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  1. Name: Simaris Title: Cephalon Height/Weight: Cephalon Likes: Data Dislikes: Storage Capacity Fun Fact: Not a Sadist --- Hunter... It is not your companionship I require, yet Suda has forced me into compiling this profile. No, what I require from you is pictures of elbows, ball joints, and kneecaps... The Sanctuary is home to my vast collection and it is in danger of not having enough ..ehm. Data... Yes, Hunter! I'm here to help you, help me, help the sanctuary, help me get more pictures of Kneecaps, Tenno --- Worst Simaris Impression: https://clips.twitch.tv/DifferentHonestWasabiBIRB
  2. What Every Tenno Fears... The Nerfing Dev https://imgur.com/gallery/E9olCbG Had a lot of fun making this one; (In Paint and 3DPaint xD) but poor Steve gets blamed for everything. :-/ It's not a -MOVIE- poster; tho. So I don't expect to win; just hope some of y'all like it :)
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