beacon. So much time wasted. There's no excuse for this. It's bad enough that it's broken, but it's even worse that broken content is forced into nightwave challenges.
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