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  1. It works on the corpus enemies on the vallis with no mods. I can oneshot them. You have to land directly on their heads.
  2. "Both"? There should be more races than that. The score you can get on the race is determined by how many gates there are. Do a race with more gates, and it has a higher possible score. Do you know how to find the races on the map? Just gotta hop in your k-drive then hold M to bring up the advanced map. Mark the race furthest north, which is still available right now. It is an easy 3.3k points.
  3. The Lotus herself has answered my question. Thanks! So a "grindy" is different from a grind--good to know.
  4. The first page of the new waverider quest has you doing five 50x5 grindies. However, despite me doing that routinely, none of them are popping...then I randomly get one when not doing anything of the sort. Is this challenge broken? Do I have to hit EXACTLY 50 when at a x5 multiplier? What's going on with this challenge? All the others were easy, but this one seems busted. Also, this post is tagged "warframes" because there's no tag for k-drive, and I can't have no tags.
  5. Completely agreed. Also, the implementation shows a complete lack of understanding of how player damage works. So I need to stack 10 impact procs to make the health threshold for a mercy kill 80%...but I don't even know what weapon I have that could stack 10 impact procs and NOT damage them way more than 20% of their health, unless I deliberately gimp the weapon by removing mods. And then, what even is the point? Impact procs should do true damage to shielded enemies or something. Even staggering enemies was better than this.
  6. Pretty sure the point of starting all weapons at 0.5 dispo was to stop the PREDATORY riven market that would show up the moment a new weapon appeared. DE doesn't know if a weapon will be good or bad because they don't really play the game seriously, so when they release a new weapon with a neutral disposition, turns out more often than not, rivens are BUSTED for it. So players would sell those rivens for thousands of plat...only for them to be nerfed a matter of weeks later. Personally, I think starting at 0.5 is the best choice. Now, how they choose to buff or nerf is definitely a questionable method, but I say they should keep the starting dispo the way it is now.
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